Hall of Fame voter Len Pasquarelli rips “idiots like Jason Whitlock”

We’ve talked a lot over the last week about the seven new members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, the 10 candidates who were voted down at Saturday’s selection committee meeting, and the process by which new Hall of Famers are selected. It’s been an interesting, productive topic of conversation in the football media world.

But one of the members of the selection committee, Len Pasquarelli of The Sports Xchange, thinks it’s time to move on or move out from questioning the selection committee’s decisions.

In an interview with 1560 The Game, Pasquarelli said that he understands the calls for more transparency in the selection process, but he also believes that more transparency could lead some voters to become more reticent to have a candid conversation at the selection committee meeting.

“I think there probably will be a day where there’s more transparency,” Pasquarelli said. “I believe in transparency to a point, but I do think that having TV cameras in that room and televising the whole thing, while it would make for fascinating theater, you’re absolutely right about that, would perhaps deter some people from airing their views, and probably bring even more criticism.”

Fair enough, but if you’re going to be a member of the selection committee, don’t you need to have thick enough skin to deal with that criticism? And, with all due respect to the members of the committee, if criticism would deter them from airing their views, working in the media is the wrong business for them.

Pasquarelli then turned his attention to Jason Whitlock, who has sharply criticized the selection committee, both in his column at FOXSports.com and in his appearance on PFT Live, for selecting Richard Dent while voting down Willie Roaf.

“There’s been enough from idiots like Jason Whitlock who doesn’t know what he’s talking about, criticizing the process and the fact that Willie Roaf didn’t get in,” Pasquarelli said. “Let me ask you this: In his championing of Willie Roaf, OK, and the fact that he claims he would cry if Willie Roaf didn’t get in — and I assume that he’s honest about that — how is he any less subjective, for instance, than the people who voted for Richard Dent? Isn’t it his opinion and nothing more? There’s no criteria by which he goes. Isn’t it his opinion that Willie Roaf should be a member of the Hall of Fame? What does he have to go by that’s concrete about that?”

Of course, Whitlock did spell out what his case for Roaf over Dent is, including Roaf’s selection to two all-decade teams (Dent never made one) and Roaf’s 11 Pro Bowls (Dent made four). Pasquarelli is free to disagree with Whitlock about the importance of such accolades, but it’s wrong to say those who support Roaf as a better candidate than Dent have no criteria.

Pasquarelli, however, doesn’t buy it.

“What argument does Mr. Whitlock have that Willie Roaf deserves to be in the Hall of Fame more so than Richard Dent?” Pasquarelli said. “I’m dumbfounded by the logic of that because it’s totally illogical.”

Pasquarelli also rejects the idea that players should have some voice in determining who makes the Hall of Fame.

“The argument made by Mr. Whitlock that players should vote on this? Players in some cases have a different agenda than people in that room,” Pasquarelli said.

Although Pasquarelli insisted that “I’m not taking this personally,” he sounded as if he was. That’s too bad. It does a disservice to the Hall of Fame candidates if the selection process starts to feel like a media pissing contest. Even though media pissing contests are always fun.

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  1. I guess Len doesn’t get it. Willie Roaf , maybe the best at his position for many years, doesn’t get in, while someone, who may or may not be worthy gets in, but was never the best at his position.

    Face it, the reasons Roaf doesn’t get in are that he played a position that doesn’t generate stats, never played in a big market or on a marquee team and because the selection process sucks (or at least needs to be improved upon).

  2. Len, just because you actually vote for the Hall of Fame and Whitlock doesn’t, doesn’t make his opinion of the voting any less valid or relevant. Attacking Jason Whitlock (which he actually backed up his argument unlike Len) isn’t going to make Pasquarelli’s case.

  3. My gosh has there been a lot of stink about Jason Whitlock’s column.

    When Roaf gets in HOF (next year), he should let Whitlock introduce him.

  4. Never liked Jason Whitlock. He plays the race card to much and seems to go out of his way to criticize African American players. I read his article on Willie Roaf and I agree he should get in. But to again bring race up in this article is crazy and dumb.

  5. They are both idiots. Nobody cares about yesterday anymore. HoF is cool for the people inducted, their families and those they’ve met along the way….but right now all we care about are Patrick Petersons and Jadeveon Clowneys. People have already forgotten about Curtis Martin and he was a runningback. Who wants to coach at Michigan? Eww.. That’s near Detroit.

