A.J. Hawk’s salary is guaranteed on first day of league year

In a normal year, the Packers and linebacker A.J. Hawk would have to come up with a new contract in the next few weeks or the team would have to cut him.

This is not a normal year, of course.

Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel notes that Hawk’s unmanageable $10 million base salary is guaranteed on the first day of the new league year.  That’s supposed to be March 4, but will likely be delayed.

It will be telling to see if the Packers try to address the issue before a potential work stoppage.  If they don’t, it’s a sign that teams are confident there will be some sort of buffer period after the next CBA is signed, whenever it is signed.   (The Saints similarly aren’t expected to re-negotiate Reggie Bush’s deal pre-CBA.)

Think about it: If a new CBA is signed, the league year could theoretically start the next day.  The Packers would have to cut Hawk or strike an immediate deal to avoid making his salary guaranteed.

If the Packers don’t lay some groundwork with Hawk before March 4, it’s a sign teams fully believe they will get at least a few days after a new CBA is signed before the next official league year starts.

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  1. Why state the obvious? Of course there will be a lag between any agreement being reached and the new league year. Even if the league and union miraculously reach an agreement on Mar 3 before the current CBA expires, they will likely delay start of the new league year until the following Monday (or possibly even a couple of weeks).

  2. Please get this done. Cut Barnett. Please. Please. Please.

    But then you built the Super Bowl winner so I shouldn’t be too worried.

  3. Hawk Did a tremendous job in communicating the defense on the field, with the multiple look, multiple package defense that Capers runs, that is no small task. AJ was in the top 5 of any measurable statistics for all inside linebackers, and he made more splash plays this year than ever……..I trust Ted to do the right thing and work it out with AJ….I also hope Peprah is signed, he added great toughness to the defense….I think they let Jenkins walk…..The DE in the 3-4 defense are interchangeble and I think age and injuries are catching up to cullen.

  4. Hawk played alright but its not like he can’t be replaced. The Packers should threaten to trade him to the Vikings, that will bring his price down in a hurry.

  5. Hawk fits the GB mold to a “T”. He’ll rework his contract and Barnett can complain about the SB photo from another city.

    The Pack is back….

  6. I am pretty confident that TT will do whatever is best for the Packers if they can renegotiate and get a fair deal for the team I am sure he will take it. I also think Hawk likes GB, and the chance to have a chance to be able to go deep into the playoffs for the next 2-3 seasons will also make him consider taking a fair deal.

    It’s funny too look back at all the people that trashed TT for the Favre thing, were giving him grief, five months ago everyone was on him for not trading for Marshawn Lynch.

    The guy knows what he is doing and do whatever he thinks is best for GB, and he has been right more times than not.

  7. Hawk played pretty well, but most Packer fans seem to forget that Hawk was not involved in nickel packages and nothing more than a reserve behind Bishop and Barnett when this season got underway.

    If it makes more sense to go with Bishop and Barnett (who I believe are as good as Hawk in normal sets and more versatile for nickel sets), don’t put it past T.T just to cut him loose.

  8. I really hope the Packers negotiate a long term deal with AJ Hawk and cut Nick Barnett. I love Barnett, but he has now had 2 major season ending injuries in the last 3 seasons. AJ is not a superstar by any means, but he has showed up every Sunday, and is a solid player that fits in well with the Packers. It is just too risky to count on Barnett at this point, and he is older.

  9. I just sat back, and laughed at all the pleas to take Lynch. What for?

    TT knows what he’s doing. Get a deal done with #50. Rings motivate a man.

  10. hawk aint going anywhere. we might even keep barnette too. everbody calm down they both want to stay and are both welcome.

  11. Hawk played pretty well, but most Packer fans seem to forget that Hawk was not involved in nickel packages and nothing more than a reserve behind Bishop and Barnett when this season got underway.


    Sowcrates…this was the case when the season started but once Chillar and Pogginga also went down Hawk was on the field for the majority of snaps including the 75% of the time the Pack ran the 2-4-5 with Woodson in the slot. Hawk was very much involved with all nickel packages once the season wore on.

  12. Why would they want to do a deal with AJ Hawk? He hasn’t really lived up to the hype as the safest, surest ‘can’t miss’ player in the 2006 draft who was supposed to a difference maker.

    Here is, five years later, and still needs to work on his coverage. He still isn’t a blitz threat. He still can’t take on guards reliably in the run game. And for a guy as big as he is, too often he’s a drag-down tackler rather than a hard-hitter.

    Unless he’s willing to take a pay-cut to ‘journeyman ILB’ salary, I’d guess the Packers will cut him and draft a new ILB. He just isn’t a real difference maker.

  13. There was a noticable difference in how the DEF played after Hawk took over. Smoother, more efficient etc.. Hawk was a great DEF manager on the field. I think he’d be missed more than people think. But I imagine he’ll restructure, though probably still a nice contract.

  14. Green Bay and Uncle Ted will do the right thing….AND the Green Bay Packers are the Super Bowl Champions, and the Vikings and Eagles are not….SAWEEEEEEEET !

  15. AJ Hawk is an average 3-4 ILB at best. His only real position in the NFL is at OLB in a 4-3.

    This year, Hawk finished with 8 more tackles (111) than Desmond Bishop (103) who started 4 fewer games than him. In those first four games, Dez had a total of 4 tackles, zero forced-fumbles.

    While he did have 3 INTs, the key to Dom Capers’ scheme is pressure. Look at the Steelers. Their LBs were carefully scouted and chosen due to the fact that they can all get home when blitzing. AJ Hawk could possibly be our worst blitzer of the entire starting 11. He had a half of a sack in many, many, attempts. By contrast, Bishop had 2 sacks, 3 forced fumbles, and about 6-7 HUGE plays for the Green and Gold this season (the tip, to keep inbounds, of the Clay Matthews’ forced fumble of Brandon Jacobs, pick-6 of JUDAS in the Metrodome, and recovery of Rashard Mendenhall’s Super Bowl Fumble come to mind).

    What’s more, is the fact that if you actually watched all of the Packers’ games this year, Hawk is always a step away and a second late to most tackles. Sure, he may get an assist in the process, but rarely was he the one making the initial stop, as he was most likely still attempting to fight through his block at the time. That is paramount in Capers’ scheme, as their are 4 LBs on the field most downs, they need to be strong enough to get off their blocks and find the football immediately, not 5 yards downfield.

    The bottom line is, in a Dom Capers defense, Hawk isn’t worth even half of his potential $10 million-plus salary in 2011, let alone all of it.

  16. Bottom line, Barnett can’t run anymore, and Hawk is a non-fit in our defense.

    That being said, I think both have a chance of being kept for at least a year, to better facilitate a transitional draft pick, assuming they agree to reduce their salaries.

    I think you keep:

    OLB – Matthews, Walden*, Zombo*, Jones*, (Draft pick / FA).

    ILB – Bishop, Barnett, Chillar, (Draft pick / FA).

    Cuts: Poppinga, Francois, Hawk, Briggs, Wilhelm.

    *-I think one of these guys doesn’t make it through camp.

  17. I think its funny that there are so many wannbe experts calling for the Packers to unload AJ. These people obviously didn’t watch how he played this season. If he hadn’t been there we would have been in a bad way, and like it or not, he made playes that helped us get a super Bowl, and his stats and game film bare that out. I’d like to know why the people doing the AJ Hawk bashing aren’t playing inside linebacker for the Green Bay Packers, or sitting behind Ted Thompsons desk.

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