Eagles dispute report that Mike Patterson will be free agent

A report surfaced Friday from Washington Post salary cap expert J.I. Halsell that Eagles defensive tackle Mike Patterson’s contract was about to void.

According to Halsell, Patterson’s contract voided because of a clause connected to 2011 not being the final capped year.   It’s a bit of a random, esoteric report.  But in this Twitter age, the Eagles quickly heard about it and refuted it.

An Eagles team spokesman told Jonathan Tamari of the Philadelphia Inquirer that the report is false and Patterson remains under contract.

We almost didn’t post on the story, but decided to for two reasons.

1. It’s a slow Friday on one of the slowest NFL news weeks of the year.

2. This report could be a precursor to a lot of contractual wrangling we’re unfortunately headed for in the coming weeks and months.  Teams and agents may disagree on how certain clauses and other contractual procedures should be handled in a work stoppage.

11 responses to “Eagles dispute report that Mike Patterson will be free agent

  1. While the Eagles may dispute that Patterson will be a FA, they can’t dispute that the undersized former first rounder has been a disappointment.

  2. Clay Matthews on Ellen. Clay Matthews on Leno. Clay Matthews on ESPN Radio. Clay Matthews at the Grammys. How could it possibly be a slow day? ;^)

  3. This is really a “Who Cares?” story. I doubt if many Eagles fans really care if Mike Patterson becomes a free agent. He’s a serviceable defensive tackle, but nothing more than that. The most positive thing that can be said about him is that he’s durable, doesn’t get hurt and shows up to play in every game. But I haven’t seen him in any Pro Bowls lately, and if he hasn’t made one by now, I doubt that he ever will.

  4. Mike Patterson played well for the most part last year. Although I’m not sure how he fits into Washburn’s style of getting upfield. He seemed to do better at controlling 2 gaps and shutting down the run. It will be interesting to see what Washburn can do with Bunkley, since getting upfield in a 1 gap system was what he did so well in college.

  5. Patterson signed like a 12 year/$2 million per ‘just play good enough to not get cut’ contract. He keeps treading water at that line but hasn’t been so awful to deserve to be cut yet. He’s probably going to live out the contract or maybe get traded in the final years.

  6. Pro Bowls!? Who cares. Patterson is a VERY good DT and one bright spot on the seive like Run D. Pro Bowls mean nothing other that popularity….and lets…for shiggles, say they DO mean something. Ok…Patterson isn’t a top 3 or 4 DT. I’d still rather have him on the team than half the DTs in the NFL.

  7. @ vickadelphiaphreedom

    Wow! You cant honestly believe patterson is even half as good as you just portrayed him to be? He’s easily bottom 5 or 10 starting DT in the league, with Bunkley not far behind. As first round picks, they have both been a complete bust.

    All I can say about Patterson is look at his 2010 numbers…
    30 tackles on the year, 2 sacks…
    9 games this season where he had 2 or fewer tackles(which as a so-called “run stopper” is HORRIBLE)
    The other 7 games? 3 tackles each!

    Those are the numbers, try as you may to come up with reasons why they are what they are, but regardless of what you say, its simply pathetic output.

    His contract being voided would be fantastic, get this lazy, pathetic excuse for a dt off my team, and take bunkley with him.

  8. The fact is Reid has a horrible record when drafting defensive linemen….In the Reid era, these are the defensive linemen he has drafted in the first 3 rounds…

    Corey Simon Rd. 1 #6
    Derrick Burgess Rd.3 # 63
    Jerome McDougle Rd.1 #15
    Bryan Smith Rd.3 # 90
    Mike Patterson Rd.1 # 31
    Broderick Bunkley Rd.1 # 14
    Trevor Laws Rd.2 # 47
    Victor Abiamiri Rd.2 # 57
    Brandon Graham Rd.1 # 13

    Simon was a decent player, but not worthy of the 6th pick in the draft. Not one of these players is or was a difference maker. The simple fact is, Fat Andy is clueless when drafting defensive linemen, and has been since he got here….I doubt if teams are going to be knocking down Patterson’s door if he becomes a free agent….

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