  6. There is only one way to solve this conundrum. Hot Dog Eating contest! I feel Whitlock would take an early lead on account of his youth, however, Len will be consistent through the stretch and pull away at around hot dog 72. If anyone disagrees with my assesment, then you are an idiot like jason whitlock.

  7. I don’t know if I agree with Whitlock’s proposal for a new nomination process, but its clear to me that Pasquarelli is a poster child for Jason’s description of the current selectors. Pasquarelli is and always has been an imbecile and this HOF gig is his only sense of celebrity.

  8. Jason Whitlock has more football knowledge in his litte finger than leeches like Pasquarelli do in their whole body. You have football and then you have the cottage industry of the sports media. What exactly are Pasquarelli’s qualifications for being a HOF voter? He hasn’t watched any more football than millions of other fans, and probably less than many others. And over the years you KNOW that these reporters have developed relationships with different players, some good and some bad. If you look at the MLB voting, so many voters admit that they take into account how well the player treated the media during his career. Well if THATS not an agenda, then I don’t know that is… and Pasquarelli even admits he has an agenda, although he admitted it accidently.
    He said“The argument made by Mr. Whitlock that players should vote on this? Players in some cases have a different agenda than people in that room,” Pasquarelli said.
    So the people in that room have an agenda of their own, Mr. Pasquarelli? Admit it, this system is kept in place by secrecy and the power of a few media members to protect their rice bowl, so to speak.

  9. Whitlock deserves some dressing down for insisting that Dent doesn’t belong in the HOF as much as Roaf. Who is Whitlock to judge that OL players deserve more consideration that DL players. Dent was feared on the field – can the same be said of Roaf?

  10. coaches could vote maybe, but players would have more bias than coaches and writers.

    They would have friends in the league, teammates they might overrate and guys in the league they didn’t like. They might even overrate or underrate a player based on how they performed against them personally which could be a guy that was suited or not suited to take advantage of that player’s weaknesses.

  11. Honestly, I don’t know about Whitlock’s crying, but the selection of Dent shows how the process is broken — big media exposure because you LUCKILY were on a great team is why Dent got in before Roaf who is one of the games all-time great OTs.

  12. Though I doubt Whitlock believes 35% of the stuff he writes ( he is in entertainment and an “actor” you know ), in hopes of riling up his readers ( who doesnt sell out for ratings, these days? ), he happens to right on for once.

    Roaf missing out is a joke.

    Remember, just like gymnastics, snowboarding, etc, anything that is decided by anything other than an objective score need not be taken seriously.

    Exhibitions, all of it.

  13. This “idiot” commentary proves to me that the NFL needs to seriously revamp its HOF voting process. The players, those already in the HOF and perhaps those current NFLers, should absolutely have a say (and in my opinion the ONLY say) in who gets enshrined.

    Do the players have a different agenda? Of course. Some may play favorites, but I suspect a lot will vote for who truly deserves the honor (which is why I favor ONLY HOF members ovting).

    Does Mr. Pasquarelli have an agenda? Of course, keep his old arse relevant when it clearly is not.

    Roaf belongs in the Hall, and if Mr. Pasquarelli doesn’t see that perhaps it is time for him to retire. Take up golf, and watch the NFL on TV (I hope).

  14. So when Len criticizes someone, is that the reaction he expects?

    That the media are the sole gate-keepers to the HoF is a true travesty! What allows them to make more subjective decisions than say a former executive or former player?

    I say make it a committee of two representatives from each city..either writer or HoF mbr and two wild cards selected by the commissioner. Each member has 2 years and then done…new blood, new opinions etc.

  15. I tend to agree with Whitlock regarding Roaf’s induction to the Hall. Roaf should be in, but at the same time, there is no reason that Richard Dent should have ever been left out of the Hall for this length of time.

    Dent dominated during his era (an era that included Reggie White, LT, Kevin Green, Derrick Thomas, Bruce Smith, etc) and when he retired, he was third all time in career sacks. He was Super Bowl MVP and led the league in sacks along the way. The fact of the matter is that the argument is being presented poorly. Roaf belongs in, but not at the expense of someone else who is also deserving.

    Dent has been eligible for 9 years. Roaf, only one. Dent was one of the catylsts of one of the greatest defenses of all time. Roaf will get in, but Whitlock has no right to say that Dent should not be in.

