When lockout starts, league policies go out the window

When the NFL endured its last work stoppage in 1987, the league office exerted far less day-to-day control over the players on matters like drug testing and personal conduct.

If/when a lockout is imposed on March 4, the NFL will forfeit the ability to impose discipline on players who use steroids or smoke pot or engage in ill-advised drinking binges in small college towns in the South.

As we pointed out last year, expiration of the labor deal necessarily will short-circuit the substance-abuse policy, the steroids policy, the personal conduct policy, and any other rules and regulations applicable to player conduct away from the field of play.

It means that drug testing will end and that players who are arrested during the lockout won’t be subject to fines or suspensions.

Though we don’t recommend that players get arrested in order to prove a point, the point already will be proven once the CBA expires and the lockout begins and the league loses all power to control men whom the league has grown very accustomed to controlling.

50 responses to “When lockout starts, league policies go out the window

  1. If/when a lockout is imposed I and many other sports fans will be forced to watch NHL and MLB . . . May God help us all.

  2. yeah, all the thug players will start smoking weed with middle-aged white women look at marijuana plants thoughtfully.

    in what universe did you think that picture was relevant to the story??

  3. The only one’s it will affect is the players in the drug program who will not be tested anymore. The one’s that get into trouble will be disciplined by the NFL. It will not be party time.

  4. Santonio Holmes has March 4th circled on his calendar. That will be a fun day to follow him on Twitter.

  5. com’n man, like any of these guys don’t do w/e the f*ck they want anyways, the few that the nfl makes an example out of are just for the media

  6. Cool this means Vick can fire up pot from the bottom of the water bottle and the interstate dog fighting ring without having to worry about being judged by us stupid football fans.Maybe this time it will be Ron Mexico and not Vick

  7. As a Houston Texans season ticket holder, I’m sorta holding out for a lockout. It will give our linebacking corps a chance to recuperate and strengthen up!

    Better living through chemistry, right?

  8. Do you really think that will stop Goodell? He’ll find a loophole in the Personal Conduct Policy to say that the players are still “tarnishing the shield” even without a CBA.

  9. Pacman Jones is licking his chops for march 4th. Goodell won’t get any sleep on that friday night. Poll question of the day is What team has more players arrested the first week?

  10. That means Shawn Merriman is gonna be nasty next year. Merrimen, Cushing and uhhh we’ll say Bill Romonowski will dominate once again.

  11. drumbug7 says: Feb 13, 2011 10:16 PM

    Do you really think that will stop Goodell? He’ll find a loophole in the Personal Conduct Policy to say that the players are still “tarnishing the shield” even without a CBA.
    What Personal Conduct Policy? The PCA and the drug policy are both items negotiated under the CBA. While these two items will almost certainly be in a new CBA, without one they don’t exist. If someone is convicted of a serious crime whose effects carry over into the new CBA, then they can be dealt with. The real power of the PCA, however, is that players don’t have to be convicted (or even charged) of a crime to be punished. That kind of authority will go out the window if there’s no CBA…at least for a little while.

  12. This is great! when an agreement gets reached we get to see our favorite players under the influence for a couple weeks! should be fun! (=

  13. For all you Vick haters, he is still on Federal probation for a while and still has a parole officer. The NFL has nothing to do with that.

    On another front the players first demand should be that the NFL hire another commissioner.

    Let the owners lock them out. They should start their own league. There are plenty of stadiums around the country. Mark Cuban would love it.

  14. nineleveninsidejob says:
    Feb 13, 2011 9:31 PM
    They should be allowed to get high whenever they please like all humans should


    Hey genius, do you fly in commercial airplanes?

  15. Get ready for Bad Newz Kennelz – Act II. Dawgkilla will show his true colours once again!

  16. So for a short time, NFL players will get to enjoy the freedoms other Americans enjoy every day.

  17. “If/when a lockout is imposed I and many other sports fans will be forced to watch NHL and MLB . . . ”


    No it doesn’t. I permanently stopped watching the NBA and NHL in the 80s, and MLB in the 90s. I am now pretty well done with the NFL.

    The world is full of so many different ways to entertain yourself its easy to forget that when you’re bombarded constantly by sports news. True though, just find something out of the millions of other things you can do.

  18. Your site is going to have a field day with the spike of incidents that will no doubt occur. Forget the drugs, unfortunatly domestic incidents and othee felonies will explode. Police stops with guns,drugs and attitudes will hit the news. Players holding “parties’ to get some quick cash. The NFLPA doesn’t even care about this.

  19. Some of these comments are SO ignorant. Not having to abide by NFL rules and policies doesn’t mean not having to abide by state and federal laws. IDIOTS. Roth, Vick, and the Sanchize will not engage in the above-described conduct because it’s ILLEGAL -not because the NFL bans such conduct.

  20. Goodell’s lip-service to tarnishing the shield has as much validity as your lip-service to wanting to spark serious discussion. All you need to know about Goodell and the Personal Conduct Policy is that he chooses to punish things that put him on the PR hot seat even when no crime was committed, while ignoring real arrests. All you need to know here is the, a-hem, “quality” of statements you post while anything criticial of the site is deleted. I have no problem with the choice to let the ignorant have their voice. It’s the willful decision to censor anything substantive that disturbs me.

  21. the playas also wont have the nfl running interference for them.

    let the jails fill up.

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