Agents, rookies won’t boycott Scouting Combine

In a Monday conference call with NFLPA-certified agents, the union and the agents agreed that incoming rookies won’t be asked to boycott next week’s Scouting Combine.

Of course, it’s possible that the union realizes that it would be impossible to get all or most of the incoming rookies to pass on their audition to be drafted as high as possible.

Either way, the Scouting Combine will proceed as scheduled, even though there has been little or no progress toward a new CBA.

We’re told that there were no discussions about boycotting the draft in late April.  Yet.

15 responses to “Agents, rookies won’t boycott Scouting Combine

  1. I agree with NYGfan. That makes ZERO sense to ask a guy who isn’t in the league yet to boycott his job interview. That would be right next to shooting yourself in the foot as things NOT to do. Or maybe about as dumb as current players not supporting a rookie wage scale(since non-rookies would get the cash).

  2. The draft may end up being canceled. Most eligible participants have decided to apply to law school instead.

  3. Glad to see that cooler minds prevailed. As others stated above, the guys aren’t even in the league yet or paying any dues, so boycotting a negotiation ploy gimmick is NOT in their interests. The future rookies are being used, and they rightfully told the offending parties to go stuff themselves.

  4. I dont think the agents would have ever seriously thought about skipping the combine but the NFL will be wary that they may skip the draft festivities and refuse to have tv cameras in their homes.

  5. This labor thing is killing me, since the CBA is up and the owners can and will lock out the players, how many of them do you think cross the lines when child supports due, or their mortgage, car, food, family, clubbing, entourage, and whatever the hell people with all that money do?

    Take away those six figure game checks and see how many of these players come running back to the field.

    Good job by the kids coming into the league, these kids work their entire lives to get that kind of jack, and your asking them to tell the guy who is about to pay them all of that crazy money, “No Thanks, well wait till you solve your issues with the vets.”

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