Eagles expected to sign CFL’s leading pass rusher

The Eagles hope they have found their own version of Cameron Wake.

Two years after the Dolphins signed Wake out of the CFL after a sack binge north of the border, Adam Caplan of FoxSports.com reports the Eagles are set to sign defensive end Phillip Hunt.

Hunt, who went undrafted out of Houston, had 16 sacks for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in 2010.   He worked out for multiple teams, with the Texans and Vikings reportedly showing the most interest other than Philly.

Some teams saw Hunt as an outside linebacker, but the Eagles will use Hunt as defensive end.  And they have just the coach to get the most out of Hunt possible.

44 responses to “Eagles expected to sign CFL’s leading pass rusher

  1. “don’t the Eagles have like 10 DE’s and 5 DT’s…”

    They are trying a new defensive alignment next season…the dreaded 8-3…that’s what happens when you hire your OL coach to be the DC.

  2. I think The Eagles off season is going to be a Defensive free for all with a lot of competition. The best will rise to the top with a lot of depth behind them. They need to make great strides this off season for a lot of reasons.

  3. great, another undersized DE for the Eagles. I heard they were going to sign this 9 year old from the punt, pass and kick championship. Reid said he has great work ethic and is the fastest in his grade.

  4. This is a desperation move by the eagles, wont pan out and 2011 (if there is a season) will end just like every other eagle season. NO SUPERBOWL RING FOR YOU!!! which is deserving since they have the biggest loser fan base in the NFL

  5. No CBA is not an issue for this guy….or for anyone signing for 2011. It may go down to the wire, but the 2011 season will start on time. There is too much for everyone to lose for this to NOT happen. Only the teams are making it an issue by using it as an excuse to not sign players or negotiate contracts. If the Eagles are willing to sign this player, then it shouldn’t be an issue for him either.

  6. Since he’s the typical undersized defensive lineman the Eagles employ, while the rest of the league considers them linebackers, hopefully Fat Andy can “put him in a better position to make plays”…Someone needs to tell Reid he needs D lineman who weigh more than he does….

  7. The Eagles will sign him and then trade him to the Redskins for a 1st rounder. Snyder will then give him a $100 million before he even steps on the field.

  8. Cameron Wake led the league with 23 sacks in 2009 before the Dolphins signed him. 23 sacks is a lot more impressive than 16. Plus Wake was the MVP of the league 2 years in a row, Wake was bound to be great. No one will even hear the name Hunt 2 years from now.

  9. So he is built as a linebacker…..

    That makes sense that he’s a DE to Andy Reid.

    Defense wins championships……and that’s why Andy can’t win one. He’s too busy playing guys out of position just to show off how smart he thinks he is.

  10. The CBA won’t be a factor for him, because he told the press in Canada that he was asking for a good enough signing bonus to get him through the “tough times.” He has been holding back on accepting an offer so far because there wasn’t a large enough signing bonus on the table and the CFL was his back up. I’ve watched him in the CFL and I’m not sure he’ll have the size to compete in the NFL, but he is sneaky quick with good hand battling, and the one yard line of scrimmage spacing helped him in Canada.

  11. Man, you haters jump at any chance you get. Who ever said that this guy is going to start or even get a significant amount of playing time? Arent teams allowed to have like 80+ players at camp?? Many will be cut. This guy very well may be one of them.

  12. “Some teams saw Hunt as an outside linebacker”

    That is because he is 245 lbs.!!!

    He is the size of a linebacker!!!

    But to Andy, he is some Offensive Tackles Rag Doll!!!

  13. dboom says: Feb 11, 2011 1:57 PM

    Desperation much?
    Cameron Wake pro bowl?

    lots of players came out of CFL, Warren Moon, Flutie, Cameron Wake, Mervyn Fernandez, etc.

  14. 305phinphan says: Feb 11, 2011 2:53 PM

    Cameron Wake led the league with 23 sacks in 2009 before the Dolphins signed him. 23 sacks is a lot more impressive than 16. Plus Wake was the MVP of the league 2 years in a row, Wake was bound to be great. No one will even hear the name Hunt 2 years from now.
    What, you can predict the future, now? Thanks “G.M.”

  15. Why is everyone hating on how big this guy is? I thought size didn’t matter. Have people been lying to me?

  16. pretty funny to see a Steelers fan go out of his way to read a story about the Eagles and even log into this website to say “forget the Eagles” when in fact you’re to stupid to realize you arn’t even listening to your own advice.. morons

  17. Already signed him.

    great. our Defense has a couple really really strong defensive ends.. Cole still being awesome, now we have some good talent ont he other side,…

    But um, are we in need of a seriously good CB?

    Come on Al Davis, kick another Pro-bowler outta town…

  18. @norcaleagles
    Listen dude, i like you, i have seen you comment on many an Eagles story, and i know you are a true Eagles fan, it seems by your name you are far removed from philly, but a 245 pound defensive end?…When guards and tackles weigh 300 or better?….We have seen how it wore down Trent Cole, and his production dropped off the charts….I am no hater, but i have seen this time and time again during the Reid era, and this type of signing means absolutley nothing, but if they do sign him, i guarantee he makes the team, and the Reid history of being clueless about the defensive line will continue…

  19. Yawn… We signed the CFL’s Most Outstanding Rookie last year in RB Martell Mallett – and briefly penciled him in on the practice squad – then released him in mid-September. Call me a skeptic, but I’ll believe Wake is the real deal when I see him produce.

  20. He should be a perfect fit. Andy likes small fast limemen who tend to get run over by big fast linemen.

  21. Uh, did the Eagles notice that a guy they gave away- check that- a guy they PAID US TO TAKE- Chris Clemmons, had like 10 sacks (for the Seahawks) this year?

    Didn’t think so.


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