  16. Richard Dent sucked, so did Roaf. Putting Deion Sanders in ahead of Jerry Kramer is a CRIME!! Come on Packer Nation, we need to get Jerry Kramer in the Hall of Fame!! The only guy I agreed with for the class of 2011 was the NFL FLIMS guy!

  17. @geeeeeeeemen ….

    Who is Jason Whitlock? Someone smarter than you

    Who is Len Pasquarelli? A “journalist” who doesn’t believe in transparency except when it applies to the people he’s covering. Someone who failed simple math since he doesn’t understand why the guy who went to 11 pro bowls and was named to two All Decade teams might be more deserving of HoF honors than the guy who went to four pro bowls. A HoF voter who has no problem calling someone else an “idiot” but who can’t take the simple criticism that voting for the PRO FOOTBALL Hall of Fame needs to include some people with actual PRO FOOTBALL experience like owners, player personnel directors, and other executives. In other words, he’s a petty dude … and he somehow gets to decide who goes into the Hall of Fame.

  18. Whitlock brings up race because it is prevalent in the discussion sometimes and if you dont believe that you are blind and ignorant. White people think hes racist and black people think hes an uncle Tom for calling it like he sees it. If you dont realize that you havent read enough of Whitlocks articles and are just repeating the ignorance that you read and hear. He’s a straight shooter!

  19. Whitlock is right about Roaf. Each year one or more are elected who have no business being there. The seniors committee does the most damage (Chris Hamburger?) They should maybe be able to nominate two finalists who would then compete with the others for 7 spots rather than being voted on indivually. The traditionalists (e.g. Peter King, Len Pas.) say this would make it the hall of the good but doesn’t inducting Hamburger or Little or Grimm or even LeBeau do just that?

  20. Whitlock points out why he believes that Roaf should get in and not Dent…. Pasquarelli does not give a single reason why Dent should get in over Roaf….

    and Whitlock is the one being Illogical??? LOL.

    oh, and someone saying that Whitlock goes out of his way to criticize African American players IS illogical because between 65% to 70% of the players in the NFL are African American, so this means when you criticize a player, there is a 65% to 70% chance that he is black. When someone criticizes a black player, they DON’T have to go “out of their way” to do so.

  21. The Hall of Fame committee has proven one fact over the last 15 years or so. The fact is that there is no one on that committee that knows jack about football!!!!!

    It’s absolutely stupid to have journalists presenting, debating, and voting on something as important as the Hall of Fame. Who should vote? The Hall of Fame members!

  22. What gives on all the Dent hate? Ray Guy belongs…Roaf belongs…etc. But, Dent belongs too. Have all these folks forgotten this guy? He was an absolute terror. He happened to play in a decade where there were numerous beasts such as he. That’s why he didn’t make all decade teams… That’s why it took him a number of years to finally make it in. But the guy deserves to be there. He was simply an extrordinary talent at his position.

    As far as more transparency…I say just show the vote talley by person. We can guess the rest from there.

  23. Pasquarelli, you are literally too stupid to insult. Whitlock, rather convincingly, makes his case for Roaf over Dent. I have no horse in this race as they say. I couldn’t care less if Roaf gets in the Hall or not. However, Whitlock obviously does care, and makes, IMO, great arguments for Roaf’s induction over Dent. Dent was a good player, period. There have been lots of good players in this league, but being good shouldn’t be enough to garner enshrinement into the HOF. Roaf’s individual accomplishments as a player dwarf Dent’s. Dent was a solid part of the best defense the league has seen in the last quarter century. Roaf was a dominant player on some decent teams. The HOF is an individual honor. If the Hall wants to enshrine the 85 Bears as a defense then do it, but Dent, in my opinion, isn’t as worthy as Roaf.

  24. Len Pasquarelli, who must resembles Bam Margera’s fat uncle Vito, is of the holier than thou sports writers grouping. He calls someone an idiot because they disagree with his opinion? Nice.

  25. The fact he though Todd Pinkston was a “pretty good” receiver should get him removed permanently for the selection committee. That’s a bigger indictment of his judgment than anything he threw at Whitlock.

