Member of “Never missed a Super Bowl” club passes away

One of the four men in the “Never missed a Super Bowl” club featured by Visa in an ad campaign before the big game has passed away at the age of 79.

Bob Cook was a Packers fan that was unable to attend this year because he was feeling too sick.

“Why football?” Cook asked in the commercial.  “It’s really the only sport there is, isn’t it?”

He watched his team win it all from a hospital bed according to the Associated Press and was surrounded by his family when he passed last week.

Our condolences go out to his family.

38 responses to “Member of “Never missed a Super Bowl” club passes away

  1. I’ll never accomplish anything in life that compares to attending every super bowl.

    good for him.

    bad for me.

  2. R.I.P. At least he won’t have to deal with the heartbreak of watching the owners pull the plug on the 2011 season.

  3. Sorry he couldn’t make his 45th Super Bowl, but glad Mr. Cook was able to see the game and enjoy the Packer win with his family. RIP

  4. At least he got to live to see his team win 4 Superbowl Championships…

    Anyways, if the Packers didn’t play such a lousy 3rd quarter, this poor guys’ heart may have been able to last another week or so.

  5. Of all the ones to miss, it had to be the one in which his team won. Poor guy, at least he saw them win the other ones in person. R.I.P.

  6. I knew at least one of those guys had to be a Packer fan. AT least he got to see ’em win. Condolences to his family.

  7. I hope the next time the game’s in Dallas that Jerry Jones finds a real good seat for Larry, if you know what I mean…

  8. it is good he got to see his team win the big dance…my grandfather, a diehard pats fan during some real bad years, passed at the beginning of the pats 2001 super bowl season, and i know how much it would have meant to him if he had made it even a few more months to see them win…rest in peace, gramps…

  9. As a Steelers fan im disappointed my team lost BUT as a human being im glad this man got a chance to see his team the Packers win before his passing. Rest In Peace Mr. Cook.

  10. I can’t understand why anyone would possibly thumds down some of these comments. Must be some real morons on here.

  11. Who are the 4 or 5 heartless jerks who keep voting thumbs down on someone expressing condolences and that the guy RIP?

    Wow. Talk about putting the a-s-s in class.

  12. Does any one else doubt the fact the these guys went to EVERY SUPER BOWL?

    With reality shows being 95% scripted who’s to say that these gentlemen aren’t actors with prop tickets?

    I doubt the validity of all four (now 3) men. Visa is a corporation capable of any type of lie.

  13. RIP Mr. Cook. As a Steelers fan, I am happy you got to see your team win, even if you couldn’t be there in person. Condolences to his family.

  14. He got to see three Packer world title wins in person, and another championship win on tv just before he died. I’m sure he would have agreed he was a pretty lucky guy. R.I.P.

  15. Now you know two of the idiots that put a thumbs down on condolences for a dead man and his family.

    Eastofsanity and everyone’s favorite ray of sunshine stairwaytoloserville… Gosh, how lucky we all are that they were able to take time away from their busy schedule of harassing Esperanza Spalding on wiki and twitter for taking away their hero Justin Bieber’s grammy…

    Geez, don’t these kids have parents?

  16. RIP Mr Cook . As a Steelers fan it aches my heart to lose in a Superbowl . However if my team was ever going to lose . I couldnt complain that it was the Packers . One of the most in not the most loyal fan bases . A classy organization from top to bottom . Classy fans . SO if we were going to lose it was to a team with a rich tradition . It helps ease the pain .

  17. @Goombar2:

    You and the rest of the dults in this thread are making the 79 year old out to be some sort of martyr even though you’ve never met you and he’s never played one down.

    According to your logic, Based on the NATURAL death of “Mr. Excitement” (there is no doubt that dubious nickname was given to him minutes before shooting the commercial) I am not allowed to feel any other way except mournful?

    As far as your Beiber comment, people often make accusations based on offenses the accuser has commited. So what was that about harassing a kid?


    The other three guys are misssing. VISA gave them seats in the temporary section that was closed off by the fire marshall.

    They were last seen watching the game on a 5″ monitor in the john of Jerry Jones’ suite.

  19. Oh come on, if the guy didn’t want it he wouldn’t have put his face all over TV (in one of the most annoying and stupid commercials ever) bragging about something that 99.9 percent of people could never dream of affording as though it were some heroic feat. He was setting himself up for it, guess karma is a you-know-what.

    FYI-saying nice things on the internet about someone you don’t know doesn’t make you a good person, so save the sanctimonious drivel.

    By the way, if I go at such a deliciously ironic moment, people have permission to yuck it up.

  20. Random thoughts on this one:

    I’ve been to more than 30 Grateful Dead concerts.
    Where’s my commercial and 15 minutes!?
    Ya got the money, you got the time. All the SBs? No big deal.

    It’s a good thing his funeral will be after the SB so his so-called “friends” can make it because, god-forbid his funeral would be on the day of the SB, you know they would all blow off his family to pay they’re last respects.

    Maybe they’ll do the Weekend at Bernie’s thing and take him to next year’s SB?

    Wonder where the tix were? In those failed seats that couldn’t be sat on?

  21. Saying niceities doesn’t make you a nice person, but speaking poorly about the recent dead does make you a putz. Some just have to corner the market on stiring things up to make themselves feel tougher than they will ever be. It what’s wrong with everything these days, everyone has to prove how much better they can do something, say something, or boast over the next person to “prove they’re a man”.

    And most likely you would be the epitome of your own comments if a similar commercial offer had been made to you.

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