Ray Rhodes lands in Cleveland

Former Eagles and Packers head coach Ray Rhodes will continue his 30-year coaching career in Cleveland.

The Browns announced a slew of coaching hires, including Rhodes as a senior assistant/defense.  He served in similar capacity in Houston over the last three years.

Cleveland also announced they retained the following coaches from Eric Mangini’s staff:  Gary Brown (running backs), Steve Hagen (tight ends), Jerome Henderson (defensive backs), Kent Johnston (strength and conditioning), Rick Lyle (assistant strength and conditioning), Luke Steckel (assistant to the head coach) and George Warhop (offensive line).

In addition to Rhodes, the team also added Chris Beake (offensive assistant), Chuck Bullough (defensive assistant),  and Shawn Mennenga (special teams assistant).   Keith Gilbertson will also be a senior offensive assistant after serving as the Browns’ Director of Pro Personnel.

In all, coach Pat Shurmur will have a 19 man coaching staff, including nine from Mangini’s staff.  It’s a little surprising there wasn’t even more turnover.

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  1. You mean he served in the same capacity for a defense that finished 29th in points allowed and 30th in yards allowed? WOW, what a great hire. That defense was what cost the Texans multiple games over the past several years. How do people like this get NEW jobs with resumes like that????? And why doesn’t PFT ever point out something that regardless of his “name” he has not gotten it done? It takes 10 seconds to find out how the Texans D ranked.

  2. “He served in similar capacity in Houston over the last three years.”
    – and how’d that work out for them?

  3. This is great news for browns fans… I can almost taste a winning record in the next 3 years.

    I think clevland is finally moving in the right direction.

    Well at least we are not trying to completley rewrite the book on how to build a winning organization. I think Ray rhodes can truly help in the transition to 4-3

  4. It ended bad in Philly for Ray Rhodes but I thought Ray was a good guy and coach but boy did that last year get real ugly at 3-13 ….it was painful to watch .I will never forget the drafting of Mike Mamula over Warren Sapp that set the Eagles franchise back about 10 years and all over a positive test for weed…..my thoughts were” so what , draft Sapp anyway ” ( I would have been correct to draft him anyway …..just a little weed whats the BFD ?)

  5. Trust me. Ray Rhodes is the WOREST head coach in NFL history. He is best suited for ball boy. A true minority hire. His love of ponies at the nearest track is legend.

  6. CLEVELAND is on a roll. This guy has served on the Houston defensive staff the last 3 years…. They have been the worst defense in the league year in and year out since he has been there. Their offensive coordinator/ head coach has directed the league’s worst offense the last 2 years. Seems like all things are pointing to CLEVELAND being crappy for the next decade.

  7. 9 Positions to coach on a team. QB’s, RB’s, OL,TE,WR, DL, LB, DB and special teams. 19 coaches. They should be very well coached, special assistants, assistant to head coach, super assistant etc = 3 Wins next year. Mike Holgrem is padding these guys pensions. Ray Rhodes? Keith Gilberson?…LOL.

  8. typical.. a bunch of eagle fans come on and hate.. how about clevland fans stand up and say maybe we are going in the right direction..

    How about that…
    Go browns…

  9. Rhodes wasn’t much of a “game day” coach, but his defenses in Philly were always good, and the man knew how to draft.

    Brian Dawkins
    Jeremiah Trotter
    Tra Thomas
    Bobby Taylor
    Duce Staley
    Jermaine Mayberry
    Ike Reese
    Chad Lewis
    Brought in a young Troy Vincent as a free agent.

    All very good Rhodes picks while he was in Philly.

    Mamula on the other hand…………

  10. Why would you hire anyone who had anything to do with the Texans defense (or lack therefore of one)? I think letting Rob Ryan go was questionable at best. And now the Browns are converting to a 4-3 defense and just cut many of their defensive lineman ? I have no clue what Holmgren, Heckert and Jauron are thinking at this unless they are going to have Jake Delhomme rushing the passer next year?!?

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