Titans express interest in Mike Tice

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An impressive season as Bears offensive line coach by Mike Tice could lead to his first coordinator gig.

Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun-Times reports that the Titans have expressed interest in Tice as a potential offensive coordinator candidate.  It’s unclear how serious that interest is, and whether the Bears would allow Tice to interview for the job.

The Jets, for instance, prevented their offensive line coach Bill Callahan from interviewing in Tennessee.

It’s hard to know how Tice would do as a coordinator, but the Titans are building an impressive roster if their coaching staff ever has to suit up instead of the players in 2011.  Head coach Mike Munchak and line coach Bruce Matthews are Hall of Famers, while recently added defensive coordinator Jerry Gray made four Pro Bowls.

Tice would be a nice addition as a run-blocking tight end.

12 responses to “Titans express interest in Mike Tice

  1. An impressive season? A unit that allowed 50+ sacks? I realize Tice doesn’t play, but they got out-schemed all year. They went from god-awful to pretty bad by season’s end. That’s not impressive.

    I don’t doubt Tice is a decent coach, but I would not bade that decision on the o-line performance from 2010.

  2. Interested in Meathead, really?

    The guy is awful, with the exception at possibly working at the ticket booth.

  3. He moved back to the midwest to be closer to his family. His son is a backup QB at Wisco. I doubt he takes it, and if I were the Bears… I wouldn’t let him interview.

  4. with the talent that the Bears o-line lacked last season, Tice did a good job of turning them around… but adjusting with a crappy o-line doesnt really mean he can run an offense

  5. There has to be a better candidate out there, doesn’t there? Tice? Come on now! The Titans might be trying to assemble the worst coaching staff known to man

  6. And Billick praising him in Sean Jensen’s little blog goes w/o mentioning that they were probably buddies from the Viking days.

  7. It’s like I said yesterday about Jerry Gray joining the Titans. There a grease fire !!! They follow that move up with maybe Tice. This is the same franchise were the coach and head qb didn’t get along and then told the world we will release one of our biggest assets if knowone wants to trade for him. Then they fire the coach and still insist young is gonna be released and some of you still think theres hope. It is what it is a GREASE FIRE.

  8. As a life long – suffering – Vikings fan, I’d be really suspect to use Tice as an OC. I do think he would be a good offensive line coach. But that’s about it.

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