One of the 850 displaced fans calls Super Bowl Sunday “a nightmare”

The NFL claimed on Super Bowl Sunday that 850 of the 1,250 Super Bowl ticket holders whose temporary seats weren’t available were well taken care of and received comparable or better seats. But members of that club of 850 keep coming forward to dispute that claim.

Packers fan Peter D’Amico tells the Green Bay Press-Gazette that he arrived at Cowboys Stadium more than seven hours before kickoff on Sunday and still barely got in on time. The NFL finally found him a fourth-deck seat after he stood in lines all day and missed all the pageantry that is supposed to be part of the Super Bowl experience.

“When you make all these preparations and have this vision of how it’s going to go, you certainly don’t envision this kind of nightmare at Jerry World,” D’Amico said.

Also troubling is D’Amico’s description of the atmosphere at the Cowboys Stadium ticket gate, where the 1,250 fans were instructed to go to find out where they would be sitting (or in some cases standing) during the game.

“A couple of people stood in the center of groups of us speaking loudly about what was going on, but anyone in the back of the area couldn’t hear them,” he said. “It became almost a riot-type atmosphere. Some people were so upset they were ready to do something. . . . It started getting kind of ugly.”

Wow. If the NFL and the Cowboys were going to push to set a new Super Bowl attendance record, shouldn’t they have prepared for that by having sufficient security and ticket personnel on hand to organize the crowds and avoid an ugly, riot-type atmosphere?

D’Amico said he isn’t sure what kind of compensation the NFL is offering, but, “I’m willing to listen to whatever they’re trying to offer us.”

What the NFL has offered so far, a refund of the face value of the ticket or a ticket to a future game, doesn’t seem like enough for what fans like D’Amico went through.

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  1. Please god, allow this story to die. I don’t really care about those poor people who will get a free trip to any future Superbowl they want, my heart bleeds for them.

    If they were Steelers’ fans, they should be even happier because their team lost & at least they would have another free chance to see them win.

  2. “A nightmare, a nightmare I tell you!”

    What a life these people must have if this is a “nightmare”.

  3. so the guy got to watch his team win the super bowl and is being offered tickets for the next time the pack goes to the super bowl…..and the tragedy is?

  4. Take the refund and the free ticket to next year’s Super Bowl Mr. D’Amico, the Packers will be there to win another one guaranteed.

  5. Lets see, first, Mr. Jones tried to get the commission to look the other way and allow the seating to go forward. Then he and the nfl made several tries at settling the issue on the cheap.
    It looks to me, that Jones and the nfl strategy of screw the little guy, have stonewalled themselves into a corner. The price of arrogance has gone up a lot.

  6. Any time you travel away from home in questionable weather to a huge sporting event there is the potential for difficulties that may or may not hamper your enjoyment of the festivities. Oh, freakin’ well!

    I’m sure they will be well compensated for their “pain”. Someone already made the point about the benefits of watching the game in the comfort of your own home. I may never go to see one of these live.

  7. I registered just for the ability to please ask the fine folks at PFT to stop trying to come up with a new way to tell us that the Super Bowl ticket thing sucked every day. It’s not new; it’s not different. I don’t need to hear from every guy that thought it sucked. Just please, give it a write-up when it gets to court. It’s received more than enough coverage here, and I’m gonna get tired of even looking if this is what I can expect from slow news weeks here. We get it. NFL=bad; displaced ticket holders=sad. Move on. Please.

  8. I’m not being insensitive and to a certain extent I feel bad for these “fortunate people” being passed over by even more “fortunate people” , for the people who went that make middle class money, let me tell you what you may have already found out. These superbowls are aimed at the high and mighty not the middle class. It sucks, but its just the way it is, I don’t agree with it, but when your average seat is 4,863 dollars and your take a family of two and your round out your air fare, hotels, your at about 12,000 dollars for that trip…If you make 40,000- 50,000 dollars a year, this event isn’t for you, my opinion, if you choose to do this and it doesn’t go your way its going to suck major ass.

