Super Bowl class-action lawyer urges Goodell to resolve case


On Wednesday, attorney Michael Avenatti filed a class action against the NFL, the Cowboys, owner Jerry Jones, and others in response to the Super Bowl XLV ticket fiasco.  On Saturday, Avenatti sent a letter to Commissioner Roger Goodell requesting that the case be resolved.

Explaining that the class action ultimately will cover more than 2,000 fans, Avenatti said that the members of the class “merely want just compensation, starting with full reimbursement of all ticket costs and travel expenses.”

The league has been attempting to contact affected fans directly in an effort to resolve their claims, an approach that could be problematic given that the persons who are covered by the class action arguably are represented by counsel.  The better approach would be to deal with Avenatti, in the hopes of striking a global resolution that would provide equivalent and fair compensation to everyone who got less than what they paid for when they both their Super Bowl tickets.

“I once again ask that you contact me as soon as possible so that we may resolve this matter quickly and reasonably for the short and long term benefit of the fans of the NFL,” Avenatti told Goodell.  “In an effort to accommodate your schedule, I will make myself available at any time, on any day — we simply need to get this resolved.”

And then perhaps Avenatti can get back to that thorny problems presented by the quest for world peace.

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  1. Goodell was relieved to hear that Avanetti’s clients “merely just want compensation”. He was expecting something much worse. Michael’s high school English teacher (who chooses to remain anonymous) merely just shook her head and rolled her eyes.

  2. A bit of sarcasm? Some good advice given to the Commissioner. The problem is Roger Goodell is an image guy not a problem solving guy. If anything, he creates circumstances that make problems oblique and insoluble.

    The way this Superbowl is turning out I’m not as upset about the Steelers losing. This Superbowl and CBA circumstances could well become one of the darker periods in NFL history.


  3. Goodell should sick Rex Ryan on this lawyers feet (and Mark Sanchez on his 17 year old daughter or son). What a bottow feeder.

  4. I’m not going to stop watching the NFL over this. This type of thing happens regularly. The point that people are missing is that the fire marshall should have made his ruling before the tickets were sold. He didn’t and now people had to sit elsewhere for the game. They offered them 3 times the value of the tickets and tickets to another game. The NFL should not offer more than that as that is more than fair. If they want more money then they need to be asking the one that ultimately inconvenienced them. THE FIRE MARSHALL

  5. IF the NFL is paying 3x the amount of the ticket price, plus tickets for next year’s superbowl, plus field access during the post game celebration, plus expenses of that night reimbursed, I don’t understand why a class action law suit was filed for any reason other than greed. Tickets to next years game can/will be sold for thousands…isn’t that reimbursement enough?

  6. Commissioner Goodell replied to Mr. Avenatti with a letter laying out the opening offer of the NFL in an attempt to settle and resolve the class-action lawsuit. The NFL proposed that it would immediately take back 18% off the top of any agreed upon settlement amount. The remaining amount would be distributed to the class members based on a sliding scale. In the event there was an NFL season with an 18-game regular season schedule, the NFL would pay out the full remainder of the settlement. If there was only a 16-game regular season schedule, the NFL would take back 40% of the remaining settlement funds.

    Commissioner Goodell is currently awaiting Mr. Avenatti’s response and counter-offer.

  7. Mr Goodell,How fast.. you have fallen from the good graces of the American Football fan.In such a short and Napoleanic occupation of the commisioners title,you have proven yourself to be quite the antithesis of what every hard working employee,fan and player should be.Your I’my,but yet you give Jerry,Brett,Rex,Bill the leeway to persist.This atrocity in Dallas is going to be the one thing that you will be remembered for as commisioner.

  8. i assume the lawyers take a third of a potential settlement? It would have to be a pretty big settlement to outweigh a future ticket plus all travel costs….

  9. A bunch of greedy turds, that’s it. Getting redeemed 3x their ticket value, + free tickets to a SB of their choice, & covering plane ride and hotel costs. And that’s still not enough for these pigs???

