League not considering 18 games with 16-per-player max

Recently, an idea emerged that expansion of the regular season from 16 games to 18 would make sense if each player is limited to appearing in a maximum of 16 games.

Don Yee, who represents Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, has made the case for the 16-in-18 concept.

The league doesn’t seem to be ready to embrace it.

“I don’t think that would be consistent with the goal of giving fans a better product,” NFL Chief Marketing Officer Mark Waller told PFT Live on Monday.  “So if you were essentially saying that two out of every 18 games would not have the full participation of the best players, then I don’t think that would be a sensible swap, and actually you could argue that it would actually be detrimental to the regular-season quality.  So that’s not something that we’ve looked at.”

Thus, it’s fairly clear that the proposal is not something the league will look at, either.

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31 responses to “League not considering 18 games with 16-per-player max

  1. Though I am opposed to 18 games, I don’t think this is the answer. An obvious one is adding a 2nd bye week. This gives an extra week of broadcasting and thus increases revenues by nearly 6% without any additional strain on player health. In fact the extra bye week can only help. This only gets the owners half the additional revenue they want, but does so at no cost–the players aren’t being asked to play more, so don’t need to share in this 6% TV revenue gain. An absolute no brainer!

  2. It is just a flat out stupid idea.

    Idea – 4 preseason games. 60% regular price for game 1, 70% regular price for game 2, 80% regular price for game 3, 90% regular price for game 4.

    Bring the rookie pay scale

  3. @awdlmd I think it’s fair to saying calling it a “stupid idea” is extremely graceful of you.

    Can’t imagine having a job that only really lasts 6-7 months of the year and then trying to bargain to be able to not show up for work even when the office is open in the middle of high season. If this is the kind of solutions the players are offering it’s easy to see why talks are breaking down and the League is filing labor practice suits.

  4. I really hope they don’t try to do this. It does degrade the product.

    Also, think of how maddening it would be for fantasy owners to have a perfectly healthy player on the bench because of this rule.

  5. WAY down, and remember who pays for all this nonsense, because you both (players and owners) have shown no sign that you really give a flying s..t about THE FANS.

    It’s OUR money and if we don’t get some respect there just won’t be as much of it next time.

  6. What a stupid idea. They already do something JUST like that. It’s called preseason where they charge fans full price for tickets, parking, and food to watch practice camp fodder knock heads.

  7. It was a dumb idea that had zero chance of ever happening from the start.

    Almost as dumb as the 18 game schedule itself. Almost…but not quite.

  8. Thats by far the stupidest, stupidest, stupidest idea IVE EVER HEARD…………

    Who ever came up with it, go away and never speak again….

  9. No, it has to be an overall snap count limit. Like a pitch count in MLB. But spread over the full season. So if a player stays healthy and you want to be able to use him at the end of the year, you better give him some plays off during the early parts of the year. When you can afford. This gives more opportunity for backups to show their stuff, and creates more player demand per club. Also, if a game is a blowout, the winning team is going to start resting their vets. Giving the losing team a chance to climb back into the match.

    To be known as the HobartBaker Rule.

  10. Is the NFL going to be able to keep it to 10 rule changes or less this year?

    I like this sport a lot, but it really is a joke to see them try to reverse engineer the league each year to match the requirements of the dollar or TV.

    Throw out your rule book and your record book. #’s mean even less than they ever did. Bring on the era of WWNFL. Don’t worry, those of us who remember the NFL for it’s days of pure glory will be gone withing 20-30 yers and you’ll have a full batch ofthose who know no better.

  11. What you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  12. They just need to give a little incentive for the teams to play the final two preseason games, so they are interesting for the fans.

    Don’t count the final 2 preseason games, but play the 3rd for the opposing teams 4th round pick and the last for the third round pick.

    Then let the teams decide how important it is for them to win the games.

  13. you IDIOTS, this is not a proposal for an 18 game season where starters sit for 2 games, its a proposal for an 18 game season, where every player must sit 2 games AT THE TEAMS DISCRETION. It’s just like in hockey, where goaltenders get a night off here and there. It’s not a bad proposal. As for the fantasy addicts (myself included) it just adds another element of strategy to the game. Stop whining. If this means I get pro football next year, I’m all on board.

  14. What Hobart said. It’s a far-fetched idea but this league goon makes it sound a lot dumber than it is. The rest could be spread throughout the season for different players and positions so it’s not
    as if there would be two games with just scrubs playing.

  15. In an 18 game season there will be 2 games where the regular starters don’t play…it will be the last 2 for any team that has already clinched their playoff position. Of course the NFL will probably implement a rule that requires play by the regular starters in all games.

  16. Some people here are really dumb. Right now , the NFL plays a 20 game season ( including 4 preseason games) with the’ best players’ ( starters) playing significant time in only 16 of them. This suggestion seeks the ‘best players’ to play in only 16 of the 20 games as well. I fail to see a significant difference. I further can’t believe any NFL fan wanting a shorter rather than longer season. Are those protesting posters actually women/weekend widows? Someone has to convince me – from a fans perspective – what is wrong with a longer season. Don’t whine to me about injuries – that’s not a fan issue. These anonymous posters protesting an 18 game season have some sort of hidden agenda – I never met a red blooded NFL fan that wants the season to end. Most of us go into a mini depression when we are now stuck with weekends without fantasy football and football parties/tailgating at actual games with friends and family.

  17. The part of all this I don’t understand is that if a coach says get in there and play, you are expected to go in whether it’s a practice, pre-season scrimmage or regular season game and play. If the league decides to swap preseason games for games that count, why should it matter to the players — or anyone here, for that matter? Unless someone only goes to see meaningless exhibition games to save some money and never goes to real games, I don’t see the argument against the swap. The NFL players union wants a bigger piece of the revenue pie, but don’t want to swap meaningless games for real ones that could help bring in more revenue to help offset their ridiculous salary demands. Just another example why unions have lost credibility and are becoming irrelevant.

    As for Don Yee’s idea, sounds like the same lamebrain logic that came up with the “linemen have to get up off the ground before they can touch Brady” rule.

  18. That’s the stupidest idea I’ve ever heard. You’re gonna make a player who is (presumably) healthy take 2 extra bye weeks “just because”? Chances are most players won’t play all 18 games anyway, for one reason or another, but to mandate that to happen is ludicrous. But you can bet that Peyton Manning and Tom Brady aren’t going to sit down in games that really matter just because they’ve already played their 16 games. It makes no sense at all.

  19. you could tweak it a little by saying they would take off 8 quarters over the course of the year. a half here or a quarter there in a blowout.

  20. All we need to know is that this guy is called the Chief Marketing Officer. In other words a guy coming this way with a brochure full of propaganda to push his own agenda of making money. Anyone who calls the NFL a product more than a game or a sport should not be listened to.

    Also worried this UK guy is pushing his own UK franchise agenda against the league’s best interests.

  21. Are you people really this stupid?????

    An 18 game schedule is a done deal………the NFL is getting rid of 2 pre-season games and they are NOT……i repeat NOT going to just let 2 games of revenue just disappear………..wake up people!

  22. “Stupid” idea?

    Well here’s a way to make it a lot “smarter”:

    Observe an 18-game limit – regular season and preseason combined!

    That way, the prima donna types – who seem to be kvetchin’ the loudest against the 18-game proposal – can appear in no exhibition games at all, if their coaches are cool with it – and as I recall, the USFL had no preseason games to lead into its 18-game regular season.

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