    Your pissed though and its justified but did you really think after knowing Michael Douglas, Cathrine Zeta Jones, Owen Wilson, Luke Wilson, Jennifer Aniston and all those stars were going to be there, did you really actually think the NFL cared what you thought at the time? They got friends too maybe last minute accomadations and I’m sure Jerry thought the maid, housekeeper and her seven children were way more important then you because they came with Adam Sandler.

    Look, in summary these guys are going to take your seats every time. Its no use fighting them. You could be at the Palace of Auburn Hills during a riot and have the best seats in town and Michael Friggen Douglas wants your seat, guess what your moving to the bleachers.

  9. God you people who are critical of these people need to get a life too. Is it a life-threatening situation? No.

    Did these people give their ultimate loyalty for their sport? Did they spend thousands of dollars to go this event? Did they buy tickets that weren’t available because the biggest ego of the greedy owners had to break a record? Did these people then get the runaround thanks to their incompetence?

    Nobody deserves to be treated like garbage by the people they love. And yes, they love the NFL. I’m not exaggerating.

  10. Okay PFT, we get it already. Super Bowl was a disaster. The NFL and Jerry Jones screwed the pooch and now they have to pay for it. Get over it.

  11. The fact that he referred to the stadium as “Jerry World” shows his fan bias right away. I’m sure these fans will complain about everything and ANYTHING that happened now… give one roach a cracker and the whole family shows up the next day. Complain.. Complain.. Complain.. Just a bunch of RICH people complaining about watching the Superbowl. GOD FORBID.. Children starving in Africa… but I can’t watch Ben throw an INT in the SUPERBOWL because my seats not perfect. WWAAAH.

  12. To this fan it must have been like the club being out of their favorite sparkling water. I would like for just one person to step up and say that yes they were disappointed and that the offer the NFL was reasonable. Lets put this in perspective, they missed seeing a football game. No one got hurt, no one will be permently disabled.
    To all the folks who were involved in this, shut double f up and go away. You are more annoying than Brett Farve.

  13. Does anyone truly believe that they had that many comparable or better seats to just hand out to displaced fans? If those seats had been available they would have been sold already. They had no seats available, hence the disaster that occurred for those displaced fans. Stop the PR spin Jerry and just suck it up.

  14. The NFL is blowing a convenient opportunity to look like the good guys before they lock the players out in a few weeks. Had they quickly over-compensated the measly 800+ fans who got shafted and showed interviews with them smiling and claiming satisfaction the league might’ve earned itself a little public confidence. As it stands now they come off like cheapskates before demanding the players take less money in the CBA talks.

    The owners are being cheap with both the fans AND players, how are they supposed to win the public’s support/confidence like this? I’m really starting to doubt we get pro football next season and I’m going to blame the owners 100%…

  15. So let me get this straight: in the grand scheme of things, this D’Amico guy missed nothing but the “pageantry” of the Super Bowl, he still got a seat, he still got to watch the game, he got to see his team WIN the game, he’s being offered a FREE ticket to a future Super Bowl, and yet he’s still complaining.

    For the record, I think the NFL is in the wrong. They should not have sold tickets to seats that didn’t exist and the fans did not deserve this type of porous mismanagement at the biggest game of the year. But now, as is the case with most of society, ANY fan who was even slightly inconvenienced by the mess is being fickle and is attempting to profit from the situation. Worse, the NFL is buying into it.

    The 400 fans who didn’t actually get seats deserve anything that’s coming to them. In their situation, the NFL should pay for their airfare and hotel from THIS YEAR, give them a full refund of the purchase price of the ticket (not “triple the face value” nonsense, a full refund of what they paid), and then give them a free all-expense paid trip to a Super Bowl of their choice. They paid for seats and they didn’t get them, which is a horrific error on the NFL’s part.

    However, I find it absurd that the 850 fans who still GOT seats are complaining that they want compensation for the fact that they had to wait in line and ended up missing Christina Aguilera botch the National Anthem. Big deal. You’re still getting offered a free Super Bowl ticket; take it and move on with your life.

  16. nycowboysfan says: Feb 12, 2011 10:08 AM

    849 more horror stories to go I assume! Enough already….


