Examining whether the Bills could go QB with third pick

The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle asks a question Monday that we’ll probably discuss a lot more over the next few months.  Should the Bills take a quarterback No. 3 overall?

This isn’t a year where there is a slam dunk pick that high.  CBS’ Pete Prisco gave the Bills Missouri quarterback Blaine Gabbert at No. 3 in his latest mock draft, while NFL.com’s Pat Kirwan believes Cam Newton is a more likely option.

“From everything I hear, G.M. Buddy Nix likes Cam Newton a great deal, and the Bills might very well be inclined to take him in the No. 3 slot,” Kirwan writes.   “Now they also might be of the opinion they could wait to take him in the second round, and that might very well happen, too. But I think QB will be prominently on the Bills’ radar.”

Ryan Fitzpatrick was impressive in 2010, but coach Chan Gailey recognized the team will address the quarterback position at some point in the draft.  Newton may be a better fit than Gabbert for Gailey’s offense; he often prizes running ability and versatility.

It seems safe to say Newton won’t last until the second round.  The Bills, then, are stuck in an unenviable spot of many perennial losing franchises.

If they reach for a quarterback unworthy of such a high slot, the team will have to push reset again in five years.

43 responses to “Examining whether the Bills could go QB with third pick

  1. I don’t get it, Fitzpatrick is getting the job done and besides, the Bills have much bigger fish to fry.

  2. I could see the bills going BPA at 3 which may be AJ Green, if they take him they could try to trade Lee Evans and a pick to get back into the 1st round to take Cam

  3. Ummm yeah let’s ditch the Ivy League-er and go with the Jamarcus Newton…….the guy who will likely score lower than Vince Young on the Wonderlic. As an added bonus you the notorious leach Cecil and all the baggage he brings along. That would be a very Buffalo move, indeed. Ops Normal for that franchise.

  4. No. Fix the O-line before you get a QB. Besides, Ryan Fitzpatrick wasn’t all that bad last year. Give him some protection and see how he does.

    Cam Newton has too many red flags, the Bills should avoid him.

  5. Chan Gaily and Cam Newton equals Super.. hahahhaha bowl hahaha I cant even type that without laughing. Come on the bills take talent I want to see at the next level aka CJ spiller and ruin any chance for it to succeed.

    Sux I wanted to see if Cam could have been a good pro but if he goes to the Bills or the Redskins FORGET about it..

  6. Regardless of whom the Bills pick, be it Gabbert or Newton, they’d probably be well-served to let Fitzpatrick start next season. He has an uncanny chemistry with Stevie Johnson & is not afraid to make a dangerous throw, unlike the last QB they drafted, Edwards, who was afraid of anything but a checkdown. Fitzpatrick has earned the chance to see if he can really carry the team.

  7. Cam Newton = JaMarcus Russell 2.0.

    Strong arm, tall, not very accurate, and a low football IQ. With that said, I predict he “wows” scouts into drafting him high then he does a complete belly flop once they put him on the field.

  8. The Bills do need a QB, long-term, but I don’t see one worth a high first in this class with Luck returning to Stanford.

    They’re better off fixing their O-line or defense, such as by drafting a rush LB, than they are by drafting a QB of questionable value.

    Considering the kinds of issues this team is facing, both in talent and in competition given they’re in the competitive AFC East, , I could see them being at the top of the draft pack next year when Luck or someone else comes out and is worth a high first.

  9. I love Bills talk on PFT!!! More Please!!

    Anyways… the way I see it: Fitz is fine for next year as starter, Bills need a quality number 2 QB to groom for future. In a perfect world I would trade down from #3 to pick 8 – 12 range. Hopefully I grabbed an extra second rounder with the drop. I keep my fingers crossed and pick VON MILLER with the first pick. If no Miller then consider QB at this point and load up on DL in the 2nd round. Deep draft for D-Ends not so much for LB’s. If the Bills get Miller Bills could go QB (maybe Mallett/Locker if no Newton) at top of second.

    GO BILLS!!!

  10. Without an OT worthy of the #3 pick, the Bills need to address either the pass rush or the run defense first in the draft. Ryan Mallett – a guy who was projected as a top-10 choice not long ago – could very well remain on the board when the second round picks up. By choosing a QB in the 2nd round, there would be less pressure to play him immediately, allowing Fitzpatrick to take the reins in 2011 and Mallett to learn and develop behind him.

  11. The Bills run defense is so pourous, Ralph Wilson himself could rush for 100 yards against them. That’s the main reason they do not look for their QB this early.

