NFL offers 2,000 fans refunds or free future Super Bowl ticket

As the NFL continues to deal with the temporary seating fiasco that affected Super Bowl XLV, the league announced today that 2,000 fans in temporary seating sections will be offered either a refund of the face-value price of their tickets or a free ticket to a future Super Bowl.

The NFL said that the 2,000 fans getting the offer “were significantly delayed in gaining pre-game access to their seats due to the problems with the installation of some of the temporary seats at Cowboys Stadium.”

Fans who were affected are urged to go to and enter their information to get their refund or ticket to a future Super Bowl.

The deal for these 2,000 fans is separate from the offer made to the 400 fans who were denied a seat. Those 400 got a worse deal on Super Bowl Sunday but are getting a better offer for compensation: A choice between $2,400 cash plus a free ticket to next year’s Super Bowl or a free ticket to any future Super Bowl plus round-trip airfare and hotel accommodations.

The NFL and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones wanted to set a new Super Bowl attendance record at Cowboys Stadium on Sunday, and the league sold more tickets for more temporary seating than could be finished by game day. We hope that they’re sure they have space for the 2,400 fans who have been promised free seats at the 2012 Super Bowl, if those fans want those seats.

And we hope there is a 2012 Super Bowl. In an ominous sign that a work stoppage could become an even bigger black eye for the league than the current seating mess, today’s NFL announcement on the matter said, “In the event of a work stoppage that impacts next year’s Super Bowl in Indianapolis, the fan would have a choice of one free ticket to the next Super Bowl.”

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  1. A choice between $2,400 cash plus a free ticket to next year’s Super Bowl or a free ticket to any future Super Bowl plus round-trip airfare and hotel accommodations.

    Wrong. The NFL said those people will be invited to next year’s Super Bowl, or a later Super Bowl as GUESTS.

    Guests implies NO TICKET which could be sold or transferred to another person or party.

    It’s subtle wording, but there’s a big difference in being a guest and having an actual ticket.

  2. If an affected fan accepts these terms does it also mean they cannot benefit from any future class-action settlement against the NFL?

  3. Squeeky wheel always gets the grease.

    Don’t forget, many of these people paid 5x the ticket price or more. They deserve everything they get since they simply didn’t get what was promised.

  4. One free ticket to a Super Bowl? What about travel expenses, hotel expenses and food expenses? I say sue and start with the following stipulations, $100,000 in cash, 4 free tickets to 2 Super Bowls that must be used within next 10 years, with everythign paid for by NFL and Jerry Jones, with seat in either luxury boxes or 50 yard line and 1 year of free season tickets to any NFL team with the seats in luxury or PCL seating! Knowing that you will not get these, you will surely get more than $2000 and 1 ticket! Put the screws to Goodell and Jones!

  5. Sometimes the posts on the same subject (Haynesworth, Farve, etc.) get tiring. Yet I do not find myself tiring of this story. I hope it drags on until the NFL (Roger Dodger) and JJ get so sick of it they cannot stand it anymore. They deserve every bit of bad pub they can get and then some.
    Suffer you greedy MFers.

  6. Has Jerry Jones heard of the flight if Icarus? JJ, your wings are melting. He told anyone who would listen, this was going to be the greatest Super Bowl ever. When in fact, it was the biggest disaster on so many levels, it boggles the mind. JJ and the NFL blew it. All around.

  7. way to try and put the toothpaste back in the tube NFL, … no matter how much they try, does anyone think the NFL is going to learn from the Cluster-F the whole SB in Dallas thing turned out to be?

  8. Greedy blokes should do away with any temporary seating for future Super Bowls. They just sound like crappy seats to begin with. Pick a stadium and go with what they got. How many temporary seats did they put in Jerry’s box?

  9. @wte1 – If you accept the league’s offer, you have settled with them, and are not eligible for the class action suit, as you no longer have any claim.

  10. If this is the type of negotiation skills the league has no wonder we are going to be in a lockout!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Every one of those fans should give the league the middle finger for insulting them with such a joke of a deal

  11. I want to know what is going to be done for the fans who were significantly delayed in pregame activities that were in section 230A!!! We were given new seats, but did not get them until 5:15 and finally got to our seats as the national anthem was being sung. What about us?? We had to stand in the line for new tickets and did not get to do anything inside the perimeter or stadium. They are only mentioning the 400A sections. We were JUST AS AFFECTED and are not being made mention of anywhere!!

  12. Wow, so they’re not addressing anyone in the 200’s who were bounced out of their seats? I was one of them and seated in 215A. Yes, fortunately I got a new seat; after over 2 hours of being run in circles and treated like garbage by the NFL ticket employees. Heck, even an apology on behalf of the treatment by some of the NFL employees would be nice.

    Honestly folks, we were treated like we did something wrong and that we we’re a huge inconvenience to the NFL (Non Fan Liking) people working at the stadium. After 60 minutes of being run in circle, I requested to speak with a manager and was told, “That’s not going to happen.” From there each subsequent request was met with more hostile responses.

    What about the man in the wheel chair, who had bleachers built over his wheel chair spot? He was told, “Too bad, you’ll have to go sit in the…” outdoor fan area and watch the game on TV. How was it the NFL went and built seats over handicapped seating!?

    I’m not going to recount the entire ordeal here, but the non-respectful, almost hostile treatment at the hand of the NFL was totally uncalled for. After the gates were 90 minutes late in opening, combined with the 2+ hours spent getting the run-around and rude treatment at different stadium locations a huge chunk of the Super Bowl was ruined for many of us, some of whom saved and scrimped to be able to attend the big game.

    Over all, the NFL get’s a big fat F in it’s treatment of the fans. Oh by the way, those fans are the customers, aren’t they?

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