Kevin Mawae: Players know the issues, except “guys like Cromartie”

When Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie said last month that he thinks leaders of both the NFL and the players’ union are “a–holes,” it was taken by some as a sign that there’s disunity in the ranks of the union.

Now NFL Players’ Association President Kevin Mawae is using Cromartie as an example of a player who doesn’t understand the issues in the players’ looming labor battle with the owners. In an interview with the New York Post, Mawae said most of the players are on board with what the union is trying to accomplish. Then, unprompted, Mawae took a shot at Cromartie.

“I think our players understand the issues,” Mawae said. “If you have guys like Cromartie who want to pop off because they don’t know what’s going on, they haven’t taken the initiative to understand the issues. I truly believe we’re more united than ever before.

But the bottom line is that “guys like Cromartie” are members of the union, too. And if some members of the union, in Mawae’s view, haven’t taken the initiative to understand the issues, it’s going to be awfully difficult for the union to maintain solidarity once those union members have been locked out.

So maybe instead of ripping Cromartie publicly, Mawae should see if he can get Cromartie on board by talking to him privately.

45 responses to “Kevin Mawae: Players know the issues, except “guys like Cromartie”

  1. Ha! Yeah, that’s smart, throw one of your own under the bus. That’s unity defined, Mr. Mawae.

  2. Well said Mawae. Cromartie also doesnt know anything about condoms either. He should spend less time spreading his seed and more time understanding the current issues of the NFL.

    Wait…….I think he just got another girl pregnant as I wrote this.

  3. Maybe before any of us gives Cromartie a hard time, we should all look at the issues here…and understand them completely….done…Cromartie is a boob.

  4. “So maybe instead of ripping Cromartie publicly, Mawae should see if he can get Cromartie on board by talking to him privately.”

    Cro is about as reasonable as his tackling abilities … smart move by Mawae, the players will respect him for publicly calling this jerk out.

  5. How many guys like Cromartie could there really be in the world (not including his kids)?

    I can see some guys blowing all the money they had here and there, but how many guys making at least 200-300k can not afford to miss a few game checks, or even a year of them? This is pretty much a battle of millionares vs billionares for a split of 9 billion per season. There are not many on either side that can not afford anything, it is just about getting what they think is fair.

  6. cromartie just likes to put his foot in his mouth! that’s why he plays for the jets! d SMITH told eveyone to save, cromartie just isn’t smart enough!

  7. Most of you guys in the union don’t know anything about how normal people live. Shut up Mawae.

  8. Cromartie ran his mouth to the media so his slapdown should be via the media.
    What’s the problem Smitty??

  9. Ok guys time to que the cromartie baby jokes and Ryan foot jokes for the millionth time this season. Let’s hear it.. Haters. U know what though cromartie is right they need to get the dam deal done. Unfortunatly the players will get screwed cause the owners have all the leverage. The players will crack before next season starts.. Too much money at stake for them.

  10. Cromarties certainly has his problems, faults, character defects, lack of tackling ability and so forth, but here’s a question maybe somebody can answer for me:

    Why is Mawae president of this union? He’s not even a NFL player anymore, hasn’t been in over a year. Issues or not, what motivation does a guy who isn’t going to play anyway in 2011 have to get a deal done so everybody else can? Last I saw Mawae, who is old as dirt, thinks that the only reason he isn’t a player anymore is becaue of his union functions. So, he’s old and bitter and won’t be playing anymore, so the NFLPA has this guy and a trial lawyer running the show of making sure there’s a season in 2011?

    Good luck with that.

  11. This is why ownership will ultimately get what they want. At the end of the day the players care more about their own situation other than looking at the big picture. Cro needs that money more than others to pay all that darn child support.

  12. Cheers to Mawae! About time someone with some nads’ spoke up about this baby-maker. Cro’ needs to put some tape on both holes and just play football!

  13. Mawae’s really brilliant. Cromartie actually understands the issue better than his supposed leader. The crux of this issue is that Cromartie is part of a large group that stops getting checks in less than a month!

    It’s easy for players with contracts who are due checks offseason checks to fall in line. They have months before their status quo changes.

    Cromartie and other FAs are affected right now.

    Someone should sit down with Mawae so HE can understand the issues.

  14. here’s an issue non-player mawae wouldnt want to hear about: why is agent tom condon still on the retirees compensation board?

  15. More bullying tactics by unions- suprise, suprise. To say the owners and players are idiots by even considering moving towards a lockout and ruining this sport, is one of the smartest things said yet.

  16. Union has already lost but Duh Smith wants to fight on while he is paid and the players are not. One season lost? Two seasons lost?

    What are these genius players going to do to earn similar $ outside of football while the labor deal isn’t settled?

    That, Duh Smith, is your client’s most pressing issue.

    Time is not your friend, Duh!

  17. I’m sure most players roll their eyes at Cromartie, and know he’ll be broke 5 years after he’s done playing. There’s no way he’s going to be “Dad” to all dozen kids, or whatever he’s up to by now.

    All he’s saying is he wants extra games because he wants more money. Yay, that’s a player to root for..

    It was good Mawae called him out.

  18. Mawae is an idiot. Like Jason Taylor said on the final episode of Inside the NFL, this is a battle between millionaires and billionaires. No hard working American wants to hear cries about who makes more money when they’re paying for overpriced gas and overpriced groceries.

    Get a damn deal done and quit going public with absolutely everything. This is starting to look like a couple teenage girls who are feuding.