  12. Well, since that would be the absolute wrong decision, I think we can count on Buddy Nix making it.

  13. The Bills are in need of a quarterback, but they have A LOT of other needs as well. If they deem it necessary to take a quarterback in the first round, Rosenthal, you forgot about the possibility of trading their pick.

  14. I love the Newton comparisons to Jamarcus Russell.

    The only thing the two have in common is that they are black.

    Newton has a totally different skillset than Russell. He is much faster, and arm is stronger.

    That being said, if the Bills want Newton they may have no choice but to reach for him. I don’t see him getting past Washington in the draft.

    I think it’s a pick the Bills should make. They don’t normally draft high profile players like Newton. They need a new face of the franchise, this may be good for them.

  15. Cam Newton is nothing like JaMarcus Russell. And as for the idiot that called Newton inaccurate, well, listen to Warren Moon who said, “As soon as he gets his weight going forward, he throws the ball as accurate as anyone I have been around.” The guy isn’t inaccurate. And his football IQ is plenty high. Players who have one of the best seasons in college football history typically know what they are doing. Perhaps you should go beyond relying on stereotypes of black QBs and evaluate them on their own merits, instead of comparing two QBs with completely different skill sets, assuming a lack of passing skills, and impugning their intelligence.

    Newton is worth the third pick if the Bills choose to go there. I think they have so many other needs that they would be wise to trade down and collect picks.

  16. Newton would definitely be a better fit than Gabbert for Gailey’s offense. It’s not really fair to Fitzpatrick given how he played last year, but he seems like the type of journeyman quarterback that teams view as expendable, much like Kyle Orton. They’re both very capable starting quarterbacks, but they’ll never be viewed as franchise quarterbacks, which always leaves the teams they play for looking for that in the draft.

  17. Fitz is serviceable.. The bills get overwhelmed in the trenches on both sides of the ball. They need to build from the inside out.

  18. The Bills need help on the d-line probably more than any other spot, even o-line. This draft has a lot of talented d-linemen in it. Ergo, the Bills will draft a QB, ideally one that at best projects as a project. Because that’s how Buddy rolls.

  19. Russell and Newton had very similar completion percentages (68%, 66%) during their respective final collegiate years. Russell was a consensus #1 pick going into the draft, his QB skills were amazing–he had a lot more going for him than simply a strong arm. The tragedy isn’t that the Raiders wasted a pick on someone everyone knew would be a bust (they did that later with DHB), it’s that Russell never bothered to live up to his potential.

    Newton has mechanical issues, footwork being chief among them, but every QB is this draft has some sort of mechanical issue they’ll need to work on in the pros, so that’s not unique to Newton. The biggest problem I have with Newton at 3 is he only has 1 year to look at as his body of work. To invest that kind of money in the most important position on the field…I’d like to be able to see progression and development from someone. Newton had an amazing season but was pretty pedestrian vs. Oregon, which is not exactly a defensive powerhouse. I’d be worried about which Newton I’m getting at that price.

  20. Newton is not worth the #3 pick in this years draft. He is going to be a “Media-Hyped” player that some poor team is going to take the bait on, and get screwed, I hope Gailey and Nix are smarter than that. IMO no qb this year is “worth” a top-10 pick. I would prefer the Bills take a chance on Colin Kapernick than Cam Newton. Who ever said Newtons arm is stronger than Russels, is an idiot. I’m still not sold on the guy, way too many Red Flags, a “Diva” type is not what this team needs right now. Fitz is the man, just look at the beard. The Bills need O-line help and LB help. I dont think that the Bills go high with DL, I blame the poor run stopping on the LB’s not the DL. Dwan Edwards was a nice pickup, and maybe we could find another Mid-priced FA that knows the system to plug in on the D-Line. The QB’s I would like to see the Bills take: (Note: These are not my “Top-Rated’ QB’s, just ones I would prefer they take with any pick) Colin Kapernick, Jake Locker, Christian Ponder, Andy Dalton.

  21. @lifeofworship4220

    I wouldn’t bank on a trade, ecspecially if there still isn’t a labor deal in place. Whose going to want to trade up for a player who may not step into the facility until september and may hold out even longer?

  22. @nbaraie
    I love the Newton comparisons to Jamarcus Russell.

    The only thing the two have in common is that they are black.


    OK. Fine. He’s Ryan Leaf 2.0. Happy now?

