Sam Bradford “a little bit frustrated” with new direction of offense

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After a terrific rookie year,  Rams quarterback Sam Bradford has mixed feelings about learning a new offense under Josh McDaniels.

“Part of me’s a little bit frustrated,” Bradford said Wednesday to Jenni Carlson of  The Oklahoman.   “I was really looking forward to spending more time in the West Coast [offense] and really getting into detail this offseason.”

Then again, Bradford recognizes that working under a new offensive boss could be a boost.

“But part of me’s extremely excited to be working with Josh McDaniels.  If you look at what he’s done with some of his offenses and some of his quarterbacks in the past, as a quarterback you can’t not be excited to be in one of those offenses,” Bradford said.

Those two quotes probably sum up how Rams fans feel right about now.   Making Bradford learn a second system with a new quarterbacks coach is not ideal for your No. 1 overall pick coming off a promising campaign.   Then again, it’s hard to argue with McDaniels’ track record.

McDaniels and Bradford haven’t even met yet, which we find rather odd.  (Jim Harbaugh and Alex Smith are old pals and Smith isn’t even signed for 2011.)

“I’m sure [I’ll meet McDaniels] sometime down the road,” Bradford said. “When that is, I don’t know.”

McDaniels would be wise to set up a meeting before a possible work stoppage, so Bradford can start to help teach the new offense to his teammates over the offseason.

Bradford and the Rams offense may have to take a step back early in 2011 to take two steps forward in the future.

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  1. Multiple systems, Offensive Coordinators and head coaches have killed Alex Smith.

    Hope Sam has a better fate.

    Consistency and continuity are what make great football teams.

    Packers and Steelers — examples 1 and 1a.

  2. Is it just me, or does McDaniels now have a track record of meeting his QB’s late. The same thing happened with Cutler, if memory serves me right.

  3. Are you serious Rosenthal ???

    This is the biggest piece of trash I have ever read.
    Who cares what Sam Bradford thinks of an Offense?
    He is a second year player who is “frustrated” with a system which Kyle Orton made look easy the past two years.

  4. Hey Sam, how about you stay healthy and on the field for a whole year, and do something before you start whining.

  5. How much harder would it have been to tag this article as “Sam Bradford ‘frustrated’ but also ‘excited’ about the offensive changes.” Doesn’t this more accurately describe the article’s content?

  6. An offense Orton made look easy?

    Sure if you like meaningless yards and poor red zone production.

    McDaniels offense is a joke and will likely kill the Rams.

    He doesn’t believe in the running game, so no more Jackson.

    His offense is so predictable it’s pathetic.

    Say hello to bubble screens.

  7. And THAT is the Josh McDaniels difference. If Sam thinks it’s frustrating, just wait until he goes to the huddle on 3rd and 7 and the call is for a 2 yard WR in route.

    Can’t wait until Steven Jackson gets the playbook and asks “So, why are 90% of the run plays actually screen passes and the other 10% are draw plays?”

    Good luck with all of that….

    Go Broncos.

  8. Bradford and the Rams offense may have to take a step back early in 2011 to take two steps forward in the future.

    So isn’t that his “track record” with Denver… 2 steps back… and then fired for incompetence….

  9. It’s not like the Rams went out said ‘We need a new offense’. Their guy got a new job elsewhere, and McDaniels was the best coach available. Bringing in the best West Coast guy available severely limits your options, and probably isn’t in the best interest of the team.

  10. @darthvincent

    Sam Bradford will have amazing junk stats. He’s “x” receiver will have big numbers, one of his slot guys will completely disappear, the TE may have 15 catches all year, and Steven Jackson will want a trade at some point.

    Also part of the McDaniels McDifference is a complete o-line blocking scheme change regardless of what may have worked prior.

    Wah. Wah. Wah…

  11. It’s the same thing that’s happened with Cutler and other QB’s, no continuity with Scheme and Coaches….yet look what it’s done for Aaron Rogers!

  12. Commoncents, what season did you watch? He took every snap. Also folks don’t start worrying just yet. Sam is very smart and we saw how good he is going to be. Spags will keep McDaniels on a short leash. Sam is the future of the Rams.

  13. If Sam Bradford was in town and McDaniels was in town and the 2 haven’t met there is already a problem with McDaniel’s leadership.

    I think anyone should be able to tell that players are just pawns to move around on a field to McDaniels, and other coaches like him. How about a little leadership and actually being a mentor and a teacher to players instead of…forget it….Anybody remember when PFT was actually a fast website without a bunch of “Like” and “Twitter” junk?

  14. commoncents says:
    Hey Sam, how about you stay healthy and on the field for a whole year, and do something before you start whining.

    I don’t know if you just weren’t paying attention this year or what, but Bradford played every snap and won Rookie of the Year. So he’s already done what you asked. Plus, his frustrations are valid. Both Alex Smith and Jason Campbell have been doomed by constant coaching changes. I would hate to see the same thing happen to Bradford.

  15. ****Breaking News******
    Josh McDaniels in negotiations to trade Sam Bradford and a first round draft pick to Kansas City for Matt Cassel.

  16. As long as McDaniels had no say in who is fired, hired, traded, etc.. Bradford and the rams offense will do pretty good.

    And as for Bradford being “frustraded”; just give this kid a little bit of time. He should pick it up no problem

  17. commoncents: “Hey Sam, how about you stay healthy and on the field for a whole year, and do something before you start whining.”

    Correct me if I am wrong, but didn’t Bradford take every snap this past year?

