Temporary seating contractor says he’s being made a scapegoat

The owner of the company hired to install temporary seats at Cowboys Stadium for the Super Bowl says he’s being wrongly blamed for the failure to get everyone who bought a ticket into a seat.

I think it’s an effort to hang somebody with the blame, clear the Cowboys, clear the NFL , to let their fans have someone to be angry at,” Scott Suprina, owner of Seating Solutions, told Newsday.

According to Suprina, the issue isn’t that his company didn’t work fast enough. It’s that the NFL didn’t give his workers the access to the stadium they were promised.

Suprina does accept some of the blame, however, and the excellent reporting from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram on the matter seems to suggest that Seating Solutions didn’t react quickly enough when the local authorities raised concerns about the temporary seats.

“Please note that we are continuing to interact with Seating Solutions and they are continuing to express that these inspection items will be corrected and are always expressing cooperation,” Arlington building official Ed Dryden wrote more than two weeks before Super Bowl Sunday. “However, the day of the event is 16 days away and some of these issues are significant and from our perspective there’s not a great deal of progress that we can see.”

For his part, Suprina says fire officials in Arlington were “overzealous” in questioning the integrity of the temporary seating structures. It’s hard to find fault with the local authorities there, however. Ensuring the safety of the people in the stadium is, after all, the job of the local inspectors. Getting the seats built in a way that satisfies the local inspectors is the job of the contractor.

And ensuring before they sold tickets that there would be seats for the ticket holders was the job of the NFL.

23 responses to “Temporary seating contractor says he’s being made a scapegoat

  1. He need to hush up. These lawsuits will get to his company sooner or later. He needs to quit making public statements without screening through an attorney.

  2. The contractors, NFL, The cowboys can make all the excuses they want about weather and such but nothing accounts for this

    Arlington city official Rick Ripley tells building official Ed Dryden that he has found 40 problems with “revised plans” for the temporary seating, including a lack of an engineer’s seal or signature.

  3. This is so typical. David vs Goliath: Guess who wins. Deegizil would be pissed off if he were one of the fans that got screwed. I hope the four hundred people get everything their lawer can get.

  4. Cue all the “OMG OMG OMG PLEZ LET THIS STORY DROP” zealots who, even though they don’t want to read the story, seem powerless to stop themselves from clicking on the story and making a comment…

  5. With the NFL and the Cowboys both trying to climb on the escape goat’s back at the same time, and the dumb brute fighting his fate, there is chaos in the barnyard.

  6. The company is entertaining offers to star in a Reality/Comedy series with a local television network. It will be called “Seating Solutions”.

  7. Suprina didn’t think that the cardboard and cedar kindling seats should necessarily be a fire hazard. “They’re not supposed to be smoking inside, anyway. If they do, and it catches fire, it’s their own damn fault.”.

  8. This story is too important to go away. The NFL and the Dallas Cowboys sold $1 million worth of tickets to seats that did not exist. Art Schlichter would be proud.

    The fact the league and Cowboys knew about the shortage of 1,250 seats well in advance of the game and made the calculated decision to stay quiet about it shows a callous disregard and absolutely no consideration to their fans, fans who happily opened their wallets to actually go to the game. Given the fact the league and Cowboys knew there was going to be a problem on game day, the treatment of the 1,250 fans at the stadium needs to be further explored. Many of those people were put through an ordeal. The league and the Cowboys should be sanctioned to a degree where they will be determined to not let this happen again.

    The NFL is fond of saying they hold their players to higher standards. Roger Goodell has said this a number of times. Apparently the league doesn’t think the same thing should apply to them. That is the text book version of being hypocritical. The shoe is on the other foot NFL. Your behavior was reprehensible. You made some very poor decisions that reflect poorly upon you and the league.

    All in the name of chasing an attendance record and the all-mighty dollar.

    You need to be held to account.

  9. Hey deegizzle. I completely with you about letting this die. But it won’t die because PFT is a Jerry hater and a Dallas hater. Absolutely no one cares about this story anymore. Drop it PFT.

  10. The truth will out,the NFL and the cowboys will have to own their responsibilities in this fiasco,and it will be because of sites like PFT and real people who got screwed by the big boys and who wont shut up and let this mess go away.
    Good for PFT,good for the fans.

  11. i did not realize until after this story broke that they wanted to put 15,000 seats in JERRY WORLD so they could set a SB record, … the next time the NFL wants to set a SB record for attendence, try THE BIG HOUSE in Michigan, or THE HORSE SHOE in Ohio State, or HAPPY VALLEY, [Penn State} … since the NFL is all about image under GODdell & holding people to a higher standard & not EMBARRASSING the shield, it’s their turn [NOT THE PLAYERS} to be held accountable

  12. deegizzle says:
    Feb 12, 2011 12:13 PM
    I think I speak for a lot of people here when saying: Please let this story go. No one cares anymore.
    You seem to care. That’s why you took the time comment.

  13. I think I speak for a lot of people when saying: Please keep following this story. A lot of people care, and want to see Jerry Jones held accountable.

  14. His company is now out of a lot of big contracts. Doubt the NFL or any NFL team uses his company again. MLB, NHL and NBA will probably think twice before hiring his company also.
    Biggest game of the year and your company screwed the pooch. I have worked in commercial construction for 20 yrs building large structures like stadiums, hospitals, malls. You can get anything done fast enough if you throw enough guys at it and work around the clock. I have seen large jobs done fast and right when enough guys were put on it. I was on a 5 story parking garage that had to be built in 30 days according to the contract. Tons of guys on the job but we got it done. That memo from the fire marshall during a inspection was 16 days before the game and they still could not get it completed. Sounds like they did not put enough guys on the job or were taking there time. Put 100 guys on it and work 12 hours with overtime if need be, as long as you get it done. I was on Lucas Oil Stadium job (Indy) and the last month we worked 37 days straight with 10 -12 hour days to get it completed. We actually finished a couple days early before the start of preseason. Workers won’t complain they are making a killing, I wasn’t complaining the overtime was great clearing around $1500.00 a week.
    Anyway I see a lawsuit from the NFL and the Cowboys coming, when you enter a construction contract for a job there always is a completion date and big fines for your company if not completed on time frame you agreed to for the job. Not only does his company have a bad name now and probably lost contracts but his company is about to get sued big time.

  15. I am sick of reading about this story also, but I read it because I want to see all the brilliant comments posters make.

    I dont care if all these people who sue get a million bucks apiece. None of the money will come out of the NFL or Jones’s pocket. It will come from their liability insurance carrier. So let the suits begin, get it over with.

  16. Gotta side with the seating contractor on this issue. Installing seats for live loads (sports fans jumping up and down) requires proper engineering and therefore adequate time to perform the design. Jones and the NFL had a year to prepare for this.

    Why weren’t temporary seats included in the original design?

  17. I went to my friends house to watch the game and brought some card table chairs with me. We had the temporary seating available in about three minutes. What’s the big deal??

  18. deegizzle says: Feb 12, 2011 12:13 PM

    I think I speak for a lot of people here when saying: Please let this story go. No one cares anymore.

    altaratz says: Feb 12, 2011 1:57 PM

    Hey deegizzle. I completely with you about letting this die. But it won’t die because PFT is a Jerry hater and a Dallas hater. Absolutely no one cares about this story anymore. Drop it PFT.

    As much as it may pain you two Jones’ spawn, many people DO CARE about the shameful fraud perpetrated by the arrogant and reckless POS Dallas owner and his obedient lap dog Goodell.

    So buckle up and hold hands little boys, this ride is far from over.

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