Jerry Porter resurfaces in Canada

Former NFL receiver Jerry Porter, a one-time jack-of-all-trades at West Virginia University, has returned to football after two years out of the game.

He’ll be joining the Montreal Alouettes of the CFL, according to Newstalk Radio CJAD.

After eight seasons with the Raiders, Porter spent one year in Jacksonville, signing a big-money deal before being cut after a single season with the Jaguars.

In those nine NFL seasons, Porter never had a single 1,000-yard season.

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  1. In 5 of those 9 seasons he was either 4th or 3rd string WR. Then when he finally got the starting gig he had HOFers like Luke McKnown, Marquez Tuiassospo and Andrew Walters throwing to him.
    I would take Porter back over Dropious Heyward Bey any day of the week.

  2. Jerry heard the players only have to play three downs there. He doesn’t have the same stamina as he did a few years ago.

  3. “a one-time jack-of-all-trades at West Virginia University”

    I’m confused.

    Doesn’t being that make him qualified to be a starting NFL QB in PFT’s eyes?

  4. I’m not sure if I’m thinking of someone else, but wasn’t Jerry Porter supposed to be the next big WR star at one point in his career?

  5. Jerry Porter is like the umpteenth former Raider who teased great ability but never put it all together. I remember watching him come out of the tunnel alongside Jerry Rice and Tim Brown. He made them look like scatbacks. If he’s 6-3, 220, then what does Calvin Johnson look like in person?

    I’ll never forget the game Porter had on a snowy day in Denver, against Champ Bailey. He owned him that entire game.

    Here’s a short list of former Raider teases:
    1)Anthony Smith, DE– could’ve been the best; instead became a born again bum (apparently for some guys, football and God don’t mix)
    2)Napoleon Kaufman, RB– shockingly dropped out of the league to become a minister (again with the football and God thing; apparently, these guys aren’t Texans)
    3)Chester McGlockton, DT– this guy was the original Haloti Ngata, with one extra part of clubhouse lawyer thrown into the mix. He should’ve been a defensive player of the year. He was a Pro Bowler, but he should’ve been much more, that’s how high his ceiling was.
    4)Darrell Russell, DT– was the ultimate man-child. I’m sure McGlockton’s influence “helped.”
    5)Scott Davis, DE– was on the fast track to becoming the heir apparent to Howie Long when he abruptly quit for an entire season. When he came back, he was done. I think Greg Biekert knocked him out once.
    6)Charles Woodson, CB– this guy did go on to become the NFL defensive player of the year, continues to play in the Pro Bowl, and finally earned his Super Bowl ring. He was only a tease in the sense that we never saw what he could do in a zone scheme, with the action in front of him. Now we know. Thanks, Undead Al.

    This list could go on ad infinitum. The point is AAAAAAAGHHH!!!

  6. Mad Cow Disease has resurfaced in Canada as well. But it isn’t believed that the two events are linked.

  7. “dafixisin says: Feb 15, 2011 10:10 PM
    Jerry Porter is like the umpteenth former Raider who teased great ability but never put it all together.”

    Maybe the problem isn’t the players or the organization, but unrealistic expectations by fans. Scott Davis the next Howie Long? Really?

    Or how about Raider fans suggesting Justin Fargas was easily going to be traded for a 1st round pick?

    Blame Al all you want, he deserves it…..but don’t act like you aren’t on the Kool-Aid train to Homertown with him.

  8. When Jerry was in college the coachs told him he had the talent to play on Sundays. When he got to the NFL they told him he had the talent to play on random days of the week, usually Fridays.

  9. Jerry was amazed at how popular he was in Canada. When he rode the train across the border to Montreal everyone was waving their hand at him and shouting, “Hey, Porter!”.

  10. Am I the only one that saw J. Porter in the title and thought Joey Porter did something crazy in Canada like get arrested for riding a moose while intoxicated?

  11. Jerry Porter would probably still be the best receiver on the Raiders’ roster. He can’t be any worse than Darrius Heyward-Bey.

  12. hobartbaker says: Feb 15, 2011 10:30 PM

    Jerry was amazed at how popular he was in Canada. When he rode the train across the border to Montreal everyone was waving their hand at him and shouting, “Hey, Porter!”.

    Why are you still breathing?

  13. What’s next… Ronald curry joins him? Ever since Tim brown retired, there hasn’t been a decent receiver in Oakland… an to think they drafted Robert gallery instead of Larry Fitzgerald… anyway jerry porter, coulda woulda, at least he’s planning on playing football instead of waiting for this CBA to get done.

  14. The French-Canadian fans will soon learn that “Jerry Porter” is an American phrase which means “can’t get open.”

  15. Porter was oh so promising, the guy had it all, the whole package. Unfortunately, his head swelled up and he thought he was God’s gift to football.

    What a waste.

  16. Porter? Thief or very valuable pass catcher? With Jacksonville, he received an $11 million signing bonus then caught a mere 10 catches. That’s a million plus change per catch for one season! I’d call that thievery which may explain his presence across the border in Canada. Hey Jerry, Mr. Weaver wants some of his money back and I hear he’s hired The Dog to hunt you down.

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