Irsay treads lightly in discussing Indianapolis Super Bowl


Cowboys owner Jerry Jones made no secret last offseason that he thought his team had a good chance of becoming the first to play the Super Bowl on its home field, and he frequently talked up Cowboys Stadium as the perfect venue for the big game. So there’s some egg on Jones’s face after the Cowboys missed the playoffs and Dallas was plagued by problems as a Super Bowl host.

Colts owner Jim Irsay won’t make the same mistakes.

Next year’s Super Bowl is at Lucas Oil Stadium, but Irsay says he’s not thinking about his team getting to the Super Bowl any more now than he is heading into any other offseason.

Honestly, I don’t even think about that,” Irsay told the Indianapolis Star. “I’m focused on doing whatever it takes that gives us the best shot to win this year. It’s not like all of a sudden we’re going to try harder this year because we have the Super Bowl. The intensity to win every year is the same and it doesn’t change simply because we have the Super Bowl.”

And Irsay is avoiding any grand statements about Indianapolis as a host, saying only that he’s excited about the Super Bowl coming to town, but avoiding comparisons with Dallas or any other host city.

“It’s an outstanding opportunity for our city and our state,” Irsay said. “It’s something we want to do right and will do right. . . . I’m not starting a mantra that didn’t work out well [for Dallas].”

Irsay’s comments are wise. After Dallas over-promised and under-delivered, Indianapolis just needs to quietly run a competent Super Bowl to look great by comparison.

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  1. It will be interesting how many pre Super Bowl stories focus on Irsay’s erractic past-especially his abuse of prescription narcotics.

  2. Can we compile a list of cities that should never host the Super Bowl?

    I’d like to see a Rose Bowl Super Bowl again.

  3. Can we compile a list of cities that should never host the Super Bowl?
    1.New York!!

    I’d like to see a Rose Bowl Super Bowl again.

  4. My Prediction:

    Colts will have a 1 pt lead and the ball with a minute to go in the AFC Championship game. Manning will try to take a couple knees to run out the clock until Caldwell decides to call his last 3 time outs and forcing the Colts to punt.

    On the punt return, the other team returns it to the Colts 30 yard line. After running a play that gains them no yards, they kick a 47 yard field goal to win the game.

    After the game, when Caldwell is asked why he called the timeouts, his response is “Well, we wanted to run as many plays as possible… You never know what can happen on a punt. Their returner could have muffed the punt, or he might have even run backwards on the return and we might be able to tackle him for a safety… You never know what can happen!”

    The next day when Polian is asked about the timeouts, he gives a completely different reason; saying “that was the most crucial point in the game and the Colts wanted to be in the right formation”. While at the same time implying that anyone who questions him or Caldwell is simply a moron who doesn’t know anything about football.

  5. The Indy Super Bowl is going to be great. The haters are gonna hate, but the people who actually COME here are going to love it.

    Even if it’s 0 degrees, even if there’s a gigantic ice storm, all the hotels, the convention center, the main attractions, and the stadium are all connected via skywalk. So people never even have to hit outside if they don’t want to. And it’s always 72 degrees inside.

    The people here are always nice and helpful, too. The entire downtown economy is based on hosting big time events, so they know what’s up. We just opened the largest JW Marriott in the world, and have relatively brand new billion dollar airport.

    The city has plenty to do, and the NFL brings its own sideshow anyway.

  6. I could care less if some reporters or celebritys get cold in Indy.I live in this cold for 6 months a year seems like. Let them freeze. The games inside anyway.

  7. Everyone thought the Cowboys had a good shot at being in the Super Bowl. Jerry, the owner of the team and the stadium, said that he would love for the Cowboys to be the first team to play a Super Bowl at home… What other owner isn’t wishing and wanting for their team to play in the Super Bowl in their own stadium? Jerry is a loud mouth, he talks more and you guys eat it up. Not all owners are the same, not all people are the same.

  8. I have to say, I would not go to indy for the super bowl. The NFL should not have it in a city that has a good chance of snow, cold and ice.

    I include dallas on that list , but your anti-cowboy rhetoric is getting old.

  9. Everything is bigger in Texas. Including the F’ ups. The only way the Cowtoys were getting to that superbowl was if they had tickets. And even then they may have ended up watching from the basement.

  10. While I don’t think it will happen…

    It would be hilarious if the Baltimore Ravens end up playing/winning the Super Bowl in Indianapolis.

    It would be such beautiful karma to see Irsay’s reaction. And if the Ravens FINALLY beat Peyton Manning on their way to playing in that Super Bowl… that would just put the icing on the cake.

