Rumors fly of Brett Favre landing on Dancing with the Stars

We’ve seen it several times over the past few days, and we’re now getting enough e-mails about it to realize that, if we don’t mention it, we’ll continue to get more e-mails about it.

Per various media outlets including USA Today, Brett Favre is rumored to be a candidate for the next season of Dancing with the Stars.

Insert your own Texting with the Stars and/or Texting with the Stergers joke in the comments while Favre wrestles with the question of whether to dance or not to dance.

But he has fairly limited time to make up his mind.  The next season of the show launches on March 21.

Favre would be the latest in an extended line of current and former players who have appeared on the show, including Emmitt Smith, Jerry Rice, Michael Irvin, Jason Taylor, Kurt Warner, Chad Ochocinco, and probably one or two more I’m forgetting at a time when I’m too lazy to look it up.

UPDATE:  And our friend Dan Shanoff connects the dots and supplies the buzz kill.  Brett won’t be breaking out his dancing crocs.

56 responses to “Rumors fly of Brett Favre landing on Dancing with the Stars

  1. If I was him I would do it for some positive publicity. If he can show ppl he can get through a season of dwts without sending a dick pic…and if he can say the right things maybe he can change some perception of himself and “stay in the spotlight a little longer”.

  2. If he has a limited time to make up his mind forget it!
    Wonder if he will be allowed to skip all the workouts it takes to perfect the routines and just show up and dance?

  3. If your wife or girlfriend are one of the contestants or professionals dancers make them quit now.
    Hey BrINT stay home and mow the lawn scumbag.
    Besides we know what will happen you’ll either get injured (when you know you have blown it and will lose) or you’ll have a chance to be in the finals and when you toss your partner into the air during a “move ” another contestant will catch her.
    Old jerk wads never die they just text away

  4. Brett will only appear if they change the name of the show to “Dancing with the Favre” to placate his enormous ego….

  5. anything to stay in the spotlight huh favre. He is so annoying just go away you washed up attention seeking LOSER!! Rodgers already has taken the pack as far as you did and won a SB MVP in a few years. Must suck to be forgotten by the pack fans already haha..

  6. Tom Bergeron:
    “Brett, I noticed you grimaced when you made that last spin with Kym….are you Okay…?”

    Brett Favre:
    “Like I’ve always said, Tom…no guarantees. You come out here, you do your best, I’ve got nothing left to prove. My records speak for themselves.”

    Tom Bergeron:
    “You’re talking about football, Brett…we’re talking about your dancing.”

    Brett Favre:
    “Like I said…no guarantees.”

    Tom Bergeron:
    “Let’s go to the judges….”

    “Brett, you amaze me with your grace, but your faking an injury on the wrong ankle…….3!”
    Carrie Ann:
    “Brett, you obviously know how to work over people in MN….but I see thru your act. And those pics….OMG….a 2!”
    “Brett, you’re used to the limelight, and you’re daring enough to come out here and dance thru the pain, even as wounded as you are. What a gutty performance….and in diva purple. A 9!!”

    Brett finishes the show passing a football to Tom Bergeron, whoreishly plugging his website and with that #4 hat on, but it’s picked off by Brooke Burke. Favre texts Burke later to see if she’s alright. She’s not impressed with his advances or pics…again.

    (BTW….the guy in the pic is from the Favre spoof video. C’mon guys.)

  7. realitypolice says: Feb 11, 2011 8:21 AM

    “That picture looks more like Jason Statham than Brett Favre.”

    That’s the dude from that hilarious YouTube video.

    Strange that they used this and then not provide a link back to it though…

  8. Does this mean that he only has to show up for the final dance competition because “he’s just a kid out there dancing it”? What will the spin be on the injuries that he will have sustained during the off season making him a super human in being able to even perform his dance “at a high level”?

  9. what does he stand to gain from more media exposure? just as i was getting into the “let go of favre hatred” stage of my life, this would ruin him all over again for me. this can only be seen as an act of complete desperation by a man in the twilight of his career who is literally addicted to the media spotlight.

    Has there ever been a guy who more successfully pulled the wool over the media’s eyes, somehow cultivated this “aww shucks” image?

    Let’s face it: he’s T-Ocho with a southern accent and gray hair

  10. One would hope ABC (Is it ABC that does DWTS?) would be smarter than to let a guy with this much bad publicity around him right now anywhere near one of their more popular shows.

    Guess not.

  11. Just reading all these post just show how far this man has falling. Nobody to blame but himself. Anyway I dont think its a good idea to have Brett alone with all those young dancing girls. Cant believe his wife would let him do it.

  12. After all she has been thru does anyone believe Favre’s wife will let him spends 8 hours a day in a private dance studio with a hot dancer?