  26. I side with Jason Whitlock here. NFL fans are entitled to know what goes into the calculus of Hall of Fame decision-making so that confidence in the selection process can be ensured. What are the components of the quantitative and qualitative assessment? If career highlights are any measure, then Willie Roaf has seven more pro Bowl selections, four more first-team All-Pro selections, one more second-team selection, and three more All-Conference selections than Richard Dent. And while Dent has two rings and was the Super Bowl XX MVP, Roaf made the NFL 1990s and 2000s All-Decade Teams. Based on those criteria alone, Roaf has the edge over Dent, in my view. Were other measures used by the selectors. If so, what were those?

  27. Your totally missing the point. I dont think hes saying that people would hold the tongue because there scared to be critized. I think hes saying no one would want to to have a candid coversation about why a guy wasnt good enough to be considered a hall of famer because everybody would be watching. And I dont think that has anything to do with fear of critizism. I think it has to do with respect.

    There are tons of great players each year up for nomination into the hall of fame but they have to be whidled down to a hand full of finalist. And to get there they have to point out all the negatives about the guys who dont make the cut. Its just something that has to be done. And they can do it bc they know what they say stays in the room.

    If there were cameras in there all that stuff would be out in the open. And for the guys who dont get it in they would have hear these voters tell the whole world why they dont think these guys were good enough to get in. Which is just like pouring salt in the wound. And even for the guys that get in there negatives will still have been broadcast for everyone to see. Which would probably take away some of the achievements luster.

    The voters are going to take all that into consideration. There not going to want to disrespect these great players by pointing out all there flaws on tv. So unlike before when they could have real candid conversations behind closed doors they will have to instead hold their tongues and pick every word so they wont offend the men they are trying to honor.

    And when that happens the voting will start to get diluted. They will no longer be able to make those arguements that need to be made to determine if a guy deserves to be in the hall because they will have to worry about everything there saying being broadcast to the world.

    It will end up being all praise and sugar coating like what you see on all the networks from the former players and coaches covering the nfl when there talking about other players. The dont want to disrespect the other guys, or lose a source, or hurt there chances at getting another job in, or destroy relationships. And the same thing will happen when you put the voters on tv. No one wants to be the guy on tv talking bad about someone else. Atleast no one who wants to keep there position secure.

    So no I dont think it has anything to do with guys being afraid to be critized. I think it has more to do with guys not wanting to disrespect players by pointing out there flaws on tv when its suppose to be a time when we’re celebrating there careers. And also not wanting to be on camera so they can have these candid discussions without holding back so the right people get in while not publically tearing apart the careers of the guys who dont.

  28. philbirds says:
    Feb 10, 2011 3:32 PM
    They are both idiots. Nobody cares about yesterday anymore. HoF is cool for the people inducted, their families and those they’ve met along the way….but right now all we care about are Patrick Petersons and Jadeveon Clowneys. People have already forgotten about Curtis Martin and he was a runningback. Who wants to coach at Michigan? Eww.. That’s near Detroit.

    Says a fan of the of the sole team that houses it’s very own jail in it’s stadium

  29. The HoFs in entertainment and sports have always been as much or more about politics and other weird little inside games as the work of the individuals.

    I could care less if they televise the HoF hearings. It is what it is. I’d rather people get more worked up about something that actually matters, like why your kids suck at math and science compared to the rest of the world.

  30. Gradishar. Still not in. One of the best LBs ever. Sanders said it “wasn’t his job” to tackle people, and yet he’s in. They ought only to let living HOF members vote. They understand what it means.

  31. Hey Pasquarelli,

    At least Whitlock played college ball. Have you? And Whitlock more than made a logical argument for why Roaf is more deserving than Dent. And he put in on the net for all to see. He laid his case out very clearly. Seems you forgot to make your own case in your narrow-minded rant at Whitlock. Maybe you don’t want transparency because you know your votes are the ignorant votes and arguments of a journalist. I don’t always agree with Whitlock, but he made his argument and he made it well. But no biggie……. that lard-ass Pasquarelli will be dead in 5 years of a heart attack anyway.

  32. As for Jason’s race baiting, he does have a point.

    The HOF selection committee is a bunch of fat, old white dudes who never played the game.

    I guess the selection committee could be more different from the players that they judge is if it were a bunch of old white women.

  33. Hmmm. I always laughed at Lenny P after PFT tore him apart awhile back, but I’ve done a 180 now as any enemy of Whitlock is a friend of mine.

