Bears deny Titans request to speak to Tice

After some speculation over the weekend, the Titans formally requested permission to speak with Bears offensive line coach Mike Tice on Monday about their offensive coordinator position.

According to Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune, the Bears denied the request.   (It’s possible they could give Tice a raise or a new title in return for keeping him in town.)

It’s likely a disappointing development for Tice and certainly one for the Titans.

“The last four or five days, I’ve realized how hard [putting a staff together is],” Titans coach Mike Munchak said over the weekend to the Tennessean.  “There are a lot of good coaches out there, but unfortunately you can’t talk to all of them because they’re under contract.”

The late timing of the divorce between Jeff Fisher and Bud Adams is making Munchak’s job tougher.

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  1. I don’t blame the Bears for denying the request. The Titans shouldn’t have waited this late in the game to make MAJOR changes to the coaching staff. The Bears would be putting themselves in a bad position going into the next season if they willingly gave up Tice.

  2. I cant believe teams are denying others to talk with their coaches. These guys are up for a promotion and persumably more cash and their current team says no. I don’t think Tice wants to stick around after this. I wouldn’t.

  3. If Tice does sign on, does he get to bring his chewed up #2 sharpened pencil on his ear also? Was it his superb time management skills during end of games in Minnesota that attracted the Titans? What a meathead re-tread!

  4. This is odd because Lovie Smith has a clause in his contract giving him the right to pick his own assistants and has a personal policy of never blocking assistants from taking higher ranking positions with other teams. I agree this may have to do with the timing of the move as Smith may feel it’s too late to find a suitable replacement.

  5. All I can say is that I hope if Tice goes, he take Frank Omy……whatever his name is along with him! The guy leaves alot to be desired as an O lineman.

  6. Thia is crazy! The NFL and the teams need to get the hell out of the way of coaching opportunities for these guys. I am no Mike Tice fan , dude’s a clown, but still get out of the way…

  7. It’s possible Tice wasn’t interested anyway.

    After all, is there really a lot of job security in Tennessee right now? You get rid of Fisher, and make an in-house hire for HC? All this in a year of a potential lockout?

    Add in that Tice is probably one of the better/best-compensated O-line coaches in the league in Chicago, where you could argue that they’re just a few improvements along the offensive line away from being a big contender, he might want to stay in Chicago.

  8. Although i think its lame for teams to block their coaches from interviewing for higher positions I’m glad the bears did this… I didn’t want this stooge as our next OC.

  9. If this had been the week prior to the Superbowl, I could understand the request, the Titans would have been looking to score some extra tickets to the big game.

    But I miss Tice as head coach of the Vikings, between him and the poor drafts, that was a couple of easy wins in a tough schedule.

  10. Double-bird owner should have waited a little longer to fire the head coach. 2nd: Tice has never been an OC in the NFL. 3rd: He wouldn’t have left the Bears either way: Titans are going to be a mess next year: new head coach, OC and DC in a lockout year, and not to mention no QB. Good luck getting anybody not off the street.

  11. I agree, Tice was trying to get back on his feet with coaching and the Bears offered him a multi-year deal to get back in the game. Tice signed the deal. Why should the Bears lose out? If this was a coach on one of your teams you would all feel the same way. The Titans got a very late start at putting a coaching staff together. If the Bears lose Tice (a vital part of the staff) then the Bears would be behind the 8 ball. Makes no sense. In the “real world” you sign a contract you stay until the deal expires. If the team would have went 4-12 and he got fired at the end of the year he still would have gotten a paycheck for the 2011 season. Can’t work both ways.

  12. Tice suck, sure… So that’s good for the Titans. But still, standing in the way of a guy’s career? Stay classy bears…

    Oh, and to the guy that thinks the bears could be contenders… Not with Flacky Jay and the Packers standing in your way. You guys should rename the team Tomato Can or Goldbrickers. Has a nice ring to it, Chicago Goldbrickers!

  13. Hey TOOLnamedmiller if you only knew what Titans fans have dealt with for the last 16 years with “Fisherball” you’d notice that a fresh start is exactly what was needed. 6-10 last year, they’re already a mess.

  14. Tice did a great job coaching up our o-line last year that was probably the least talented in the league. That was one of the reasons why no one wanted to be the OC of the Bears during the offseason last year. He gets the best out of weak o-line. He has to stay.

  15. Just another reason why I am proud to be a Packers fan.
    They just lost there WR coach to the Cowboys, and there is no way McCarthy would stand in the way of one of his coaches from bettering themselves (Assistant Head Coach). Even to the Cowboys.

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