Cowboys hire Packers’ receivers coach Jimmy Robinson

The Dallas Cowboys want to be like the Green Bay Packers, and they’re starting by picking up one of the Packers’ assistant coaches.

Todd Archer of first reported that Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett had interviewed Packers wide receivers coach Jimmy Robinson, and shortly after the reports first surfaced, the Cowboys announced that they had hired Robinson.

Robinson was the Giants’ receivers coach from 2000 to 2003, when Garrett was their backup quarterback. Robinson has also been on the staffs of the Saints, Colts and Falcons, as well as Georgia Tech and the Memphis Showboats of the USFL. He spent six years as an NFL wide receiver with the Giants, 49ers and Broncos.

The Cowboys were in need of a receivers coach because Garrett decided not to retain Ray Sherman.

26 responses to “Cowboys hire Packers’ receivers coach Jimmy Robinson

  1. Why the hell would he take the same job with a worse team?

    Either a pay raise or he was getting fired / taking the heat for all the WR drops. :halfjoking:

    Doesn’t make much sense, though.

  2. Frustrating. If he was under contract why would green bay allow the lateral move? And why would he want to make that move? TT or Jerry, hmm?

    I guess if this is the biggest hit to their staff it’s not so bad. But they’re at a disadvantag in terms of who is available this time of year to take his spot

  3. Why would anyone leave a tight community like GB for the chaos of the Cowboys? Maybe he was about to get fired…

  4. I actually understand this move. He’s the coach of one of the best WR groups in the NFL. If he can do for Dallas what he did with the Green Bay WRs (which shouldn’t be all that difficult), then he’ll be that much closer to an OC position…

    …that and the likelihood that Jerry Jones is giving him a garbage truck full of money.

  5. If he was under contract why would green bay allow the lateral move?


    He was named assistant HC as well as receivers coach…it’s a common loophole to treat a hire as non-lateral, though it also entails a higher pay.

  6. “Why the hell would he take the same job with a worse team?”


    Three reasons I would guess.

    First, he has a history with their head coach.

    Second, there is a chance he might think the Packers have “peaked” with their current WR and are unlikely to upgrade with needs at OL and some pending free agents.

    Finally, Cowboys seem to be stacked with talent but not experience at WR and have a good QB. With the horrible year they had, there will be a lot of “turn around” hype if they improve to make the playoffs. If he can take his share of the credit he could be in line for a OC position the year after as a “hot young coach”. A chance he is likely not going to get in Green Bay.

    Lateral movements are rarely lateral. I am sure he has a better chance to advance his career by leaving.

    That said, I am a Packer fan and want them to keep doing what they are doing and hate to see a coach leave.

  7. While our receiving core has been good…. they always seem to have a lot of drops. Hopefully whomever the pack gets to replace him will fix that.

  8. Dallas has a WR corp that is still relatively young and has not peaked or has problems that need addressing.

    Miles Austin had a break out year in 2009 and was still good in 2010 but can still improve.

    Roy Williams seems to have fixed the problem with drops and didn’t drop nearly as many passes this season as he did in 2008 and 2009. He can still get better on running his routes, though. It doesn’t look like Jones is giving up on him yet and the new coach could help him where Sherman couldn’t.

    Dez Bryant – showed flashes his rookie campaign but was often injured and missed games. This is likely a main reason for the switch at coach – Garrett likely felt Sherman was developing Bryant enough that first year and due to his past history with Jimmy might think he can do a better job of it.

    Sam Hurd and Kevin Ogletree are still on the roster, though it was a quiet 2010 for both of them.

    As other posters pointed out, not much room for advancement in GB if he’s taken that unit as far as it’s likely to go, but if Dallas’ WR’s explode next year under his tutelage and have success he could be in line for a OC job.

    Improving 0ne teams WR’s to the point of winning a Super Bowl definitely got him noticed; if he can clearly contribute to building another winner on a second team, that is what not only gets you noticed, it gets you the bigger jobs, since people have to admit you know what you are doing and you weren’t just ‘lucky’ the first time.

  9. What the jer wants, the jer gets. He’s got a thing for guys named Jimmy I guess.

    This the 2nd ex-GB WR coach the Cowboys will have had since 2000.

    Ray Sherman, now Jimmy Robinson.

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