Offseason priorities: Seattle Seahawks

My scintillating Brandon Mebane post from this afternoon got me thinking about the Seahawks’ offseason.

That means it’s time for them to get the full “offseason priorities” treatment.  We’ve already tackled the Packers, Steelers, and Falcons.  The focus is primarily on players that would be headed for unrestricted free agency under the old CBA rules.

(Note: We used Rotoworld’s handy contract pages to come up with these lists.)

The Big One: Defensive tackle Brandon Mebane.

Quarterback looks like the bigger issue, but the Seahawks should be more concerned about retaining an above-average young defensive starter.  The only question is whether Pete Carroll’s scheme is the right fit for Mebane.

The Quarterback conundrum: Matt Hasselbeck and Charlie Whitehurst.

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll says Hasselbeck is the team’s top priority.  That doesn’t mean it’s a good idea.  The Seahawks need to solve their quarterback position, but Hasselbeck isn’t a long-term answer. He’s probably not a short-term answer.

Whitehurst is due $4 million next year and didn’t look good in 2010.  Is he a fit for new coordinator Darrell Bevell’s West Coast offense?  It’s possible the Seahawks could cut bait quickly.

The Key Ingredients: Running back Leon Washington, kicker Olindo Mare, and defensive end Raheem Brock.

Washington was a special teams dynamo that figures to improve another year removed from surgery.  Brock is coming off a surprising nine sack season, but he’s 32 years old.  He may be this year’s Tully Banta-Cain: A guy with a high sack total that doesn’t get much interest on the open market and stays put with a fair deal.

Role Players: Linebacker Will Herring and center Chris Spencer.

Spencer is a former first-round pick with plenty of starting experience, but he’s never wowed anyone.  He probably needs a fresh start elsewhere.

Could be on the way out: Guard Stacy Andrews, linebacker Leroy Hill, cornerback Kelly Jennings, and tackle Sean Locklear.

Jennings, Hill, and Locklear are free agents.   Locklear struggled badly last year and figures to leave.   Andrews is due a huge salary and barely played behind Locklear.   Hill’s time in Seattle should be over.

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  1. Matt Hasselbeck grew up in Holmgren’s West Coast offense. He’s NOT the long-term answer obviously, but… can be VERY effective when the O-Line can get the job done and give him adequate protection.

    RB Leon Washington should be plugged into the backfield more often and teamed up with Marshawn Lynch.

    Kelly Jennings and Trufant should HOPEFULLY go bye bye. Walter Thurmond should continue to learn and grow.

    It will be nice to have Max Unger back on the O-line.

  2. Top priority should be to get rid of those ugly neon green uniforms. Then sign hasselbeck to another year so PW can break more of his ribs

  3. Offseason priority #1: Realize you are the Seahawks
    Offseason priority #1: Change uniforms
    Offseason priority #2: Stop sucking
    Offseason priority #3: If time allows, scout around and try to draft and actually develop talented young players.

  4. Offseason priority #1: Stall the labor agreements so you can draft more players before you play football again.

  5. They have started doing what they have to. They had a good draft last year and found a #1 receiver. You can’t reverse years poor drafting in the years prior. Matt Hasslebeck is a leader on this team and he should stay at least for the next 2 yrs. Besides that keep building that D and find a legit RB.

  6. Fumble- Unger at center perhaps. He was overmatched at guard, in every way in ’09.

    Washington over Forsett? No thank you. Washington’s role in the backfield is right where it needs to be. Of course, now that Bates is gone, they may run it more than 12 times a game.

  7. Best moves of last off season were dumping the very Matt Millenesque Tim Ruskell and the very inept Jim Mora. Ruskell took a SB team and deconstructed it into a low talent mess with huge holes at nearly every position. He started with the Hutch Fiasco(that alone would disqualify him form EVER being associated with football on ANY level) Then he went after “character” guys that left the team soft and with no nasty beasts that would knock your head off. Given another year or two and everyone would be talking about how he was worse than Millen as a GM. He is completely responsible for the state of the team, but no one ever puts the blame squarely on his shoulders where it belongs.

    Hawks had a nice draft and found a few diamonds in Williams and Washington(coming off that nasty leg injury). Need to build on that and completely make over the character of the team. That can’t be done in one or two off seasons. But I think they have at least started down a better path.

    BTW, TIM RUSKELL …thanks for destroying a team that should have competed for years……worse GM ever. Did I mention that I think Tim Ruskell SUCKS?

  8. I put the QB situation on Ruskell as well.
    He took Curry with the 4th pick, I guess he didn’t even bother to look at Josh Freeman!
    It’s just nice to know that Ruskell is now in Chicago helping them work up a draft board…What will it be? A 5’8″ CB; an undersized DE; maybe a center to play guard?
    Good luck Chicago! You think Angelo is a tool, just wait tell you get a load of TIMMYAA!

  9. They could trade hasselbeck to Cleveland . Probably get a 3 rd pick. And still draft mallet or the other big name qb’s that are going to fall.

  10. Matt Hasselbeck – Are we really going to ignore such obvious decline? Don’t get me wrong, I love the guy, but he no longer has a place on this re-building, talent deficient team. Adequate, sure, but what good is adequate on a team that needs so much more? Let him go. Let him go have moderate success on a finished team that can use him. The Seahawks need to look to the future. (We love you, Matt!)

