Redskins’ Brandon Banks injured in stabbing

Redskins receiver and return man Brandon Banks is in stable condition with superficial knife wounds after he was stabbed early this morning, NBC Washington is reporting.

The stabbing took place around 3 a.m. at a D.C. club called The Park.

According to police, an argument broke out and a man attacked both Banks and a friend he was with. That friend is in critical condition.

The 23-year-old Banks made the Redskins as an undrafted rookie out of Kansas State last year and was the team’s top punt and kickoff returner.

35 responses to “Redskins’ Brandon Banks injured in stabbing

  1. Tell Ray Lewis to stay out the greater D.C. area. We don’t need him stirring up trouble there, too.

  2. Despite no apparent wrongdoing, I’m sure most of these comments will focus on what Brandon Banks did wrong even though he was the one that got stabbed.

    Going to clubs, even at 3AM, is a perfectly lawful activity. Stabbing is not.

  3. Majority of theses posts are idiotic and immature. Nothing about this article has shown Banks has done anything wrong. I remember when alot of people jumped to conclusions when Sean Taylor was shot….

  4. duanethomas says:
    Feb 12, 2011 1:07 PM
    1st Bishes…… Nothing good happens at 3 a.m. at a club.

    No, not 1st again, sorta the story of your life. pathetic desperate attention seeker seeking attention. I truly hope for your sake that you are 14yrs old because there still might be hope to save you. If you are any older you will most likely be a loser for the rest of your life while still typing 1st not not being 1st in anything, like always.

  5. Probably deserved it being out at 3am. Nothing good happens in the middle of the night. These guys never learn.

  6. Deserved being stabbed for being out at 3 am??? Dumbest post Ive ever read…I was out til 2 am last night, I guess I deserved to be punched in the face a couple times

  7. Everyone needs to get off their f*cking high horses…Brandon Banks is 23 years old, makes a ton of dough, is famous in DC, and of legal age. Therefore there is no reason why he can’t go out to a club with friends…so in response to all people that say coy bullsh*t like “nothing good happens at 3am,” or “when will these guys learn,” all need to shut the f*ck up. There is nothing wrong with going out to a club with your friends, he broke no law…it is unfortunate that this happened to him, and although i can understand how such sh*t is being said about him, it is quite misguided. Look back at your life, were you at 23 wise? Did you not go out with your friends? Did you not want to go out and meet women (I’m from DC and The Park is chock full of beautiful women)?

    I’m suddenly reminded of when Sean Taylor was murdered in his house, when the story first broke, so many assh*oles wrote things like “karma’s a bitch,” or “when your a thug, you can’t escape fate,” or “you can take them out of the hood, but not the hood outta them,” etc. People need to get off their f*cking high horses and realize that their life and values are not everyone elses. I would say that anyone in his position, young, famous, loaded wouldn’t themselves be out in a club in the offseason too.

    I know Banks is fine, I pray for the recovery of his friend who is still in critical condition. Some of y’all posting should be shamed of yourselves.

  8. mdjones10 says: Feb 12, 2011 1:30 PM

    Going to clubs, even at 3AM, is a perfectly lawful activity. Stabbing is not.


    True, but still not a good decision to be there at that time it seems.

    If you stick a magnet into a bucket of iron filings, the filings stick to the magnet. Not illegal, but fairly predictable.

    The things that happen to people clubbing at 3am are about as predictable as what happens to the magnet. Bad things man, bad things. (channeling Hopper).

  9. Nothing wrong with going to clubs, but the key is to go ugly early. That way, you’re long gone before the trouble starts at the witching hour.

  10. duanethomas says:
    Feb 12, 2011 2:39 PM
    @Mad5555. Its you’re not your. You sir are an idiot.

    Actually, Mad5555 is correct. You’re is a contraction of you and are which would make absolutely no sense. For future reference if you’ve written “you’re,” try substituting “you are.” If it doesn’t work, the word you want is “your.” Your writing will improve if you’re careful about this.

    Example: duanethomas, you’re an idiot. Get it? It means you are and idiot. But, I think everyone already knew that from your previous post.

  11. Banks was one of the fastest guys on the Redskins’ roster last season. Apparently, he’s not one of the fastest guys in the clubs of DC.

  12. I”m glad he’s fine…but I had to look twice at the headline. I’ve never heard of anyone NOT being injured during a stabbing (I thought that is what a stabbing is).

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