Browns have no plans at present to cut Jake Delhomme

The Browns shed some dead weight salaries earlier this week, but their most overpaid player remains on the team.

Browns G.M. Tom Heckert told Tony Grossi of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer there are no plans “at present” (Grossi’s words) to cut quarterback Jake Delhomme.   There’s no rush to cut most players pre-work stoppage and it’s hard to believe Delhomme will be back next year.

Due $5.4 million, Delhomme is behind Colt McCoy on the team’s depth chart.  Delhomme threw two touchdowns and seven interceptions last year and his yards-per-attempt was far lower than McCoy and Seneca Wallace.

We can’t imagine Delhomme truly has a chance to return, but Wallace is a free agent so the Browns will apparently hold on to Delhomme until they find someone else to bolster the roster.

Browns President Mike Holmgren has oddly been given a pass for one of the worst free signings of the last five years.

Plenty of moves don’t work out, but paying Delhomme $7 million was impossible to defend the day it was signed, and it turned out worse than imagined.

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  1. Somebody will need to start printing up lots and lots of these “passes” for the Browns and Mike Holmgren for future bad signings. There’s absolutely nothing in Holmgren’s past to suggest that he’s qualified to head up a football organization. The only way this guy succeeds in Cleveland is if he can talk Ron Wolf out of retirement or Ted Thompson out of Green Bay to take over GM duties, scouting and player procurement.

    Colt McCoy and Jake Delhomme. Good Grief! And Seneca Wallace too! Need I type anything more?

  2. I’m pretty sure most, if not all of Delhomme’s 2011 salary is guaranteed, so there’s not much if anything to be gained by cutting him. Jake is Holmgren’s version of Phil Savage’s Donté Stallworth debacle. Except with Delhomme, it’s only a 2 year deal (not 7 like Stallworth’s), and there’s at least the silver lining of a positive veteran presence on the roster to mentor McCoy.

  3. Like Carson Palmer, Jake Delhomme’s best days are behind him.

    They Browns should cut Delhomme at some point. They should be able to find a better veteran backup QB for less than $7 million.

  4. Now we can believe that this fish truly rots from the head. To shove Rodgers out the door and retain Delhomme is utter folly; BigBaby as least had a play or two left on that massive wide-body while Delhomme is, as fact, dead weight. It’s becoming more apparent that cronyism is the gospel of the Cleveland Browns. Just as repulsive as Mangini’s bringing in aged and questionable Jets players to be his sidekicks, so Big Mikey H is bringing in his chums to whom he feels some kind of loyalty by his “bequeathing” to them his undaunted trust. Like Lerner like Holmgren: they both can fiddle while Cleveland burns.

  5. They honestly should have talked Delhomme into retirement and offered him a staff job as QB coach or assistant to the QB coach cause they are basically paying him to mentor McCoy which has seemed to work out so far.

  6. Holmgren has done nothing since winning the 1997 Super Bowl after losing the 98 Suoer Bowl and gutting the Green Bay Packers front office and taking them to Seattle where he couldnt Handle the Gm and coaches positions most of the people he persuaded to come to Seattle returned to Green Bay including Ted Thompson So he bailed in Seattle and unfortunately landed in Cleveland where some of his 49er ties are . He is an egotistical control freak out for his own glory and when the people that he hires figure it out they bail he will never amount to anything he threw away and destroyed his best chances at football immortality by his actions in Green Bay. Sorry Brown fans I really wish the best for you you deserve better than Holmgren he is not qualified to e a President /Gm

  7. Seriously, Jake Delhomme is a has-been. He was good at one time ( excuse me,DECENT at one time) but he cant deliver anymore. Cut him, keep Seneca Wallace. He’s way better than Jake, and let’s face it, Colt McCoy is a monster. Just cut Delhomme, or you are wasting money that could you a speed halfback to share time w/ Peyton Hillis.

  8. Browns have no plans at present to cut Jake Delhomme

    and the Indy Colts have not plans at present to cut Peyton Manning.

    Why continue to post stories about what teams are NOT going to do? You can write a million of those.

    Tell us what the ARE going to do please! Thanks.

  9. Whew! How bad is your QB situation when you’re giving Jake Delhomme that kind of money? Yikes!

  10. Signing Delhomme was a bad move no doubt. It wasnt Albert Haynesworth bad or as bad as what Carolina signed him for but pretty poor. I don’t know how this GM and President think they are going to turn a team around with two journeyman quarterbacks and one that is over the hill. They wont draft one in this year in the first three rounds (you can bank on it). Let’s not even get into how bad the WRs and Defensive Line are going to be. There is no reason to keep a washed up quarterback and pay him 6-7 million dollars.

  11. i have lived in this town since moving here in 1980 !

    but the last 10-12 years just reflect the ‘economy’, schools and sports”, the business climate is bad, thus lousy jobs, and population is LEAVING (lost 4 Congressmen in the last 20 years).

    Now with Lerner, he is NOT a football person but a businessman and behind the scenes at that. Holmgren has nothing to show for football in 16 years. He has hired people with little or no qualifications and ‘losers’ at that (DC).

    Mangini got screwed into taking Delhomme and as you state: Holmgren seems to get a pass in not only bringing in that loser but bringing in the rest of the ‘cast’ of characters.

    Colt is a bright spot but so were the other 16 Quarterbacks since 1999. Imagine if you bought a Browns (QB) jersey with every starter… you would have plenty of rags to clean your car thats for sure.

    Teams need to understand Green Bay philosophy… (Which is a CLONE of Pittsburgh), the coach born and raised in Pittsburgh, McCarty surrounded himself with winners, Kevin Green former Steeler now their Linebackers Coach, their DC formerly from Steelers…

    Holmgren hired Shurm… the nephew of his old Co-rd, no other team even interviewed him. He will be the HC and OC, ha… the DC former HC of Buffalo, ha…

    It merely gives Cinc some hope of at least winning TWO games…

    AND to CONCLUDE: I laugh at how the FANS drink the cool-aid and buy tickets… and be arrogant about their team. ONE playoff game in 10 years and they lost that to the Steelers !

    I once heard…. YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID

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