    Don’t you wish Mr nycowboyfan

    Not NEARLY enough for the tens of millions of us that despise your vile, greed-crazed owner.

    For once the arrogant blowhard may actually be called to task because he’s screwed over people that weren’t mindless Cowboy Fan lemmings.

  17. For all of you whining about this story getting additional coverage, you realize you are not required to click on the headline and read the story yes?

  18. Thank you for giving Mr. D’Amico his 15 minutes of fame.

    What I find funny is that as much as he tries to drama it up to make it sound as truly terrible as possible so he will get an adequate amount of pity, the best he can come up with is that “he missed the pageantry that is supposed to be part of the Super Bowl experience”, and that the people from the stadium trying to help them weren’t talking loudly enough.

    I’ll need to hear from alot more people than just Mr. D’Amico before I’ll believe there was a “riot type atmosphere”.

    Missing the pregame “pageantry”, having to strain to hear someone talk, and having upper level seats in exchange for either my money back or free tickets to a future Super Bowl?

    Sign me up.

  19. You have to understand why the Packer fans were so confused.
    For many of them this was their first experience with paved roads, electric lights and toilet seats that did not give you splinters.

  20. I just wish the NFL would push to keep the integrity of the sport alive and well on and off the field and that’s it and the attendance and all kinds of stuff would just take care of it self — These guys worry about some of the most dumb ass things — For successful guys, their really just a bunch of DUMB ASS idiots

  21. I think the NFL has made a fair offer to these people.

    That said, the buch stops at Jerry Jones and he should accept that fact that he should NEVER been given a chance to host a superbowl EVER again.

    Been watching the game since 84 and never have I seen so many STUPID things happen prior or during the biggest game of the year.

    If Jerry was any type of man, and MANS man, not a business man. He would not even try to get the Superbowl back because he completely failed when given his shot.

    Too stupid to realize snow might kill people when falling from his billion dollar blunder, too stupid to realize that not having the seating in time would become a national story.

    Superbowl is too big a game to be given 2nd chances. He had his shot, he failed.

    IF they give Dallas another shot, let Jimmy Johnson oversee everything and push Jerry Jones into the shadows and Im sure it will go well… cause we all have seen what happens when Jerry Jones gets involved.

  22. What I don’t get is why people are jumping on Mr. D’Amico. He went to enjoy a SB, probably the first and last one he would ever go to, so he wanted the WHOLE expierience.

    He didn’t screw the NFL, the NFL screwed the fans.

    The reason he probably dubbed it a nightmare, because he was hoping for a dream to come true.

  23. This Goodell character has screwed up everything he has touched. Officiating, #4 investigation, Jerry World, labor negotiations….take your pick. It’s time the owners dump his ass. GOODELL IS NO GOOD FOR THE GAME!

  24. Anyone else sick of hearing these guys whine? I felt pretty bad for them when the story first came out, but it seems like the NFL is making a fair offer to compensate them. And hey, things happen. When victims act like brats it really diminishes any sympathy I may otherwise have felt for them.

    Shut up already.

  25. @TinoPuno:

    Not NEARLY enough for the tens of millions of us that despise your vile, greed-crazed owner.

    For once the arrogant blowhard may actually be called to task because he’s screwed over people that weren’t mindless Cowboy Fan lemmings.

    My owner? Your an ass!! He happens to be the owner of a team I am a fan of. Team meaning the players! I also am a fan of the Packers. I enjoyed their win immensely. What I don’t do is eat, s***, and breathe the NFL like some of the people on this board! Sports is a distraction for me, not my life! Perhaps you should get one before you assume I’m in love with Jerry Jones!

  26. philtration says:
    Feb 12, 2011 11:32 AM
    You have to understand why the Packer fans were so confused.
    For many of them this was their first experience with paved roads, electric lights and toilet seats that did not give you splinters.