  11. Dequan81, while I am sure the Dallas fans thought they had a shot not many smart fans thought they would make it.

    Back to Indy, yes they will end up doing a piece on Irsay and drugs and his drunk ass Dad when he was in Bmore slurring and staggering all over the airport, but thats what you get when you host. It will be entertaining.

    I don’t think Indy has a shot to make it though. Manning to wayne is much slower these days

  12. “I’d like to see a Rose Bowl Super Bowl again.”


    helllllllll, no…talk about a terrible SB experience…the seating in that place is like watching a SB from a HS football stadium…or from an airbus A320…totally uncomfortable…

  13. Good thing he is not predicting the SB (what is he, the Jets?) since they barely made the playoffs this year.

  14. mikebrownmakesmefrown says: Feb 11, 2011 10:21 AM

    “Indianapolis is the worst city possible for the Superbowl.”

    Maybe they should consider that thriving uber-cosmopolitan metropolis known as Cincinnati. home of the Dead Steve McNair Halloween displays.
    Stay classy.

  15. is jimmy still on steroids? when he was in his twenties he was so roided up i thought his head was going to pop!

  16. I attended the Super Bowl in Detroit (work-related). It was cold, naturally…but Detroit did an EXCELLENT job hosting it. Ford Field is a nice place to watch a game and the city put their best foot forward to make our experience the best.

  17. I’ve said it before…EVERY NFL city should get a crack at hosting a Super Bowl. Just start from the oldest franchise to the newest and work forward. If a city is worthy of an NFL team, why isn’t it worthy of a Super Bowl once every 32 years? Besides, how much fun would an early February Super Bowl be in Green Bay, Chicago, Pittburgh, Cleveland, Foxboro, etc.?

  18. One of the great experiences of my life was when I went to Super Bowl 36 and saw the Patriots beat The Greatest Show on Turf. Obviously, the experience would have been great had they played the game in any stadium, but what made the day absolutely perfect was the fact that it took place in New Orleans. It seemed like the entire stadium walked down to Bourbon Street after the game, and the party went on until the mounted police started clearing the streets around 3AM. I think the Super Bowl should be limited to a rotation of a handful of locations – Miami, New Orleans, and San Diego would be a good start. I’d consider Arizona and Tampa as well, and LA if they ever get a new stadium built there.

  19. jroneputt says:
    Feb 11, 2011 10:47 AM

    I have to say, I would not go to indy for the super bowl. The NFL should not have it in a city that has a good chance of snow, cold and ice.
    I wish more people would think that way – that would make it easier for those of us who don’t mind the weather to get to a Super Bowl.

    The worst part about the weather in Dallas was the fact that they weren’t prepared to handle it. I think Indy has a few more snowplows and a few more pounds of road salt than Dallas does. And if they don’t already, I’m sure they will by next February.

  20. The Colts have played nearly the same number of season in Indy as they did in Baltimore and yet the Baltimore people still complain. They didn’t support their team but they constantly forget about that fact. They also stole the Browns from Cleveland but that is different too.

    Move on. The Colts don’t belong to Baltimore or Indy, they belong to the Irsay’s.

  21. People can crack on Jacksonville all they want, But I was there and everyone I talked too loved it. No problems at the stadium, The only haters were the crybabies in the media. Yes Jacksonville is a small city, But we have excellent weather , Great beaches and golf courses, And there are even more hotels that have been built since the game was played here in 2005. Jacksonville did not have 1% of the problems they had in Dallas.

  22. Like I said before. Irsay and Polian say a whole lot of nothing when they talk, but atleast in this case Irsay can walk away with his breath not smelling like his foot this time.

    Its about time this guy just keeps quiet, his tweets are about as beligerent as his past kickers. I’m glad someone got a hold of these quotes and told him to just stick to the obvious and not the oblivious. Thank you Jim

  23. Those who don’t think Indy can pull of a Super Bowl forget Indy:

    1. Hosts the Indianapolis 500, which annually draws over 300,000 every year to Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

    2. Hosts the Brickyard 400, which as the second biggest event in NASCAR draws over 200,000 annually to Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

    3. Has hosted numerous NCAA Final Fours, including the 2010 edition at Lucas Oil Stadium (plus other times hosting sub-regionals or regionals at either Lucas Oil Stadium or the old RCA Dome). That requires being prepared for a snowstorm, as those can happen there in the first week of April very easily.

    I suspect Indy will be a very good host city for the Super Bowl based on that.

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