  18. In my mind, there’s no fear whatsoever that McDaniels won’t help him develop to his highest potential, even after the things he learned last year.

  19. The Rams offense last year had one of the all-time lows in yards per attempt in the history of this metric being tracked. I look forward to more aggressive play calling that in theory should open up additional space for SJ39 to work. Nine and ten in the box was what the Rams faced all last season – don’t see that happening again under McDaniels.

  20. Okay, so I guess I’m the one who is going to have to school you lames on whats going on in St.Louis.

    First off to the kid who said “let’s wait and see if you can play a whole year healthy before you start whinning”. Wow kid your retarded. Bradford played his rookie year while setting numerous records. Started every single game while taking every single snap and won Offensive Rookie of the Year. Hop off hater, your clueless.

    For the poeple who think that McDaniels will ruin this offense or that there are any problems you people really are clueless and this is the reason why NBC + PFT was a bad idea. Cause half you idiots don’t even know whats going on. McDaniels came to St.Louis for 1 reason, and 1 reason only. To work with Bradford. He knows that working with Bradford and turning this offense into a high scoring power offense if the quickest way back to a HC job. He is going to do eveything in his power to succeed in St.Louis.

    As for people complaining about the offense McDaniels runs, then I guess the Pats offense is garbage too. They run the same offense, as a matter of fact it will be even more prolific because instead of trash ass Kyle Orton you got a certified franchise QB with the potential to be in the top 5 QB’s by the end of the 2011 season as the leader. Also the reason why the running game in Denver was so poor was because you had that bust Knowshon Moreno as your RB. A 30 yard Steven Jax is better than that scrub, so learn football before you speak your mind you nerds.

    And as for the article, this was a piss poor job of grasping at straws. There is nothing here, and the only thing Bradford was doing was saying that he was looking forward to another year of learning the offense under Shurmur and that it’s frustrating to have put all that time into last year and not play in it this year. But Bradford is also nt stupid, he knows with McDaniels offense, the offense that Bradford played in at Oklahoma, will give him and the Rams a much more up tempoed offense with a much needed boost in creativety.

    Plus you poeple are underestimating how smart Bradford is and how over rated the thinking of learning a new offense is. McDaniels already has said that his offense isn’t that difficult and that thinking of learning a new offense is being blown out of perportion. Plus Bradford learned Shurmur’s West Coast Offense in less than 3 months and became the starting QB for the Rams in August. Now, Bradford is working with McDaniels now in Feb. and has all the way till August to get the basics down. Are you kidding me?

    And finally, McDaniels has absolutely zero imput on who the QB is in St.Louis. You actually think he came here for any other reason than to work with Bradford your crazy and quite honestly shouldn’t be watching football but instead should be watching golf or tennis. Bradford is one of the best QB prospects to come out since Peyton Manning, and pulled off a record setting rookie year. Do you actually want me to go down the records Bradford holds? Well, because you retards probably don’t know I will. Set rookie record for, most completions, most passing attempts, 1 of only 3 rookie QB’s in the history of the NFL to throw for over 3,000 yards and is 2nd on that list behind only Manning. First rookie QB in history to win on the road and throw for 300 yards or more, no INT’s and 3 TD’s. First player int he history of the league to win Rookie of the Month twice, is 5th all time in TD’s thrown for a rookie and set the rookie record for passing attempts in one game in his rookie debut in week 1. Thats right set the rookie record for passing attempts in his very first game as a NFL QB. So if you actually think that Bradford can’t do this or won’t succeed at the highest possible level you should really quit watching football and go pay attention to swimming and Michael Phelps.

    Before you speak get yourself educated, because most of you sound ignorant and are definitely from the NBC side of things, because real football fans know that pairing Bradford up with McDaniels is a scary scary thought for opposing defenses.

    GeT@Me you hatin losers

  21. If there was one thing he seemed to do well in Denver, it was the Quarterbacks….Can’t believe I just gave him credit for something..Colorado going to disown me!

  22. Did that guy say changes in the coaching staff hurt alex smith’s career…so did the fact he isnt very good….no seriously he’s not.He’s no tim couch

  23. That McDaniels hasn’t reached out for a meeting is kind of shocking.

    Though what better way to telegraph your superior status over your QB than can’t-miss-it lack of interest in an initial meeting? Message: QB = cog. McDaniels = super genius who clearly has better things to do.

    Some people never learn I guess.

  24. dafranchize finally got a Rams thread with more then two views to actually comment on and God help us, he’s not letting the opportunity pass!

    You tell’em buddy… RAMS TO THE SUPERBOWL!

  25. Bunch of morons. McDaniels is the OC. He has absolutely no power over personnel moves whatsoever.

    And what a misleading title. Bradford said “Part of me’s a little bit frustrated,….But part of me’s extremely excited to be working with Josh McDaniels. “

  26. Wow. Bradford a little frustrated! Bradford got $50 mil guaranteed and was the 1st guy taken. Shouldn’t the overall first pick be able to be sucessful in any offensive scheme? I didn’t hear Suh complaining about learning a new D in Detroit. Also, last time I checked…the Rams/Bradford under Shurmur were in the bottom half of the league in total offense and couldn’t put up enough points to beat the Seahawks without their starting QB, to win the freakin’ division!

  27. I wish people would just let Mcdaniels have a chance. Sure, his overall track record isn’t the best but its not like he has been a total failure and its not like a short passing game would be any worse then the offense Shurmur ran

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