Chiefs visiting with Shaun Rogers


After being cut by the Browns last week, defensive lineman Shaun Rogers has attracted plenty of interest.  We’ve heard talk of as many as 10 teams being interested.

One is the Redskins, who hosted him last week.  Another is the Chiefs, the team that is hosting Rogers today.

Per a league source, Rogers is getting a tire-kicking from the AFC West champions.  Where he goes next remains to be seen.

Rogers is a free agent and he can sign with any team through March 3.  If/when a lockout commences, Rogers won’t be able to sign with anyone.

As a result, he’s expected to sign somewhere before March 3.

20 responses to “Chiefs visiting with Shaun Rogers

  1. Chiefs are 3-4 right? Let’s hope that they don’t give him 100 mil and switch him to DE. Right, Redskins?

  2. He’s a great fit for the Chiefs. Dorsey and Jackson will both benefit from this guy in the middle. The linebackers will be very happy to see him in red as well. Their D is already good, if Rogers plays up to his potential(which is a big if) they could dominate. I really like this move.

  3. shouldn’t the title be Shaun Rogers visiting with the Chiefs ?

    The image of Rogers attached to this story is the perfect response to this question.

  4. As a Browns fan it is always disheartening to see the team get NOTHING in return for a guy that has 10 teams intersted in him. In Holmgrem we trust?

  5. He would be a solid pickup for teams like the Bills and Texans that are new to 3-4 schemes.

  6. I think Shaun should go back to a 4-3 team. He causes havoc getting after the QB–as opposed to Primarily Stopping the Run. The Same for the Jets’ Kris Jenkins. Both those guys were sack masters in Detroit/Carolina respectively.

  7. With all the wining and dining, Shaun is going to balloon up to 400lbs.+. If Albert couldn’t pass the fitness test wait till you catch this guy. He couldn’t play more than two plays in a row all last year.

  8. I pray to all things holy, let this waste of flesh go to the Cowboys! Big Baby and JJ deserve each other.

  9. martinmayhew4president: I don’t think the team that didn’t want him before would want him back. And, as a pro-athlete (I use the term athlete loosely), I don’t think his pride would let him go back to a team who gave him up for an average corner and a 3rd round rookie while Rogers was in his prime.

  10. Shaun wants to be back in the Crennel Country Club like he was in Cleveland ? At least, he made an effort to play for Crennel. Go luck with him, Romeo. You will be needing it.

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