  13. But, but, but, I thought that he didn’t like the spotlight. I thought when he retired from football, he would disappear on his ranch and work the land, and it wouldn’t surprise any announcers if we never heard from him again.

    On an unrelated note for those confused, that’s the “Favre” from the online parody featuring Favre in a Lebron-like commercial.

  14. Expect everyone involved wit the show to be fired after this season and the show is canceled for good…if Brett Favre is invovled

  15. Quickish has an EXCELLENT takedown of this rumor, debunking it so effectively I’m already tired of the story.

    Long story short, this rumor was dead on arrival. Mike you got burned by trusting USA Today (unfortunately Gannett can’t be bothered to do research in addition to repeating rumors).

    I’m gonna cut you some slack because this is a blog and you relied on a semi-reputable (sans-Jack Kelley) newspaper as your source. AND you linked the awesome spoof commercial.

  16. This positively reinforces my 4 year old decision to cancel cable.
    No doubt the show will pair him with an 18 year old.
    Brett does really need to just go away for a while.

  17. To all you Favre haters…..first of all….Dancing with the Stars does their own recruiting. It’s not like celebrities just one day decide they want to be on there. SOMEONE from the show would have had to contact Mr. Favre to initiate discussions.

    Second, there is NO confirmation that Mr. Favre even WANTS to be on the show.

    So until it is decided, can we show the man a little respect…he IS a future first-ballot HOF’er.

  18. Brett will show up for no practices, fail miserably, and the judges will blame it on the professional dancer. ESPN is owned by ABC, you know.

  19. If you post on this site and you (willingly) watch dancing with the stars you need your man card removed

  20. If Favre is on there he is going to have a hell of a time keeping his hands off those smoking hot female dancers.Who wouldn’t? Hope he has boner control.

  21. If he does “go dancing”, I think they should name his partner “retirement”, and have him dance around here week after week…He will surely take home the trophy that way.

  22. Brett is waiting to announce his decision until the eve of the show starting. He is trying to get the show’s producers to allow him to skip rehearsals and just show up for the start of live competition. The show’s producers, meanwhile, are debating whether or not to allow Brett on the show at all, since they’re afraid that he will send pictures of his private parts to Brooke Burke and create a scandal.

  23. gunnyd says: Feb 11, 2011 10:37 AM

    …can we show the man a little respect…he IS a future first-ballot HOF’er.

    Sorry Gunny Sack o’ Sh!t but no respect will be afforded to this hillbilly scumbag…

  24. Too bad Favre won’t join. He could then grimace and grab his ankle after every missed step or rub his elbow after a missed spin of his partner. Then, after a good score, he would jump around and fist pump with no apparent pain like a European soccer player.

  25. Thanks Dan Sanoff for the investigative journalism. You PFT hacks please take note & while you’re at it leave the biases at the door.

  26. Does Deanna have any say in this, or has she just somehow convinced herself this guy is going to be able to control himself with some hot young dancer all over him for a few weeks straight?

  27. Oh, Mike, you left out Warren Sapp … and he was a shockingly good dancer! Better than any NFLer except Emmitt.

    DWTS probably approached him. They love controversy–improves the ratings.

    But the real mystery: Who’s the guy in your photo? That’s not Brett Favre.

  28. Don’t they vote on that show using text messages? I’d hate to be the one looking at Brett’s votes.

  29. What a PR headache ‘Dancing with the Stars’ would acquire! His partner would quit after Favre sends lewd photos of his ‘TC’, either that or she’d die laughing…

    And all who mentioned, I agree that it’s not Favre in the photo above. His jawline isn’t at all like that. If only the Vikings could have had a ‘stand in’ like the photo, maybe they would have contended…

  30. pftequalsgreatjournalism – Aaron Rodgers has won me over….but I refuse to disrespect Brett Favre. His records will last for a long time.

    What bothers me is that these Packer fans who loved Favre for years ….. now through him under the bus because he came back in a Purple uniform? Or is it the NY sideline reporter (a.k.a. Playboy model) who “claimed” that he sent inappropriate photos. The NFL could find NOTHING to substantiate those claims.

    You want to call him hillbilly? Last time I was in Mississippi, there weren’t too many hills. Just a lesson in geography!

  31. Even the know it all knows that the guy in the picture is from a video spoof of favre…


    Watch it but if you still worship the turd, it will probably tick you off, causing a 900 word “rebuttal”

  32. Nice to see I’m still the center of your world, little Viking boy. Obviously several of us have more to do than scour the Web for Favre spoofs. When PFT runs an improperly ID’d photo, just looks like sloppy reporting to me. Just expressed an opinion on Favre’s legal issues. You were always free to skip to the next post. Suppose I should be flattered you became obsessed instead. 😆

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