Lawsuit keeps Dan Snyder in the headlines

Redskins owner Dan Snyder says he’s matured, and his media barnstorming tour including a spot on PFT Live last week was a surprising gesture by a man not known for opening up publicly.

With that said, his current lawsuit against the Washington City Paper threatens to hurt any positive P.R. gains Snyder has made since hiring Mike Shanahan.

For his first piece as a columnist in the Washington Post, Jason Reid takes Snyder to task for the lawsuit.   The move seems petty.  It’s attracting attention to a story no one really read in the first place.

When we spoke to Snyder at the Super Bowl, Snyder said he wasn’t afraid of the attention the lawsuit would bring.

“I don’t care.  What’s right is right and what’s wrong is wrong,” Snyder said.

He constantly said the article in question made fun of his wife and her efforts about breast cancer.  We understand his anger there; any man can understand defending on his family.

The reality is more complicated.  It’s hard to see where the City Paper addressed Snyder’s wife in a negative light.  Her courageous leadership on raising awareness for breast cancer was not mentioned in the article.

The whole topic is confusing.  Snyder says he’ll drop the lawsuit if the author just apologizes, but that doesn’t appear likely.  The Washington City Paper has set up a legal defense fund, which Deadspin links to every day while pointing out Snyder’s history.

Snyder truly seems to want to turn he page on the tumultuous early days of ownership, but there is no way to “win” this battle.  Quietly ending the lawsuit would be the best route at this point.   All press is not good press.

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  1. I didn’t see anywhere in that article where they mocked Snyder’s wife. (Or in the linked interviews.)

    I love this quote:

    “I hate to see Dan have to take legal action,” Wyllie said. “But when people cross the line and attack someone, and question their character . . .

    I figured there was no question that Dan Snyder is a raging douche.

  2. I really think the NFL needs to step in and reprimand Snyder for giving the league a bad name on this one.

    If this were a player doing something he would be fined, or his party would be canceled like they did to Mike Vick recently.

  3. Snyder is such a bone head, sales reps at the City Paper should send him thank you notes for drawing so much attention to their dying print rag, businesses love to be apart of something that goes against the db NFL owners who rip them off with overpriced everything.

    You want to crush something support it’s competition…It’s print and print is going away.

  4. This article was changed to say “while pointing out Snyder’s history” instead of the original “while pointing out Snyder’s hypocrisy”.

    If anything, Snyder’s lawsuit has accomplished one thing: PFT is scared of him.

  5. What’s the difference between his “tumultuous early days of ownership” and now? Is it that he allows Shanny to create the turbulence rather than directly causing it himself?

  6. I read the City Paper article when it first came out, and really just forgot about it. Then the lawsuit came and I didn’t re-read it btu I heard Snyder interviewed and thought he sounded rational. However, after reading the article again there is jack squat that mocks his wife, this is the only reference to her

    “His wife, Tanya Snyder, is out selling the transformation, too. Last week she went on local TV to tell an interviewer that he is now surrounded by “better people,” and that he’s “grown and he’s evolved.”

    Well, maybe his wife can find evidence of Snyder’s growth and evolution. I can’t.”

    So that is just reporting what his wife said in local interviews. Absolutely nothing wrong with that in any universe.

    Now onto the cancer, the article states the following

    “Market Segments: How Snyder viewed cancer patients and diabetics during his marketing days. In a 2000 interview for a PBS show called CEO Exchange, Snyder told host Jeff Greenfield that his business depended on coming up with “$5 million niches” that he could sell goods and services to. Asked for examples of his methodology, Snyder said, “We were looking at trend lines. We saw that the aging baby boomer demographics were coming on strong. That meant there’s going to be a lot more diabetic patients, a lot more cancer patients, etc. How do we capture those market segments?””

    That is from a videotaped interview of Snyder taht appeared on PBS, how can you sue for something you said?????

    Whats right is right and whats wrong is wrong, and Dan Snyder has catastrophically wrong. City Paper did not mock his wifes cancer nor were they anti-semetic, anyone who thinks otherwise is a moron. I hope City Paper wins and counter sues Snyder.

  7. Man I just re-read my post and I am a typo machine, really I’m not that stupid my fingers just have a mind of their own. It’s like when Ash’s hand was posessed and he had to chop it off

  8. I am not a skins fan so could care less but like to know when it became ok for this site and the media to write and say anything they want about a person yet get all indignant when they dare respond?you not only rip them for what they do on the field but for anything they say or do off the field,yet if they respond back or try and defend themselves you attack that and act as if they have no right to defend or answer you back. if the lawsuit is groundless it will be thrown out or he will lose but he has the right to respond to whatever he felt offended by and not just let it what if nobody read to begin with,he felt they said something about his wife and wants to defend her,let him do it.

  9. @metallhead65 he can feel whatever he wants, and so can the media, in this case he (snyder) is making remarks that are in no way backed up by any facts. To try to say that his wife was targeted by an article that anyone can click over and read and see that there was no such attack is just silly. It’s going to make him look childish and this article in particular didn’t say anything negative about him. It merely stated (correctly) that by making a big deal out of an article that a handful of people had read, and going forward with a lawsuit that has no basis, Mr. Snyder has guaranteed that 100X the people who read the article before will read it, and kept the article in the public eye, and invited even more criticism of himself.

  10. Buhuhu.. Is little Danny gonna cry about an article..

    Isn’t the hold point of freedom of speech than you can write whatever you want with common sense in mind and get away with it?

    I hope the case goes to trial and the judge tears this baby a new one and orders him to pay the cost of this ridiculous case..

    Why doesn’t he just keep his mind on ruining the deadskins so they can get another 4th place in the NFC East..

  11. THANK YOU!!!

    I felt like I was one of the few who couldn’t figure out how this was an attack on his wife.

    Snyder is an embarassing owner to have for our team. This is such a cluster.

    And I had to respond to the following comment:
    ptcraddock says:
    Feb 10, 2011 1:25 PM
    Shame on Skins fans for enabling this monster.

    Why? Because we buy tickets? Because we’re hungry at the stadium and are forced to buy an $18 burger? We’re thirsty and have to buy an overpriced drink? Because we CARE ABOUT THE PLAYERS ON THE TEAM!?!?!?

    Why don’t we make Snyder the owner of your team, and let him wreak havoc on your beloved team. A group of people might give up on the team, but if you’re a true fan of the team, you may find that kind of hard to do.

    Skins fans have done nothing to enable him, because as many people that would/should stop going (in your eyes)…there’s 10-fold of those that will go in their place.

    It’s not enabling…if so…then being a fan is being an enabler of any owner. We just have an evil owner.

    Get off that tired “point”…it holds zero weight.

  12. FYI…Danny Boy has made “zero” PR gains since the hiring of Shanahan. The fact that he is on a PR blitz is evidence that he is well hated and should sell the team, pack up his things, and move to the most remote village on earth.

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