Looking at the teams with the most work to do this offseason

Free agency is scheduled to start in early March, and it may not actually arrive until August or September.

When it does, we’ll see more player movement than any time in NFL history.   So which teams have the most to lose?

ESPN.com’s Mike Sando does yeoman’s work breaking down the 508 projected unrestricted free agents by team and position.

The teams with the most expected UFAs include the Saints, Raiders, Seahawks, and Chargers.   (New Orleans tops the list with 27 players, which isn’t a shock considering how many restricted free agents they had last year.)

The teams with the fewest unrestricted free agents include the Broncos, Bills, Cowboys, Dolphins, and Patriots.    The AFC Champion Steelers are in the middle of the pack, while the Super Bowl champion Packers have the seventh-fewest expected UFAs.

It’s a handy list worth checking out.   We just hope it’s not a list we break out again in August after hibernating for five months.

10 responses to “Looking at the teams with the most work to do this offseason

  1. Oddly enough, Sando only lists free agents by “Teams”, instead of actually listing players by name. So we don’t have one list that names all the individual free agent players.

  2. Mickey Loomis is a genius at dealing with free agency and the cap. Every season he and Sean Payton pick players to keep or get rig of. Every season fans complain. Every season Payton and Loomis are right. The Saints are built to win for the next 5-8 years.

  3. Seahawks better get to work. Their QB isn’t even signed.

    But at least Pete Carroll can say he made the playoffs in his first season. Do they make a banner for that to hang in Qwest too????

  4. Actually the Packers have 13 UFAs and the Steelers have 15. Not much difference.

    Our biggest concerns are Woodley and Ike Taylor, but the Steelers will get those deals done. It’s to our benefit that Colon and Sepulveda are coming off IR. I definitely want to re-sign Legursky–despite the hype we didn’t hear Raji’s number called during the Super Bowl–and Mewelde Moore. And I’m high on Anthony Madison as a special teams tackler.

    The rest are expendable. Many Steelers fans would like to see Gay leave. I’d be happy to lose Keyaron Fox. I can forgive missed blocks and tackles, INTs, fumbles, and other blunders. But when your team is down by six and gets the ball back at the two-minute warning needing to drive the length of the field in the Super Bowl, that is not the time to hit someone and get backed up half the distance to your own goal line. Bye Keyaron.

  5. Deb:

    God bless you. I agree 100%. That penalty alone should be enough to send Fox on his way.

    And great point about Doug Legursky. I honestly don’t think I heard B.J. Raji’s name mentioned once during the Super Bowl (though to be fair, I didn’t hear Troy Palamalu’s name many times, either…except when he was getting burned for touchdowns).

  6. @steelerfan12 …

    Legursky and Raji were going head to head in the trenches. Raji is a strong nose tackle, so the fact that he was quiet means Legursky was getting the job done. But Polamalu free-floats in the defensive backfield. No one was handling him–he was just having an off night by his usual acrobatic standards. I’m sure his Achilles injury played a role in his performance, but appreciate that he refused to lay it off on that.

    @jc1958coo …

    They’ve got to write about something and we might as well be optimistic as long as we can. But if you’re ready to organize a group to take torches and pitchforks and go after Goodell, I’m in 🙂

  7. Instead of projecting into 2011 in February; why not review the preseason predictions from August? I’d really like to see some of the so-called experts stand up to their numerous over the top comments made about the Pittsburgh Steelers.

    Where were the SA’s who spent two weeks running down Doug Legursky after the Super Bowl? He played great and nobody even talked about it.

  8. Steeler’s biggest offseason work is to keep Ben from committing rape again.

    After all, how many times can it be covered up?

  9. halftermguv says: Feb 10, 2011 6:53 PM

    Where were the SA’s who spent two weeks running down Doug Legursky after the Super Bowl? He played great and nobody even talked about it.
    Did people really criticize Ligursky’s play in the SB??? That’s pretty ignorant, he did a good job. Pouncey looks like a young star for your team for sure but I watched the AFCC also and specifically Ligursky because losing the C is the hardest position on the OL to lose IMO. He played pretty well especially considering the front 7 of Balt and the fact he was thrust in there unexpectedly.

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