Strahan could be a candidate to replace Regis

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As Regis Philbin moves closer to retirement, an unlikely name has emerged as a potential replacement.

Michael Strahan.

Strahan’s close friend, Rich “Big Daddy” Salgado of Coastal Advisors, posted a message on Twitter over the weekend claiming that Strahan is a candidate.  If Strahan truly is a candidate, Salgado would know.

Salgado’s tweet was “re-tweeted” by Bob Glauber of Newsday, but the news has not crept into the mainstream, yet.

Strahan retired from the NFL after the 2007 season, and he has since worked for FOX NFL Sunday.  He also starred in a short-lived sitcom.  (The failure of FOX’s Brothers had far less to do with Strahan’s acting than with the quality of the writing.)

It’s unknown whether Strahan would continue to work for FOX during the football season, and whether Jay Glazer would appear on the show promoting a coffee table workout book about working out with coffee tables.

14 responses to “Strahan could be a candidate to replace Regis

  1. While yucking it up on the Fox pre-game show may make him likeable, lets not forget that this is the guy who spied (peeped) on his sister-in-law while she dresssed. I’m not sure that blends with Regies target veiwers…

  2. This would be a TERRIBLE hire. Can you see America warming up to this guy? What would they talk about all the time?…..the way this guy mistreated his ex-wife? Their bitter divorce? How he wasn’t the most popular guy on the Giants?

    I just couldn’t see there being good chemistry between him and Kelly. This would doom the show for sure.

  3. My “good friend” can tweet that I’m being considered to replace Regis as well …… doesn’t mean it’s legit.

    Seriously, replace Regis Philbin with Michael Strahan?????


    The next interesting thing Strahan says will be his first.

  4. why is someone re-tweeting news? They guy thought it was interesting and re-posted a message. That doesn’t count towards the validity of the original message.

  5. Michael thinks quick on his feet.
    He had many interesting takes on BDSS.
    Especially after BDSS, you could see he had talent waiting to be used well.
    He doesn’t come across as the usual jock. Arnold S. said his talent was in not taking anything serious – which is what Michael comes across as.
    I would disregard anything that his ex-wife/d.bag lawyer brought up – even she admitted she didn’t tell the truth (a lawyer not tell the truth? naahhh! ).

  6. I just Tweeted myself that it will be Rich Eisen replacing Regis.

    (Of course, I don’t have an account with Twitter, but it sounds better than the Strahan story, eh?)

  7. Salgado’s an idiot! Using other people’s fortunes to buy business, personal relationships and adding to his already huge physique. Let the Pro’s handle this one Big Daddy!

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