    Chuck Whitehurst – Not sure what to do here. The Chuck signing was a Jeremy Bates “thing” (big arm, mobile). He didn’t impress many in his first year, but 2 games is such a small sample size. 2 games might be enough for Darrell Bevell, though. I doubt he possesses the sort of skill set that Bevell prioritizes. In the end, he’s still under contract and I presume he’ll remain under contract as a back up.

    Brandon Mebane – It would KILL me to see this guy leave. Rarely over-matched and always disruptive. Young. Please Lord, keep him.

    Washingon, Brock, Mare – Washington would be an asset to any team on special teams and I’m willing to bet some team could make better use of him out of the backfield (and probably give him more money than the Seahawks are willing to). He’s gone.
    Brock really came on strong at the end of the season. Spelling Clemons and working opposite of him on the line both proved to be a serious problem against a passing offense. As long as Seattle stays with the “Leo” idea, I hope it keeps Brock around. How do you evaluate the worth of a kicker? # of field gulls made per attempt and kickoff ability, I guess. Either way, I see no reason not to offer a contract to Mare and sign him under reasonable terms.

    Chris Spencer, Max Unger – Neither are safe. Chris Spencer is a fine center that I doubt the Seahawks would ever consider letting go on a non-contract year. Max Unger probably isn’t “gone”, but is not going to be guaranteed a starting spot. Dude was constantly over-matched, although rarely beaten. I challenge anyone to show me a game where Unger didn’t live in the backfield. A good football IQ will only go so far; Unger needs to bulk up… plain and simple. Even then, do you REALLY think he’s a Tom Cable guy?

    Locklear, Andrews, Jennings, Hill – Gone, gone, gone (hopefully), gone.

  11. Menane won’t help Seattle win any games.
    Hasselbeck won’t help Seattle win any games.
    God won’t help Seattle win any games.

    Time to clean house. Draft Jake Locker (A Washington native).
    And build around him.

  12. The Hawks need to realize it wasn’t the off cord making bad decisions, over/under throwing recievers all yr long, thats all on Hassleback……YET! lets bring in J.Locker, who cant hit a barn from 10 ft away as his stock crashes faster than market. Makes sense for a franchise and fan base satisfied so easily by mediocrity, unless you like WNBA!

  13. First off, you have to give John Schneider and Pete Carroll some credit here. They had more roster moves than any other team this last season trying to polish the turd that’s better known as the Tim Ruskell era.

    Although I love my Seahawks, I also know that there are plenty of holes to fill on that roster. I think on the QB side, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Whitehurst let go. He blew it on short and intermediate passes, which comprises much of the WCO. I’d like the Seattle FO get gutsy and make a run at Kolb. With the first draft pick being at 25, are they really going to get a franchise QB at that spot? I want to see what kind of wheeling and dealing the FO does, and acquire Kolb.

    Re-sign Mebane, bring back Hasselbeck (let him wrestle Kolb for the starting job), get an OL or two in FA, and then draft using the best player available philosophy (don’t reach in the draft to fill a need).

    I think doing that will go a long way in turning the Hawks around.

  14. the hawks need to be aggressive in free agency when ever that is.. we have to many holes to fill than just to rely on the draft.. we need to go after people like richard marshel carl nicks and tyson clabo to keep this team on top of the west… also everyone seen what hasselbeck can do when he is given protection… he ripped the saints defence apart and if are wideouts had of been able to catch the ball against the bears he would have done the same.. i think he still has a fair bit left in the tank..

  15. It’s hard for me to understand why seahawk fans would want to go after Kolb after the Whitehurst debacle. We grossly overpaid for an unproven guy with little to no experience and look what happened this year. Why repeat the process with Kolb?! Plus we’d have to give up A LOT more to get him that wouldn’t allow us to fill all of the holes we currently have on this team. Let the cardinals piss away their future picks to get him. We are not just a qb away from seriously contending so going after Kolb would severely draw out our rebuilding process.

    We need to resign Matt and get him help up front….whether via the draft or free agency, if and when it happens. Matt’s not a long term answer, obviously, but he will do wonders in the locker room along with mentoring a young qb. Arguably, none of the qb’s coming out in the draft this yr are ready to start and be competitive at this level. I like Christian Ponder in the later rounds and with Matt’s leadership, he could develop into a very good qb. We need to draft an OL or DE in the 1st this yr or trade back and acquire more picks.

  16. @mulehead
    The Hawks have more pressing needs than wasting a 1st round draft pick on Kolb. Who is nothing more than a Hasselbeck Clone. Kolbs career stats resembles Matt’s over the last 3 years. 2100yds 11TD, 14 Int and 9 fumbles. And he isn’t the most mobile QB. We might as well stick with Hasselcrack for another year.

    The Hawks more pressing needs are CB, DL OL and then QB. The 25th pick should be used on one of the stud OL if one should fall to them. If not, the best available CB or DL. Like Akeem Ayers of UCLA can play DE/OLB.

    I am an admitted Hasselbeck Fanboi. But the only way the should resign Matt is a one year deal at a team discount. If not, let him go. Yes, he ate up the Saints and could have done the same to the Bears if it weren’t for the wideouts. But Hasselbeck is pathetic during the regular season and has been for the last 3 years.

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