  19. This whole issues is ridiculous. Both “Raw Dawg” Cromartie and Mawae know nothing about real life, so they need to shut up. They are essentially living in a fantasy world, and she be happy that they get paid to play a GAME. The NFL is going to lose a lot of fans after this, so the glory days of NFL are over. Those bloated contracts are going to be a thing of the past.

  20. Pretty ridiculous for the NFL Players’ Association President to rip his own members. He should be speaking to him privately and explaining the issues. If Mawae had to speak to 90% of players individually then that’s exactly what he should be doing.

    Instead, Mawae took it personal and is continuing to take shots at Cromartie. Lets see how big and bad Mawae is when 75% of the league can’t pay their bills and are ready to cross the line by the end of April.

    Time to stop bashing your own players and show them what you’re fighting for, idiot.

  21. @ny82jy says———————————–
    The players will get screwed
    What are you talking about Cromartie would be in prison if he didnt play in the nfl hard to support 10 kids when you work at mcdonalds,nobody feels sorry for either side here,the players make PLENTY of money and the greedy owners wont open the books up to let the union see the numbers.Cant speak for other teams but the bungles made a deal with the county to pick up the tab on the stadium.As a taxpayer and season ticket holder(should say former season ticket holder as this mess has made it easy to make my mind up not to give that cheap idiot mike brown ANY more money)it is greed run rampent they are victims of their own success.I think mark cuban and 31 other billionares should get together and blow this league up by starting a new league with nfl players would like to see how fast the owners would reconsider their stance on the revenue split then.

  22. ” he was voted in as president by his peers!!”

    Really? His peers? So I take it Mawae was voted President of the union by other former players? Who exactly are Mawae’s “peers”? Or maybe the position of president of the NFLPA is a life time gig?

    Common sense would seem to dictate that the President of a union should be a current member of the union and the membership should be current players.

  23. Off the high horse Kevin. If you feel he doesn’t understand, speak with him. “guys like Cromartie” means there are others. You want unity, don’t rip your members publicly. Makes you no better than the rank and file you have an issue with.

    Then again, you are all being led by an idiot named De Smith, so none of this should be a surprise. Rozelle and Upshaw are turning over right now.

    Cromartie had one part right, they are all idiots. Billionaires fighting over a 9 billion dollar pie. I hear violins.

  24. Both sides are at fault if a lockout happens. Owners need to give up on the 18 game season and open their books. The players need to bend on the rookie wage scale and take a lower percent of the revenue.

    With all that being said, I couldn’t agree more with Cromartie on the fact that the leadership for the players association is a bunch of A-holes. They have been saying from the beginning that a lockout is inevitable. This shows how closed minded and steadfast they were from the beginning. The owners bent last time, they aren’t going to give too much this time.

  25. Mawae can go f-himself. He should take the time to meet with Cro and get him up to speed. Mawae was an a** when he played and he still is to this day. He always thought the world owed him something. The guy made millions of dollars and all he does is whine like a bit**. I don’t mind Goodell, but Smith and Mawae are useless.

  26. mick730 says: Feb 13, 2011 11:40 AM

    ” he was voted in as president by his peers!!”

    Really? His peers? So I take it Mawae was voted President of the union by other former players? Who exactly are Mawae’s “peers”? Or maybe the position of president of the NFLPA is a life time gig?

    Common sense would seem to dictate that the President of a union should be a current member of the union and the membership should be current players.


    SPORTS BRIEFING | PRO FOOTBALL; Titan To Represent Players
    Published: March 20, 2008

    Tennessee Titans center Kevin Mawae was elected president of the N.F.L. Players Association as the union braces for a potential labor fight. Mawae, 37, replaces Troy Vincent, the union’s president since 2004.

    A former All-Pro center who retired in 2010, Kevin Mawae played in the NFL for 16 years. He is currently serving his second two-year term as NFLPA President. Mawae has served on the NFLPA’s Executive Committee since 2002 and was a Player Representative for five seasons.

    Actually, common sense would say that you should know the facts before you speak…

    I agree though that his comment was ill-advised since it reflects divisiveness.

    That said, my opinion is that it really doesn’t matter because the players will cave because they simply don’t have the money to maintain their lifestyles without regular checks.

  27. There aren’t many guys like cromartie in the union, not disgrunted guys… just not many guys who have 7 kids with 7 different baby mamas. Lol

  28. Reality check..teams are a business….run by the owners…..they already pay handsomely and earn the right to pocket as muxh money as possible……something I’m more interested in is what they do for players when they retire and give these guys basic financing course…being a bills fan, there was a.recent story of Arthur moats spending this off-season working on his last semester of and he wants to get into politics
    After football…if onky they all had a plan we wouldn’t be in this situation

  29. Mawae is an idiot. Not everyone in any union is going to think the same thing on every issue. Mawae is a representative of all the players, but not the monopoly of all thought and opinions.

    I can see where Cromartie has a point. Both sides are being a-holes and he didn’t just say it was the union. Neither will listen to one another and both are quick to fly off the handle, no surprise Mawae was opening his mouth.

    Just because Cro has a different opinion doesn’t mean he doesn’t understand the majority of issues. Maybe he just thinks the way both sides have handled themselves has warranted his a-hole comment. I’m inclined to agree with Cro.

  30. Cromartie could read the contract 20 times and have a private tudor teach it to him and he still wouldn’t have clue what it meant.

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