Owen Schmitt thinking about second job during lockout

It wasn’t that long ago that NFL players had to get offseason jobs to supplement their football income.

Those days are gone now, but a potential lockout could inspire some guys to go back to work, if only to feel productive.  Eagles fullback Owen Schmitt figures he’ll get a second job.

“I could always do some student teaching on the side or whatnot,” he told West Virginia Illustrated.  (Florio gets all PFT employees a free subscription.)   “It won’t be anything out of the ordinary. My buddy Phil works for a landscaping company that I could easily get on.

“Those are just little things that I was like, ‘Okay, if this doesn’t happen I don’t want to sit around for six months waiting. I’ll just do something on the side as long as I have some income coming in.'”

We’re not at that point yet, but a work stoppage will create a big vacancy in an otherwise regimented year for NFL players.  Perhaps some will go back to school.  Others will wear out playing Madden.

We know this much: They can smoke as much as they want.

13 responses to “Owen Schmitt thinking about second job during lockout

  1. Oh, this won’t sit well with the union…..They don’t want players actually working…Felling productive?….Seriously? They would rather have them ask mom and pop if they can get on their health insurance, tell the wife she has to step up, or collect all the markers thay have out n the streets…..

  2. I think some of these NFL players are delusional in their thinking there are jobs just waiting for them. There are highly qualified people out there jobless, taking work well below their educational level.

    Or that a employer is going to fire someone that’s been working there for ten years to give a job to an NFL player for 2-3 months. It takes at least that long just to train someone in most decent jobs.

    They need to get a deal done and get back to what they are doing. This crap is absolutely ridiculous and a slap in the face to every fan.

  3. @calloustongue, He said he would pick up a job for a landscaping crew. I guarantee you there are companies that will need extra shift work. Same with substitute teaching. I just wouldn’t want a WVU grad teaching my kids. Delusional? It’s manual labor, there are always open spots.

    As for the CBA expiring, what impact, if any, does this have on players’ contracts in regards to putting themselves in harms way? eg recreational flag football, sky diving, etc.?

  4. @calloustoungue….making an assumption that NFL players looking for “regular” work would mean the termination of full time employees is quite a reach.

    I don’t think it is hard to believe that the men that make it to the NFL level have done so because they have a tremendous work ethic, and that these same men wouldn’t look forward to a work stoppage and months of ‘down time’. It would seem that stories like this would be the norm, rather than the exception.

    Nevermind the potential positive impact having a current NFL player on your work staff could have on your company.

  5. Keeping busy is not to be sneered at when you have time on your hands.

    Seeing how well the usual suspects manage their time ought to make for interesting reading.

  6. @superbowler…

    “I just wouldn’t want a WVU grad teaching my kids.”

    Why not? can you explain that statement?

  7. He’s probably really regretting that day I saw him at the casino dropping thousands of dollars at Blackjack while he was drunk out of his mind…

    Hopefully he didn’t spend too much money on that coke he was asking the dealers how to score too…

  8. @phillyb6, yes I can. It was a joke on WVU’s academics. More specifically, a jab at the founder of this site. Though, it’s not a quarter as funny when someone asks another person to analyze their statement like this.

  9. People are cynical about everything. Schmitt doesn’t want to sit around doing nothing, that should be applauded.

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