Logan Mankins gets the franchise tag

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The Patriots became the first team to officially use the franchise tag on a player this year when they placed the tag on guard Logan Mankins, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

The NFLPA disputes the league’s ability to use the tag, and it’s quite possible this original designation won’t mean much in the long term.

In the short term, this was a fully expected no-brainer move by the Patriots to retain the rights to one of their most valuable players.  Schefter estimates the cost of the tag for offensive linemen should be around $10.1 million, so Mankins is due for a huge pay increase whether he gets a long-term deal or not.   (ESPNBoston.com’s Mike Reiss points out Mankins will make more in 2011 than his whole career by far if he signs the tender.)

The Patriots and Mankins have experienced a stormy relationship over the last year, but Mankins was all business when he returned to the team after a prolonged absence to open the ’10 season.    At the Pro Bowl, Mankins sounded unexcited about returning to the Patriots in 2011; he may not have a choice now.

It’s also possible the team could trade Mankins like they once did to Tebucky Jones when he was given the tag in 2003.

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  1. I don’t think he’ll hold out. Wasn’t the reason he was pissed off last year because the Pats tendered him a contract (given the new rules on free agency)? If I recall, the amount was a lot less than if he had been franchised.

    I think this year, he won’t be as pissed because he’ll make a lot more $ than last year.

  2. He is getting 10.1 million dollars for only one season. Sounds like a hell of a deal to me. And then next year he is a free agent can go anywhere and get a big long term contract. I don’t think he will hold out this time, now getting 10.1 million for 1 season.

  3. He’s good but $10.1 million for One Season? That is absolutely insane! No wonder the owners are trying to roll back the salaries if freakin guards are making that much. And didnt the Pats will almost all their games without him? just sayin.

  4. I can’t see the Patriots trading him. They don’t need any more draft picks. I was hoping they’d let him go as an Eagles fan. With this and Albert being a bigger turd than ever, Asomougha should be the main target for most teams.

  5. They’ll deal him to the Cowboys for a first in 2012 and a change in first round draft positions this year.

  6. Franchising a guard is expensive because the tag takes the 5 highest offensive lineman salaries, all of which are tackles. I’d be really really surprised if the Pats did this and then tried to ship him out, since his contract would be pretty unattractive to teams looking to pay a guard’s “normal” salary. Mankins is a great player and I read this as the Pats trying to smooth things over (“Look how much we like you, Logan–we’re overpaying. Now sign an extension.”) with an eye towards the long-term.

  7. If the Patriots traded him, he would work out a new contract with the other team, so he wouldn’t see 10 mil in his first year. He would get a signing bonus, which is more important. He would also get a guarantee of future money, because the cap hit of cutting him would make it impossible. I seriously doubt any team would want to give up the draft pick needed to get him, on top of the money they’d need ot pay him – not for a guard. Tough tittie, Logan.

  8. “At the Pro Bowl, Mankins sounded unexcited about returning to the Patriots in 2011”

    Did you want him to do backflips or something?

  9. Seriously. Does anyone watch how the Pats operate ? Would be SHOCKED after the way Mankins acted during his hold out and to pay him that much money for 1 year. This is not the Carolina Panthers who screwed themselves by paying Peppers $30m+ over two LOSING seasons after he told them he would not sign a contract there – Feel sorry for the fans of that franchise. ANYWAY – They will do one of two things – Trade him to a team (who will put a long term deal in place before the trade so no worry for the large franchise figure) for an experienced player with better than avg value or a future draft pick. Betting on an experienced player based on how young most of this team is. Note that they will also be trading out of the first round with at least one or both picks this year which will continue to bolster future drafts.

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