  23. Newton is not the answer for Buffalo. They need to draft a big d-lineman in the first round and possibly trade back up into the 1st or wait until the 2nd to draft Locker. Locker needs to work on his accuracy and sit behind Fitzpatrick for a year or two to perfect his game. He is a mobile quarterback and won’t mind the non-media frenzy that is in Buffalo.

  24. There is no need to reach for a QB in the draft at No. 3. Everyone else has already explained why, but I’ll say it again…..”the QB class sucks this year, and the media is simply giving attention to the best 2 or 3 QBs on the list. That doesn’t mean that they are worthy of a top 10 pick.”

    The Bills need to address their run defense and Left Tackle. As a huge Buffalo fan, I’d accept either a LT, DT, DE or a LB for the No. 3 pick…..if they pick a QB that high, we deserve to be heckled.

    I agree with rabidbillsfan…..a trade for a top-10 pick is very unlikely this year…..especially with the available QBs.

  25. To draft a guy #3 overall, you must see him as the face of your franchise. Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Rodgers, Brees, Rivers, even Cutler… how many of them have had off the field problems? None. Jamarcus, Ryan Leaf, Akili Smith, and etc… how many of them had off the field problems? All.

  26. They should take Newton if he is there…this org is inept though, they probably prefer someone more signable…its a shame, such a great fan base

  27. In a word, HECK NO! I can count the high draft QB’s that have actually had lasting success since 1970 on one hand. Look at the most dominant QB’s of the past 10 years. Except for Peyton, none of them were high 1st rounders (Brady, Warner, Brees, Rodgers, Favre). It’s amazing to me teams have not learned their lesson. Most QB’s who make it to elite status nowadays were ones that spent time behind other QB’s. Not ones who get thrown to wolves first season.

  28. yeah but those new uni’s have to translate into 3 or 4 more wins right? Right?
    These guys never learn. 1 good year in college on a talented team, does not a good NFL qb make.

  29. There have been rumors for weeks that the Bills are moving back to a 4-3. Presumably, this would mean they’d be in the market for DL talent.

  30. The draft has more than one round. Question; can anyone say that Marcell Darious will be a better pro than Phil Taylor or Jarious Jenkins, two very impressive DT Senior Bowl performers who are said to be available to the Bills in Rd. 2?
    Is Cam Newton a better prospect than Ryan Mallett? I think so.

    So, what if we draft Newton in the first and either Taylor or Jenkins in the 2nd? That’s a draft I could really like.

  31. @expatpatfan

    Do you get your information from the same guy thats puts Tom Brady on the injury report every week? Gailey confirmed the Bills will continue on with the 3-4 this season as it’s base D.

  32. If the bills draft newton, ralph can have my season ticket back.
    hope they trade down for more picks, our team has too many needs. if not, bpa

  33. @ kennyzed88

    I’d be OK with trading down for more picks, but it’s not very likely. As I said in an earlier post, I don’t see the value in the 3rd overall pick without a great QB on the board. Why would a team give up a 1st and 2nd or 1st and 3rd for a few spots up the list?….(example: the best DT might be gone, but the best LB is still available). These crazy trades happen for QBs (like Denver giving away 4 rounds for Tebow).

    We’re not in bad shape for the draft….I’m not certain, but we might have qualified for that conditional pick from seattle. We traded Marshawn for a 4th round pick and a conditional pick. Seattle did pretty well this season, so did Lynch (his playoff touchdown caused a registered earthquake), maybe we’ll also get that conditional pick.

  34. @jpmelon

    agreed the top end of 1st round talent isn’t that of years past. a trade may be unlikely at present, however IF a new cba is introduced pre-draft (a stretch, i know) there’s the possibility of a rookie-pay scale that could tempt a few clubs into trading up with the reduced financial risk of huge top of first round paydays for unproven rookies. plus there’s still the combine and a lot of time for teams to fall in love with players

  35. Take my word for it..
    Newton has BUST written all over him…its obvious. Hate to burst anyones bubble on this one..
    Jake Locker demonstrates the best potential of any QB in this years draft class. Strong arm, can get out of the pocket, throw out of the pocket, and even tuck and run down field. Sure his stats weren’t that impressive..but look what he had for talent around him..nothing!

  36. I see where you are coming from, and you’re right….if the CBA addresses rookie contracts and is completed before the draft, a 3rd overall pick that costs $15M instead of $40M guaranteed is a nice incentive to trade for the player that you want.

    From a fans point of view, the picks are more valuable than the money though. Especially for teams who still have some wiggle room within the salary cap.

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