UFL sticking with five teams in 2011, moving season kickoff to August

With the Florida Tuskers disbanding and the carcass becoming the Virginia Destroyers, the UFL currently has only five franchises.

The league announced today that the number will remain at five for 2011.

“We are retaining the five-team model that we know worked in 2010 and provides entertainment for our fans,” UFL Commissioner Michael Huyghue said Thursday.  “At this point in time, making a financial commitment to fielding a sixth team would be irresponsible.  It is more important that we safeguard the future of the UFL as we continue to seek expansion for future seasons.”

The UFL will launch the 2011 season in August, with the title game played in October.

“Our intent remains to begin play before the National Football League season begins, and to start incorporating Sundays into our football schedule,” Huyghue said.  “I have said before that from a fan’s standpoint, you are going to see a more competitive football game on Sundays in our regular season games, than you would in National Football League preseason games.”

Maybe the new marketing slogan will be, “The UFL:  Not as crappy as the NFL preseason.”