Shaun Rogers may visit the Redskins


As Florio pointed out this morning, recently released players like former Browns defender Shaun Rogers can sign with a new team immediately.

While many teams will undoubtedly hide behind labor uncertainty while twiddling their thumbs,  it’s no surprise that the Redskins could take a different approach.

Jay Glazer of FOX reports that Rogers has spoken with Washington and could set up a visit with the team, perhaps as early as tomorrow.  Surely Rogers’ camp hopes that another team gets involved to potentially drive up Rogers’ price.

Going after Rogers would be a sign that Albert Haynesworth has no future in Washington, not that we really need another sign.

Coming up with a fair contract before a work stoppage could be tricky.   Players may have to give up a little bit of earning potential long-term to get money in their pocket.

27 responses to “Shaun Rogers may visit the Redskins

  1. guy played 40% of the time and was injured alot……what am i saying? perfect fit..sign him…LMAO.

  2. Sure sign S Rogers to a deal where he gives up some total dollars on the back end in order to get some money before the strike, because he is the type of guy that will just work his tail off for you in gratitude. He won’t slack off as soon as the first check is cashed, really he won’t. You believe me don’t you Mr Snyder?

  3. I wrote that this would happen in the initial reports of him being cut. I don’ think it would be bad if we signed him for a decent deal. Maake Kemoeatu isn’t going to cut it bc it is hard to come back from a ruptured achilles (ask Lavar Arrington). I still don’t mind Maake as the back up behind Rogers because we all know that Haynesworth isn’t coming back.

  4. give him an incentive laden contract…we can draft a nose tackle later in the draft to groom for the future, but for now we need talent at the position

  5. In all fairness to Rogers… has there been any defensive player on the Browns defense that has looked “good” in the last several years?

  6. OMG everybody took all my trash! snyders a dope and rogers is as fat as albert! if you lined them up side by side that would take 25 % of the field!

  7. I dont think its a bad idea to sign Rodgers only if Mr. Snyder doesnt go crazy with the $$$$.Ma` ake Kemeotu gets pushed around more than a nerdy kid at school!!! So If Haslett wants to improve this defense then the 1st step should be getting rid of Kemeotu!!!! Rodgers could split time with the young kid Bryant who played well towards the end of the season!!!! Boysroll,since your Cowboys finished with an identical record as the Redskins,I would shut up about how bad the Redskins are if I were you…..

  8. If I was a FA I’d be talking to the Skins too. I mean seriously, it’s just smart business to go talk with the team that loosely and stupidly spends money like it’s going out of style….

    Dan Snyder may be the devil in disguise for Skins fans. What I really love is Skins fans are some of the most arrogant in the world and I love piling on them each year when my Lions beat them…ah, it’s been a couple of good years for me down here in the DC area!!!

  9. FYI all you skins fans that think this is a good deal: you’re getting an aged player on the decline, past his prime who was always lazy…really, you don’t already know how that will turn out?

  10. I guess the Redskins will never learn that overpaying for players that are past their prime never works.

  11. @ spartyfi…yeah the Lions are always in the playoff hunt…at home that is. When is the NFL going to figure out that we don’t want to watch the Lions get crushed every Thanksgiving? It’s such a boring game – LOL.

  12. There r so many idiots posting on here. The Redskins have not even signed the guy and u guys r saying how stupid Snyder is. Hahahahaha. If they sign the guy, I bet u anything he doesn’t get a big contract. At this point, It would not be a bad sign if it is for the right price.

  13. Haynesworth and Rodgers on the same defensive line? The playing field would tilt and, for sure, RBs would be running “down hill”. The Flab-Skins; not a full day’s work between them.

  14. you guys are idiots,or cowboys,eagles,and giants fans for dumping on the skins like you do!skins will surprise you and kick your whining asses!

  15. Say what you want, but if the Redskins put Haynesworth and Rogers at either DE spots in the 3-4, that will be a top run-stopping defense, any way you slice it.

    Haynesworth could be cut/traded from the Redskins by the NFL Draft, though.

  16. @spartyfi

    U r a Lions Fan and u r on here talking Smack. Hahahahahaha. So what if the Lions beat the Skins. The Skins beat the Packers this year! Does that mean the Skins r good??????? Nope! U sir R A DOUCHE!!!!!!! Have fun with ur Awesome Franchise never winning anything……. EVER!!!!!!!!!

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