Report: Thursday’s labor meeting canceled

Yesterday, ESPN’s Trey Wingo reported that the NFL and the players’ union were scheduled to meet for nine hours Wednesday and five more Thursday.

Today, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that Thursday’s meeting has been canceled.

The reason for the cancellation isn’t clear.  It’s possible that the two sides decided that the time is better spent digesting information exchanged on Wednesday.  It’s also possible that they’ve decided that, for now, further face time would be counterproductive.

Either way, it’s safe to say the race is on to find out what happened.

UPDATE:  The cancellation of Thursday’s session was first reported by Jason La Canfora of NFL Network on Wednesday.

14 responses to “Report: Thursday’s labor meeting canceled

  1. maybe they agreed to terms and didn’t need to have the rest of the meetings..

    wishfull thinking I know..

  2. @ mannynh:

    I agree but think some type of agreement would have been leaked to the press.
    Just makes me sick to think that we may not have football next season because of greed and arrogance.
    We all come and post here because we love the game of football. 99% of us are working stiffs who only dream about having the type of income that these owners and executives take for granted. Get a deal done already!

  3. From a fan’s perspective:

    I don’t give a Rat’s arse what the hold up is.

    I don’t care if the owners are only making $150M, when they should be making $190M.

    I don’t care if the CURRENT players think that rookies should make a ceiling of $2M a year so that they can make $15M a year.

    I care that the vested veterans receive health care and beyond that, I care that we have a football season!

    Get in a damn room, lock the door and figure out the numbers so that everyone agrees. Enough posturing from both sides. Everyone that attends these meetings know exactly what the sticking points are, even if we don’t. Give a little here, take a little there and sign the paper!!

  4. maybe they need to lock themselves is a round padded room to get this done. i think they will ruin what they have if they lockout. just like baseball and hockey.

  5. Dear NFL;

    Remember the brilliant lockouts/strikes of the NBA, NHL, and MLB? When they all came back, after pretty much agreeing to the same thing that was proposed prelockout, were any of them as popular as they had been? Nope. Baseball lost it’s “National Pastime” status, the NBA is probably #2 in this country but about to ruin themselves again with another work stoppage, and the NHL ended up on frickin VS.

    Showboat to the press and beat your chests all day long…in the long run if you lockout you’re going to feel it in the long run from football fans sick of the BS.

  6. The NFL and the players union are playing a very expensive game of chicken that they are both going to loose. Way too much at stake here boys, lock yourselves in a room and get it done!

  7. i watched inside the NFL, the owners want 1 billion back to start! after that they want the players share to go from 59.8 % to 41.9 % , that’s not happening see everybody next year!!

  8. Perhaps Smith ran out of ammo. They’re at “war” you know…..

    I think the Player’s Club (that ain’t no union by any stretch of the imagination) is going to be in for a rude awakening.

    The only thing less agreeable than a billionaire, is 32 pissed off billionaires.

    Gonna get ugly.

  9. The divisions between those that can afford to attend games and those that can’t becomes wider the owners and players seem to believe the product they bring to the field will somehow be good enough to outweigh the extra dollars the fans have to play to attend.

    As rules change the game due to injuries some believe those changes will reach into the high schools where they believe the risk of permanent injuries outweigh the reason to have the sport. If this happens the sport may have life span that is ending.

  10. Nobody cares who reported it first…….other than self important media types.

    The public is more concerned that the story be reported accurately…….not 30 seconds before someone else.

  11. I wonder how much revenue sharing is the real wrench in the works here. Seems ridiculous for the owners to ask the players to play more games for less money at a time of unparalleled profitability until you consider the implications of doing the reasonable thing and compromising by raising salaries/benefits. You’d have to either go the baseball route and wish the Buffalos and Minnesotas of the world luck in putting together a competitive roster at well below average team budgets, which small-market owners would never go for, go the (to me, preferable) route of more pooling of resources so that we get both fair compensation and some degree of parity, which the Jerry Joneses of the world would never agree to, or push the small market teams elsewhere, which hopefully no one would go for.

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