    Wow you are a funny dude. Douche bag.What hell hole city do you live in? Drug dealers, crack whores,high murder rates,streets you can’t walk down at nights. By the way when the Green Bay Packers won the Super Bowl there were no riots turned over cars no beatings 3 people were arrested for drunk and disorderly.
    Funny how these “hick” Packer Fans could afford to go to the Super Bowl.
    Your jealousy is pathetic towards the people that could go (got screwed) and a city whose team owned by their fans are the WORLD CHAMPS.
    I’m sure your pissed now go back to your box pray that your next john doesn’t beat you actually pays you for your “services”. Instead of just giving you something warm for your tummy.
    Then you’ll have some money to buy some crack, meth,or whatever else you snort,smoke, drink,or inject in the big vein behind your kneecap. So you can escape from the miserable experience you call life and get over whatever team you root for not BEING THE WORLD CHAMPS
    I bet the cost of your habit just went up ahole

  27. @tinopuno says: Feb 12, 2011 11:01 AM

    “Not NEARLY enough for the tens of millions of us that despise your vile, greed-crazed owner.

    For once the arrogant blowhard may actually be called to task because he’s screwed over people that weren’t mindless Cowboy Fan lemmings.”


    Hey Sparky you and your comments are pathetic!

    Once again you’ve shown that your comments belong on a message board for Cowboy haters instead of this one which is for football fans.

    Your mama cured my carpal tunnel, tell her I said Thanks.

  28. Sue Jerry and Goodell for $100 million! Put the screws to these idiots who made a mockery of the Super Bowl! People who want this story to die know nothign about sports!

  29. Jeez, a few days ago when I was telling these people to STFU, take the deal, and move on with their lives I was getting screamed at by the PFT crowd. Now it seems more people are coming around to the fact that these people are extremely greedy people who not trying to just get properly reimbursed for this, but instead they are trying to get RICH off this.

    Like someone else correctly said, if these people think this experience was a “nightmare” then they have had a pretty awesome life. The more these greedy people drag this out, the more I hope the NFL destroys them in this lawsuit. I hope they end up getting a $900 refund… face value of the tickets they lost out on. No more than that. No 3X the value. No future SB tix. You get greedy, you get burned.

  30. This is one the milder stories out there, but others are much worse. I don’t see how anyone can blame these fans for being upset and not being content with a future Super Bowl ticket. The NFL spends millions and millions aggressively marketing to this exact audience to become this invested as a fan. Buy tickets, buy merchandise, buy the Sunday Ticket, spend $25 to spend hours in line at NFL Experience for a backup kicker’s autograph. Sure fans, we know times are tough but make sacrifices to come support your team. And fans do. And the only reason they spend thousands on the market value of a Super Bowl ticket to see their team, not just any team and not just to go to a Super Bowl, is because they ARE as invested as the NFL spends millions wanting them to be and because they trust that the NFL will give them a quality experience. You can’t then turn around and say oh well, you shouldn’t be taking chances on a trip you really couldn’t afford. The saddest part of seeing all the videos and reading the articles of the real horror stories (not as much this one) is seeing all these true fans in their cheeseheads and decked out in fan gear. I think they felt as bad, as hurt, and as betrayed as if they had gotten so dressed up and were sooo excited for the prom and their date never showed, and it’s as damaging to the relationship. Future Super Bowls may work for corporate sponsors, but not for people who cared deeply, passionately and were left in a state of shock and disbelief that they could be tossed aside so casually.

  31. With the squabbles over the CBA getting uglier by the day, this monumental screwup, and Jerry Jones being the most visible of the owners today, this is EXACTLY what the owners don’t want, at EXACTLY the wrong time.


    As for people dragging this out to get more money, ordinarily I would agree, but there is NO excuse for this and the NFL in general and Jerry Jones in particular are obviously stonewalling in hopes that this will go away.

  32. I have made it a habit to wait until after the national anthem before I even turn the game on (the time is announced in the paper) and so I missed watching a british “entertainer” chiefly known for showing skin at the merest opportunity screw up OUR national anthem.

    Lucky me.

  33. It amazes me that people think that the SB attendees who got screwed should just take what was offered to them and be happy with it. I guess most of you feel its ok to pay for something and when you don’t get what you pay for, not care.

    We all know very few people pay face value for a SB ticket, why shouldn’t those that got screwed get back what they paid?

    I guarantee if you were in their shoes, you’d feel the same way, screwed.

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