Da’Quan Bowers preparing for Combine following surgery

The Charlotte Observer reports that Clemson defensive end  Da’Quan Bowers continues to prepare for next week’s NFL Scouting Combine following post-season surgery on his knee.

Tony Pauline of SI.com first reported the surgery, although the Observer is the first to reveal it was for a partially torn meniscus.  It’s not yet clear if Bowers will participate in all drills at the Combine, but his high school coach revealed that Bowers has continued to train for the event.

Bowers, who led the nation in sacks in 2010, is viewed as a potential No. 1 overall pick to the Panthers.

11 responses to “Da’Quan Bowers preparing for Combine following surgery

  1. Da’Quan squeezes rubber balls in his hands while he sits in front of the T.V. with his leg propped up in front of him on cushions. Hundreds of times a day, rarely taking a day off.

  2. I sure hope not number 1 while panthers have the pick.

    1. We already went through a time period dealing with a phenomenal athlete DE with motivational issues.

    2. We have a star in the making at DE, Johnson. And a fan hopeful to emerge as quality DE on the opposite side in Hardy.

    3. DT is a bigger need on the line alone.

    4. Bigger needs then DE for panthers: DT, CB (if Marshal is definitely gone), QB, maybe WR but would need a QB first to know for sure.

    So that leave Luck at number 1. Oh wait …

  3. Da’quan Bowers will not be a BUST. If you knew anything about him you wouldn’t say that. The panthers wont take him, they will take Fairley and he will be a problem child just like Peppers was. Don’t worry panther fans you will be able to take Luck #1 overall next year. He still won’t have anybody to throw to.

  4. really Nick? And please tell us why he won’t be a bust?

    Was it his first two seasons that generated 4 sacks?

    Please tell us why a one year wonder won’t be a bust?

  5. Thank you Mr. Bowers for making the Panthers decision for their #1 pick a whole lot easier. You just dropped back several spots. Maybe even to the second round. And no we won’t be in last place next year for the A. Luck pick. No way, no how.

  6. As a 5th year Clemson Undergrad student (engineering…) I can tell you one thing I’m sure of… Da’Quan won’t be a bust.

    As for the reason he only had 4 sacks in his first two seasons? Simple, he played behind some great DE’s at Clemson, including Gaines Adams (who if memory serves was a #4 overall pick before he passed, RIP). He didn’t really put it together until this year but he always had the ability, he just needed the right combination of circumstances. This guy was the #1 overall high school player when he came out and was triple-teamed at times last year.

    He reminds me a lot of Julius Peppers sans the attitude, another guy who went to school in the carolinas.

    And for that dude who thinks he will drop back “several spots” or “even to the second round”, keep dreaming, guy. Trust me I’d love for him to fall too but it isn’t happening.

    He may not go number 1 but no way he gets past #3. Personally, I think if Carolina takes Fairley, John Fox jumps on another athletic DE with superstar potential

  7. Dude your delusional.

    Gains Adams may have been the ONLY good defensive end on the team and if DaQuan couldn’t beat out the other scrubs on the team his first two years (and yes I checked the rosters and they were scrubs) then I stand by my assessment, BUST.

    He is a one year wonder.

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