  34. The voters are getting spooked, they know change is coming as it must. The Hall of Fame use to mean something and today it is just what Whitlock claimed it to be a Joke.

    What do these media people really know about if a player is really playing their position well or not. How many times on TV does the TV person credit or discredit the wrong player on a play.

    Put some people in there that really know what is going on and that do not play games like this bunch does. Hall of Fame is a joke and has been for some time and it is because of the CLOWNS they have voting the people in.

  35. People can hate on Whitlock all they want but he made a very good case in support of Willie Roaf. I for one thought Deion Sanders, Marshal Faulk and Willie Roaf would get in with no problem. I understand Richard Dent played on perhaps the most feared defense in history but you cant leave someone as great as Willie Roaf off the ballot just because he played a less glamorous position.

  36. Whitlock is a clown,his takes are usually shaky at best,yes roaf belongs in HOF but so does Chris Carter and many others who will have to wait….Next year carter and roaf will get in Jason Hamhock just likes to hear himself talk.

  37. @getweird4u …

    What makes you think Roaf and Carter will get in next year? You can’t say that. They should already be in. Who knows what these nuts are going to do.

    @RooneyRuleBlues …

    Why would you have the blues over the Rooney Rule? The NFL owners set up a committee, which Dan Rooney chaired, to determine how they could best ensure that more minorities would get a shot at being considered for head coaching positions so the coaching staff might be more demographically representative of the players. The owners together decided to do this. It’s called the Rooney Rule because Rooney chaired the committee, but the owners together approved the rule. Owners aren’t required to hire anyone they don’t want to hire. The rule applies only to interviewing–so it has NO impact on fans.

    The fact that you have SUCH a problem with the rule that you’ve chosen this username AND you’d declare a well-qualified journalist only has his job because he’s black says not only that you’re racist but that racism is your chief concern as a football fan.

    How sad for you.

  38. Willie Roaf will be a Hall of Famer. Whitlock has his own agenda when it comes to Roaf because he his (Whitlocks) guy. What paper did Whitlock write for while Roaf was playing, I believe it was in Kansas City, where Roaf had too played. Also, Whitlock honestly felt as recent as 5 years ago that Jeff George still would have been a top 10 -15 ranked quarterback in the league!!! Oh its true. Also, George and Whitlock have also known to have their ties together. Whitlock isn’t all that credible.

  39. To Len Pasquarelli:

    If you can touch your toes, I’ll give you $1,000,000.

    Thought so.

    Move on, or move out.

  40. Personally, I think BOTH Dent & Roaf deserve to be in the HOF. I also like & respect Whitlock, but think he has been way over the top in his advocacy of Willie Roaf.

    But really, everyone needs to accept the fact that the process is already flawed and full of personal agendas, and I can prove it in two words: Art Modell.

    Really, you think Ed Sabol has done more for the NFL than Art Modell? Or Ralph Wilson for that matter? I know Modell is despised in Cleveland, and lots of others hate him (as I do the Irsays) for the move. But put your hate away for a second and be objective & their isn’t even an argument but that the guy deserves to be in the Hall…and the only reason he isn’t is because Tony Grossi of the Cleveland Plain Dealer has made it his one goal in life to make sure Modell never gets in…I imagine that Grossi has been more successful in this endeavor than any other aspect of his existence. I guess spending your life following team after team of losers in every arena makes you the kind of person who lives to tear down the great accomplishments of others. In that case, congratulations Mr. Grossi – Modell may not get in during his lifetime, or ever, thanks to you – but it still don’t change the fact that Cleveland is a mostly miserable place that can’t seem to field a championship team in any sport imaginable – I guess you really do deserve each other!

  41. Shouldn’t the HOF be representative of the players who suited up in the NFL? In other words, shouldn’t offensive linemen make up about 20% of all inductees? It’s completely asinine that they don’t have a system to adequately honor players who excel at every position. Offensive linemen and quarterbacks are the only positions that typically don’t sub out during a game. In no other sport can a participant play such an integral role and garner such little respect.

  42. Len Pasta-belly couldn’t hold a candle to Jason Whitlock who is a REAL writer and not a hack that couldn’t cut it at ESPN because he doesn’t know how to tuck in his shirt, comb his hair, or control his eating. Roaf is one of the top olinemen EVER. It was total BS for him not to get in and the reason why it didn’t happen is that the Saints teams he was on did not go to the Superbowl or win a play-off game. That kind of standard is legitimate for keeping a QB out, but not an o-lineman. Len, have another serving of lasagna and leave the voting to people who know something about football (like Whitlock).