    Get over it, the NFL had to make a safety decision. If you got seriously injured, you’d be suing totally for something else. Regardless a lose-lose situation for the NFL. Take it or leave it turds; I hope these vile idiots lose out altogether!

  10. If Mr. Aventi is asking Goodell to settle (in public), I think it is showing how weak his case actually is. Further, i note he said that the case would eventually cover 2,000. So, exactly how many people does he currently represent? I think the NFL will continue to compensate the fans directly and ignore this lawsuit.

  11. Senator Pat Geary: I want your answer and the money by noon tomorrow. And one more thing. Don’t you contact me again, ever. From now on, you deal with Turnbull.

    Michael: Senator, you can have my answer now, if you like. My final offer is this: nothing. Not even the fee for the gaming license, which I would appreciate if you would put up personally.

  12. There’s TWO options for those fans. 2400 and a ticket to next years game, OR, any future game with airfare and hotel included, they dont get ALL of it, and no field access, that info is on dallasnews in the header, but they don’t even mention it in the article, and that bit of information is no where else.(not credible)

  13. lilevil74 says: Feb 13, 2011 12:04 AM

    “If they want more money then they need to be asking the one that ultimately inconvenienced them. THE FIRE MARSHALL”

    Why?? Because he’s the only one in this whole scenario that did his job properly?
    Sounds to me like he may have saved a few lives.

  14. As a fan I’d really like to see the NFL do the right thing. It certainly raises a red flag that they have been dancing around what they need to do, simply compensate these fans for what they are out as a result of not getting what they paid for.

    From the comments it is clear that some fans just dont get it. These people paid a lot of money out of their pockets for something they never received. Now the NFL needs to make them whole. Tickets to another superbowl does not achieve that. 3x the ticket price may or may not resolve it for some of these people. But the NFL needs to step up do the right thing for their customers. This is not about reeping huge rewards, just simply making these people whole and happy to be NFL fans again.

  15. Goodell offering 3X face value plus some other crumbs fails to acknowledge that most of the fans affected probably paid more than 3X face for their tickets. It might be self-serving of the attorney to tell the NFL to settle but he is right. The NFL is losing the PR battle and it is getting worse everyday.

  16. Avenatti said that the members of the class “merely want just compensation, STARTING WITH full reimbursement of all ticket costs and travel expenses.”

    Starting With?!? LMFAO. I love how these people want to be reimbursed every dime they had invested in their Super Bowl trip… AND THEN SOME. They are trying to get rich off this and it’s a shame.

    Most lawsuits in America unfortunately are just like this one. Something happens to someone… they claim that they had some type of “pain and suffering” or some BS… and they sue for some ridiculous amount hoping to win the suit so they can strike it rich and make all their worries go away.

    I called these people greedy the instant they turned down the NFL’s offer of 3x ticket face value and future SB tix and everyone here started ripping on me. I love being right.

  17. Let’s see; I buy a ticket for a bad seat to the Super Bowl. Turns out the building inspector declares my seat unsafe, so I get another one, or I stand for the game. To make ammends, the NFL offers me three times the price I paid for the seat, a free ticket to next year’s Super Bowl, free transportation, lodging and access to the field and that isn’t good enough? WTF is up with this?

    Oh, wait, victimhood demands that these people receive even more for the horrors of their experience. Perhaps the NFL should give each of these people enough cash so that they never have to work again.

    Justice. That’s what this is all about. Justice.

  18. Jerry Jones says:
    You people make me sick. You wanted those temporary seats. You needed those temporary seats. And I kept you from the danger of these seats and now you question the manner in which I provided for your safety with this class action lawsuit. I’d rather you just said “Thank You” and went about your day. You’re f#%@&$# with the wrong owner!

  19. What, settle a class action against our owners. Are you kiddin me? Big Rodger might have to give back some of that 10 million he makes every year. He pisses off the owners , he can kiss is job goodbuy. The worst commissioner in sports. It’s all about the money Rodger dodger. Remember who pays this waste. You can bet Pete Rozell is spinnin in his grave.

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