Rodney Harrison thinks less contact in practice isn’t the answer to an 18-game season

Rodney Harrison of Football Night in America joined PFT Live on Tuesday for a spirited look at various issues from around the league.

On the question of possibly expanding the season to 18 games, Rodney was clear.  He’s against it.

But what about the possibility that enough changes can be made to the league’s annual practice schedule to balance out the total physical toll on the body?  Rodney thinks it won’t work.

“In shorts, in the summer, everyone looks good,” Harrison said.  “And you’ve got to have contact because you get guys that look like Superman . . . without pads on.  You know, they run around, they look good.  Very muscular, fast.  They look great.  But all of a sudden they put these pads on, and it’s like a woman wearing a skirt.

“You have to be able to hit in training camp.  Does that mean you have to play four or five games in training camp?   I don’t believe you have to, but you’ve still got o play at least a couple games in training camp, because you’re still looking at young players.  It’s going to really hurt the young players, the rookies and guys trying to make a team because if you go out and get a veteran free agent you already know he can play, you know he can hit.  But these rookies, these guys from these smaller schools that aren’t getting drafted in the high rounds, you’ve still got to give them an opportunity.  So I really think it hurts these guys.  You have to hit, that’s what football’s about.”

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8 responses to “Rodney Harrison thinks less contact in practice isn’t the answer to an 18-game season

  1. “Rodney Harrison thinks less contact in practice isn’t the answer to an 18-game season” Rodney recommends a few needles in the rear.

  2. The entire 18-game premise is just a bluff by the owners anyway. They just threw that out there knowing how ridiculous it was and that it would be soundly rejected.

    This is just one of the reasons we now hear them whining that the NFLPA isn’t bargaining in “good faith”, you know, right after they stomped out of the meeting room and then decided not to return.

  3. Pushing Rodney out front and center to wax poetic about how the game should be played is like having Charlie Sheen teach a seminar about how to go out and just have an enjoyable evening.

  4. well rodney, put the uniform back on or just shut up! if your not playing it’s not your decision, another cheap shot artist with a big mouth!!!

  5. Rodney’s right.
    There’s going to be some seriously bad looking football out there at the beginning of the season (as it is the first two-three weeks are fairly sloppy and misleading as to later team quality) if they add 2 reg season games and delete two preseason games and cut down the offseason stuff. For QUALITY of the games, 16 + 4 preseason is just right.

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