Report: Pats will franchise Mankins


Last year, the New England Patriots retained the rights to offensive lineman Logan Mankins via the highest possible restricted free agency tender.  This year, Mankins will be restricted again.

Ian Rapoport of the Boston Herald reports that the Patriots will apply the franchise tag to Mankins.

The tag has not yet been applied.  The window for doing so opened today, and it expires in two weeks.

A legal fight looms regarding the question of whether the franchise tag is available in the final year of the current labor contract.  It’s unlikely that a donut hole will be created, but the NFLPA could extract a concession or two from the league if a challenge to the plan to use the tag prevails, forcing the league to negotiate in order to change the status quo.

The good news for Mankins is that he’ll get a much higher one-year payday, since his salary will be determined based on the average of the top five offensive linemen salaries for 2010.

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  1. I agree, even if my team had a shot to keep a player one more year that I loved I still think the franchise tag should be gone. If the player and the team cannot come to an agreement regardless of how one sided it is then either side should be free to pursure their own interests.

    Not trying to contradict myself but if they were to leave the franchise tag existing then it should be for 200% of the average positional value, not a 20% increase. Make it so where only in the rarest occasions will a team feel compelled to use it. As of right now pretty much every team assumes they will franchise a player going into the off season.

  2. Mankins deserves top 2-3 money. And on top of that, he doesn’t get any signing bonus up front. In this case, the franchise tag screws him.

  3. With offensive lineman like Joe Thomas, Jake Long and Nick Mangold with huge contracts, Mankins is going to get paid for his 1 yr. Getting the average of the top 5 highest paid lineman dude is probably going to get 10 million dollars for 1 year.
    Sucks not getting the long term deal but 10 million for 1 yr, I would take it.

  4. good, stick it to him…mankins should have taken the great long term deal he was offered instead of whipping out his vag for the last year…

  5. He will get a nice payday since the top 5 are probably all left tackles which are generally paid the most. They do not make the distinction , the category is just offensive line, same with the DL.

  6. cappa662:

    Something tells me you made a comment that not very many people liked? I could be wrong…

    And as a Patriots fan, I can say I saw this coming for one reason or another. I think if Mankins is wanting Jahri Evans money then he should be sent packing. Yes, he brought an attitude and nastiness to the line once he came back but that fiery attitude has been missing as a whole from the entire offensive line. There are teams like the Cowboys and Redskins that will break the bank for a guy like Mankins but Belichick sure as hell won’t do it. Not for a guard, anyway. If he wants top dollar, he’ll be sent packing. Mark it down.

  7. This would be a logical move by New England. If it happens, expect the NFLPA to make a B line to court to file a complaint to challenge the Patriots’ application of the franchise tag to Mankins on enforceability grounds. The difference between the NFL owners and the NFLPA can be seen in that the NFLPA feels compelled to challenge the franchise tag in the absence of a new CBA, yet the league would likely never reconsider its reported commitment to continue retired player benefits even if the CBA expires. That alone speaks volumes of the owners’ commitment to fair play.

  8. Logan has said he won’t be happy if he gets tagged, most players aren’t. Mostly because they want to be paid $10+ million a year when they are past their prime.

    What owner, gm or coach wants to give a 5+ year mega million dollar contract to a player, when they would only perform at that level for perhaps half the duration of the deal.

    Unfortunately there are no easy answers to the CBA and concessions will have to be made by both sides.

  9. I wonder how Mankins is going to react to that? Since he was so PO’D after they did that to him last season he sat out most of the year and said the way the Pats have handled the situation is beyond being repaired.

    He is one hell of a football player and I think every other team in the league would throw big $$$ his way. I understand the Pats reasoning for keeping him but why piss the guy off any more just give him a big contract so both sides are happy.

  10. It’s the strategically correct tactic to employ…..

    Still not over them going 14-2 and then limpdicking it against the Jets.

  11. QUESTION: If a player is tagged with the “franchise” designation and the CBA expires with no agreement on March 4th, doesn’t the “tag” expire as well, as the designation was only authorized by the expired CBA?

  12. In other news, the sun is expected to rise today.

    I really thought they were just going to let him walk to another team. I am shocked they actually are interested in retaining the rights of the best guard in football.

    Man this is BIG news!!!

  13. 305phinphan says: Feb 11, 2011 1:14 AM

    I wonder how Mankins is going to react to that?
    As pissed as most players are at getting the FT….multiply that by about 492,703,599 for him.
    He’s great @ his position but as a Pats fan I am sick of his ish and whining about Mr. Kraft and his snarkiness. His nasty disposition on the field is great until he commits his usual dumbass personal foul like he did against the Jets.
    The OL is better with Mankins for sure but Koppen is easily the weakest link on the OL even beyond having to fill in @ LG.

  14. Anyone who hates my comment, really hates the free market system that we have in the US. Once your contract is over, you should be able to go work wherever you want to work. And get paid as much as someone is offering you. The franchise tag restricts all that.

  15. They must be working a long-term deal behind the scenes, remember when Mankins had his agent whine all summer for him, taking it all personally after they offered him a huge deal?

    For all the flack Randy Moss caught the last year, at least he was candid, and said it HIMSELF-

    “people don’t understand that this isn’t a game, it’s a business”

    “I want to retire a patriot, but they really don’t pay”

  16. My guess is that the Pats are franchising Mankins with an intention to trade him for 2012 draft picks. Obviously he is a great player, but the Pats generally frown on players and/or their agents who negotiate via the media (although there is always a first time). Seymour staged a mini-holdout once but it never became contentious. The Pats are loaded for the 2o11 draft, but I think they would listen to teams that might part with some 2012 picks for Mankins.

  17. The ball is and always has been in Mankins court.

    The Patriots hold most but not all the cards – he can hold out again if he wants to demand what he thinks he deserves – top 3 linemen money.

    But what he deserves isn’t relevant – it’s what he or any other franchised player can get when the team holds nearly all the cards.

    So Mankins has a choice – accept a more reasonable long term contract with gobs of guaranteed money now – though maybe not as much as he wants… or wait til the new CBA is established, letting this possibly drag into 2012 when he’ll be 30 and possibly looking at less money anyways in a new CBA

    Compromising on a reasonable long-term contract with accepting guaranteed money now before a lockout strikes me as the better alternative

  18. This O line turns into a sieve in the playoffs.

    Great in the regular season, but I don’t think any of them have earned a mega deal.

  19. The tag means he’ll make $10.7 million. This year he made under $2m. I’m not a huge fan of the tag, and I really like Mankins, but it’s tough to say he’s getting screwed by being tagged to the same degree Manning would be.

  20. @lawyermallo

    Me too. Not over it. Yets fans rejoice. Not over Giants or Colts 4th down game, either. AM over Ravens beat-down, though.

    We’ll be back. Figure with tuck rule and so many bounces going our way in the early years, now so many going the other way the last few years… we go into next year clean slate.

    Hopefully the put in a rookie salary cap and BB keeps his high picks.

  21. As I understand it, the league’s argument is that teams have a 14-day window from February 10, 2011 until March 4, 2011, the expiry of the current CBA, to franchise and/or transition tag a player. The NFLPA counters that the 2011 season does not qualify as a “season during the term of this Agreement.” Hence, teams are not able to franchise tag a player during the 2011 season without a new CBA which permits the same.

    My guess is that the outcome here will likely turn on when—for purposes of the current CBA—the 2011 season begins. Are we in the 2011 NFL season as of today, February 11, 2011? If so, then I think the league wins. If not, then I think the NFLPA wins.

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