  43. “The argument made by Mr. Whitlock that players should vote on this? Players in some cases have a different agenda than people in that room,” Pasquarelli said.

    This is the problem in a nutshell. Everyone has an agenda, including Pasquarelli.

    The whole thing should be blown up, IMO.

  44. i’m not defending Whitlock about Roaf, but Pasquarellis comment calling Whitlock an “idiot”b/c of his opinions about the process, says more about Pasquarelli and his agenda. Would Pasquarelli like to rip Ronnie Lott for being critical of the process that continues to keep Charles Haley out of the HOF, at the expense of John Randle & Richard Dent? Would Pasquarelli like to explain the “idiotic” process that continues to keep Packers Great G Jerry Kramer out of the HOF? or the HOF’s “anti-Raiders bias”? Chris Hanburger & Les Richter elected to the HOF, Jerry Kramer not in? Whitlock ain’t the idiot, just a fan like the rest of us.

  45. Look at the idiot Packers fans that vote thumbs down on any comment that points out how good Dent was.

    You should remember how good he really was because he dominated the Packer’s ass for years.

  46. @mswravens …

    For all we know, that could be exactly what Dan Rooney said–that Modell or someone else should have gone in ahead of Ed Sabol. Period. But that jackass Domowitch had been championing Sabol’s induction for years, so he sent out a tweet claiming Rooney was “campaigning” against Sabol. He offered no corroborating info, no explanations of why Rooney would do that, and none of the sourcing check and balances once required of reporters.

    Sabol has a lot of fans, myself included, who thought he should be in the Hall. So people took the tweet as gospel and ripped Rooney. But there’s been absolutely nothing to confirm that info. Rooney has never said anything publicly about Sabol. Who knows what Domowitch’s agenda was for tweeting something like that right before the vote? But it was unethical–and these guys don’t care. It’s like they’re the Supreme Court and appointed for life to do whatever they please. Like Grossi, they’ll talk publicly about their vendettas to blackball certain players/execs. Who the heck are these reporters to have that kind of power????

    The whole thing is ridiculous. I don’t like Bill Polian and can’t stand Don Shula, but they should be on the selection committee along with Ozzie Newsome, Kevin Colbert, and other longtime NFL player personnel people and execs who know how to evaluate talent, and know and respect the history of the league.

  47. Who are the voters?

    I’ve never seen a complete list of the names of all the voters and where they are employed.

  48. the “media”, which, at this point in the e super cyber age, is a ridiculous concept at best….the only people who should be voting on HOF candidates are former players and coaches…the media doesn’t know shit…if they did, they’d be employed by a team….

  49. I wonder if Whitlock will be equally angry if Jason Taylor, Dwight Freeney or Julius Peppers were to get in the HoF before Jonathan Ogden, Walter Jones or Orlando Pace? The man is a fool who just likes to stir the pot without bothering to check his facts first. In that article, he has numbers wrong, makes blanket statements about things HE ADMITS he doesn’t know enough about, and tries to cover up the fact that the only reason Dent never made the All-Decade team is because his career overlapped with LT, Bruce Smith, and Reggie White. And when Dent retired he had more sacks than two of those three. Without him, the 1980’s Bears defenses would never have worked, period. That said, I would be interested in seeing a simple list of how all the writers voted. Not a 12 hour TV special, but the voting results might be interesting to see.

  50. @macjacmccoy,

    Your post is unreadable.


    I (mostly) agree with your posts, and I would like to apologize for a previous criticism. As for where we disagree, rooneyruleblues lacks the socio-economic brio to be a racist. He’s just a common bigot.

    Finally, when Len Pasquarelli questioned whether or not Barry Sanders belonged in the top 5 running backs of all time, I stopped taking anything he has to say seriously.

  51. Here’s a novel idea. How about if the fans and players vote to elect the HOF selection committee every year? That’s the only way these pompous idiots will get off their power trips and select the best candidates. What is this? Selection committee for life? I like Dent and Roaf, but clearly many great players are being left out too easily. Once it gets stupidly political, the value of the HOF (at least in my eyes) means nothing.

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