League downplays cancellation of CBA session to owners

On Wednesday, league negotiators reportedly cut short a bargaining session and canceled a meeting set for the next day.  In a Thursday conference call with the league’s owners, the move was characterized as “normal,” according to Daniel Kaplan of SportsBusiness Journal.

“These kinds of things ups and downs, bad sessions and good ones, are an inevitable part of a messy process,” a management source told Kaplan.  “It is like watching the sausage being made.  It is ‘normal’ in that sense.”

Fine, but dinner is due to be served in three weeks, and the two sides haven’t been able to agree on the method for killing the pig.

Look at it this way.  If the league wasn’t able to get enough seats in place in time for Super Bowl XLV, the changes of getting the labor deal worked out by March 4 currently stand at somewhere between slim and none.

At least the league seemed to be trying to get the seats in place on Sunday.  With Thursday’s meeting scuttled and, as far as anyone can tell, no other talks scheduled, precious time is being wasted, and we’re becoming more convinced that each side believes a better deal can be done after a lockout commences.

29 responses to “League downplays cancellation of CBA session to owners

  1. Not wanting to be the first to blink, both parties squeezed their eyes tightly shut, covered their ears with their hands, and assumed the fetal position.

  2. “It is like watching the sausage being made.”

    Funny analogy, because if you ever set foot in a meat plant and watched how those things are made and what actually goes in them, you’d never eat one again.

  3. duanethomas says:
    Feb 11, 2011 10:43 PM
    1st Bishes! Btw…..Lockout and Scabs for at least 6 games 2011.

    FAIL just like Goodell

  4. They are clueless. They think that “we” NFL fans love them as people (owners and players). Hell naw we love the league. Eff the League up and see how “we fans” respond!!!

  5. Didn’t they wait until the last hour on the last CBA?

    People are really flipping out about no football, but I just can’t see these two sides being stupid enough to let that happen.

    Don’t see a lockout that affects anything more than maybe some OTAs.

  6. “1st Bishes! Btw…..Lockout and Scabs for at least 6 games 2011.”

    Bit of advice for you Duane. If you want to be the douche who says “first” in a comments section on the internet, at least make sure you are first. Imbecile.

  7. I’m sick of this we need to send the league a message. Were not going to stand for this. I for one am not going to buy an nfl thing this year nor will I attend the two games that I go to every year. I no its not much but its what I personally do. I will alsso not buy the sunday ticket since I live were my team plays in my state twice a year. That’s all I can do. If they want to fight over my money they can do without becouse if they don’t fix this now my team will have another horrrible year becouse they will not be able to trade or pick up freeagents nore be able to practice with a new coaching staff. Screw em

  8. duanethomas says:

    1st Bishes!

    What is with the dopes posting “1st!” all the time now? Are they celebrating the first pole they smoked or something…?

    As for the looming lockout… Nothing like seeing the Commissioner worry about trash talking and European Super Bowls when there may not even be a season come September. Way to go, Goodell! At least we’ll have the CFL up here in Canada.

  9. And Jets downplay creepiness of Rex Ryans YouTube career and Mark Sanchez’s high school trolling to media…..

  10. Um…Uh…what happened was, the bank declined our credit card deposit for the meeting room. We are soooooo broke. The hotel manager kicked us out. So we’ ll have to save some money for another place. Maybe starbuck’s? Dee’s Treat?

    The Owners

  11. duanethomas says: Feb 11, 2011 10:43 PM

    1st Bishes! Btw…..Lockout and Scabs for at least 6 games 2011.

  12. Three weeks is plenty of time to kill the pig, make the sausage and cook the meal. What’s the problem?

  13. at least the players made an effort! they’re at 59.6 %, the players offered 50-50 that’s a 9 % cut, the owners walked out! so i guess it’s all or nothing for the owners!

  14. “and the two sides haven’t been able to agree on the method for killing the pig”

    A good analogy considering the NFL is a $9 billion (with a B) business.

    You would think they would look at what happened to baseball after a long and nasty labor fight and move quickly to save the Golden Goose.

  15. Greedy morons. We, as fans, should simply boycott the NFL for a season to let them know who’s really in charge. Without us, they don’t have millions to fight over, and they don’t seem to give a damn about that fact.

  16. Who feel:

    1. OWNERS are being greedy (LIKE this comment)

    2. PLAYERS are being greedy (DISLIKE this comment)

    This perhaps has more to do with their PR than their negotiations. But controlling the media is art of this process.

  17. duanethomas says:
    Feb 11, 2011 10:43 PM
    1st Bishes! Btw…..Lockout and Scabs for at least 6 games 2011

    You weren’t even first you dumbass.
    You’ll be the second to fade into obscurity. Pathetic, desperate, obscurity.

  18. The owners dislike the current judge so I’d plan on a lockout. Mid summer after the paychecks stop rolling, the players will bend over.

  19. I love these morons who type ‘1st!!!’ like it’s actually some kind of accomplishment – and then it turns out they aren’t even really 1st.

  20. The people who stand to lose the most: the fans.

    The people who fund both sides, and without which, neither would even exist: the fans.

    The people who have absolutely nothing to say about any of this: the fans.

    Oh well. the NFL was fun while it lasted.

  21. “LEAGUE DOWNPLAYS CANCELLATION OF CBA SESSION TO OWNERS” … sure they are, the Friday before the SB, the Owners mouthpiece, GODdell was talking about “negoitating around the clock” to get a deal that’s “fair to both sides”… the NFLPA makes a 50-50 proposal, & the Owners walk out, [it’s tough to negiate a deal w/yourself] & if that wasn’t a big enough FU to the NFLPA & the fans, & to show how serious they really are, about getting a deal done ON THEIR TERMS?, they cancel the following meeting. Hopefully, the Phillies will be playing baseball into the WS, which runs until the end of October, THAT & College Football will be a more than adequate replacement, ..,

  22. For everyone saying “Scabs” in 2011, Scabs are illegal to use in a lockout. Lockout will equal no football…..Please don’t point the 87 scabs, that was a strike by the players, which allowed to owner to bring in replacements

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