Franchise tag coming for Vick, transition tag for Akers


Last night, a reader tipped us off to the fact that Eagles kicker David Akers had posted on his Facebook page that he’ll be receiving the transition tag — and that quarterback Mike Vick will get the franchise tag.

We’ve confirmed this morning that this is indeed the case.  (Also reporting it, and beating us to the punch on Twitter, was Jason La Canfora of NFL Network.  Beating both of us, as to Vick, was ESPN’s Adam Schefter.)

Under the rules of the uncapped year, teams could apply two transition tags or one franchise tag and one transition tag.  In capped years under the current labor deal, teams could use one franchise tag or one transition tag.

Depending on the rules of the new CBA, whenever those rules may be determined, the Eagles may be forced to rescind one of those two tags.

Don’t be shocked if the union ultimately argues that the decision to apply two tags renders both void if the eventual rules permit only one or the other.

And don’t be shocked if the Eagles have taken steps to ensure that the franchise tag on Vick would survive, and that the transition tag on Akers would be abandoned.

The transition tag give the Eagles the ability to match any offer Akers eventually receives, once free agency begins.  It provides no compensation for the Eagles if Akers chooses to sign with another team.  In exchange, the Eagles are required to tender Akers a one-year deal for the average salary of the ten highest-paid kickers and punters in 2010.

The transition tag has been use less frequently in recent years, given that the 2006 extension of the labor deal made the transition tender fully guaranteed once it’s accepted by the player.

The team’s decision to tag Vick was fully expected and comes as no surprise.  Whether Vick is pleased with that decision remains to be seen.

UPDATE:  The Eagles officially have announced both moves.

19 responses to “Franchise tag coming for Vick, transition tag for Akers

  1. Vick has already come out and said he is fine with the franchise tag,of coarse he would have preferred a long term deal but Mike was well aware that he was going to be franchised this year.Akers missed a couple of big kicks in that playoff game but had some major issues on his mind….if I am the Eagles and bring him back next season for sure.I am glad his little girl has turned out to be fine but it is something they will have to keep a eye on in the future….

  2. jc1958cool says: Feb 15, 2011 8:07 AM

    all for not, on march 4th! if you really want to see a turd watch,just keep an eye on those owners!!


    “all for not, on march 4th! if you really want to see a turd watch,just keep an eye on those PLAYERS!!”

    there I fixed it for you..

  3. Does anyone really care how Vick feels about getting an average of 19M a year. He’s lucky he’s still not sitting in prison, if he hadn’t have been given such a cushy deal he would be. Someone as “repentant” as he claims to be should just be thankful for the second chance & the cash.

  4. Of course Vick is happy with the franchise tag; it makes it possible to pay back what he still owes to the Falcons.

  5. Yeah, Vick should not be upset about the Franchise tag. I’m betting he can pay back everything he owes and still have a couple million left over. If he walked away after this year, and invested properly, he and his family are set for life.

  6. he will eventually leave -the next year-for highest bidder. Then what will Andy do? Vick is not loyal everything he is doing is for his payday.

  7. Not to change the subject, but wasn’t the franchise tag reported on being put on Peyton Manning a week ago? What happened to that?

    Is it me or is the franchise tag a non issue at this point?

  8. What’s this? Akers transitioned? But I thought PFT was *certain* that the Eagles / Reid no longer wanted anything to do with Akers after Reid ‘threw him under the bus’ with those *horribly insensitive* comments about how (gasp!!) those points Akers missed vs GB ‘would have helped.’

    Could this possibly mean that Andy’s comments that day were blown out of proportion, and that the two handled it like grown ups?

    Nah…that would be too boring.

  9. Who will the Eagles assign to Vick during the lockout to keep him from commiting more crimes/atrocities?

  10. The union will not be able to argue that the decision to apply two tags renders both void if the eventual rules permit only one or the other. Come on, put on your lawyer hat for a minute. If the new language permits only one tag, of course the league will insist on language the recognizes the validity of of the two tags from the uncapped year whether or not they are permitted going forward.

  11. Sounds like they will be keeping Akers, which is good. Can’t find a better kicker on the market. Nice guy. Sure, he missed a few, but he’s still solid.

  12. Can we please speak about the football side of this… At points last year the eagles were unstoppable with Vick at the helm… The Eagles let him prove himself for another year and see if he improves then sign him long term. P.S. if I hear the expression turd watch again I’m gonna snap.. Talk football folks I beg you.. If you don’t care or have hateful stuff to say then don’t read the article..

  13. No surprises here. Give Vick another year to see if he regresses (on or off the field). Keep Kolb around and extend him if Vick flames out. As for Akers, I’d love to see an upgrade but nothing much better is out there. Now go get Asomugha when the CBA smoke clears and we’ll be cookin’.

  14. Can we talk about something else other then Michael Vick for a change? Plus he paid his debt to society. I don’t hear anyone calling for Ray Lewis’ head and he was involved in a murder. What are dogs’ lives more sacred then humans’. As a matter of fact last time I looked I saw Ray touting Old Spice. No howls for his head!

  15. Not sure Vick has the balls to say he is NOT happy with a guaranteed 16million next season to be the quarterback of the most explosive offense in the NFL…

  16. Stop defending the scumbag Vick by talking about Ray Lewis, Leonard Little or anybody else. You know damn well you couldn’t care less about the crimes they committed, either. I look forward to seeing what becomes of these loathsome characters when football is over for them. All your concerns for them will evaporate the second their careers end. You’ll be too busy the current crop of scumbags.

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