Zorn set to join Chiefs

Jim Zorn was fired by the Ravens after the 2010 season.  The team that lost at home to the Ravens in the playoffs apparently was impressed with his work.

We’re hearing that Zorn will be joining the Kansas City Chiefs.

Zorn presumably will fill the currently vacant role of quarterbacks coach, serving as the primary buffer between quarterback Matt Cassel and coach Todd Haley.

Whether and to what extent Zorn — or anyone, for that matter — can coexist with Haley remains to be seen.

UPDATE:  And it’s official.  The Chiefs have announced that he’ll be the quarterbacks coach.

21 responses to “Zorn set to join Chiefs

  1. What does this mean for Sirianni? I thought him to be a fairly young assistant with a bright upside. I don’t recall seeing him leave the team but I could have missed it. I’m surprised they’d let him go if he had the potential to be an OC in the future.

  2. hopefully Zorn does well with Cassell and the chiefs keep him on…

    getting fired from 2 teams in 2 years doesn’t look too good, but getting let go by 3 teams who all had young developing qbs, that would be pretty awful for his career…especially since developing qbs was supposedly his specialty

  3. “wheresmyjuice says:
    Feb 15, 2011 11:14 AM
    From Weis to Zorn? Holy downgrade batman.

    Consider me off the Chiefs bandwagon. This team’s in for a huge step back next season.”

    Wrong… Zorn is a great QB coach research his track record and the QB’s performances with Zorn. All of their career years were under Zorn.

  4. I don’t consider it much of a downgrade if you consider zorn isn’t calling any plays, just working with Cassell. If you remember Flacco had career highs in every stat this year and went off publicly on the front office when Zorn wasn’t retained. He raved about Zorn and his ability to help the QB! I like the hire and Zorn did something ol motor scooter Charlie never did, actually play in the NFL.

  5. @joemontana

    = agreed

    Zorn is a great qb coach. Knows the game well. The chiefs continue to make all the right moves. I was really hoping the fins got Zorn to help Henne along. But instead we made a wide receivers coach the qb coach. Now that makes total sense (not)!

    Theres nothing like a qb coach that played the game!

  6. Zorn may not be a HC but he is a great QB Coach, the Ravens turned over almost their entire O-fensive staff, and also their DC. I think this is a great move for KC. He’s definately the classic “good cop” to offset …..

  7. It doesn’t remain to be seen if anyone can work with Haley. He kept everyone on his staff save one guy. He can apparently work with one of the best GM’s in professional football.

    I always clamor for more talk about teams in the midwest like the Chiefs. Kansas City, a playoff team, got 1/5 of the coverage than the Cowboys or Vikings did, despite the fact that those two teams were out of the playoff race before the halfway mark of the season.

    However, it’s also obvious that their neglect of covering teams like KC also means they have no idea what they are talking about. Perhaps a change to the name of the site. It’s not really pro football talk as you tend to cover less than half of the league with any extensive insight.

  8. It absolutely IS pro football talk. Whether or not it meets your criteria of “comprehensive” pro football talk is a matter of opinion. They talk about pro football, end of story.

  9. @wheresmyjuice

    Good. Get off the bandwagon and don’t come back. We don’t need fair weather fans like you. Also, Weis was the OC, Zorn is a QB coach. That’s a stupid comparison in so many ways.


    Exactly. Thank you!

  10. I like this move, remember where Zorn was HC, I’m still not certain he couldnt do the job.

    Not for nothin, Haley has one more year to win me over. I see Cowher in our future.

  11. He actually took the Redskins to 6-2, winning back-to-back on the road over the Cowboys and Eagles….I am still wondering how it morphed into the disaster that it became for him in DC…..I think he just kept it simple offensively at first and once he tried to add more complicated schemes it didn’t work (Campbell) and then it fell apart, plus injuries, etc…

    Not to mention the HOF personnel man Vinny Cerrato he had getting talent for him.

  12. he sucked in dc because he stunk as an oc,and was an even worse head coach! he was not qualified to coach high school football,much less a pro team.but he was a class act,even when people were all around him talking crap,he never said a word back!ya gotta respect a guy who takes the high road like that!

  13. @malgorthewarrior

    I can appreciate the fact that your team didn’t get the national spotlight in their first winning season in forever, but as a fan of the Chiefs, you have to realize that they definitely aren’t going to outshine the debacle that was “America’s Team” and Farve. To think otherwise isn’t accepting reality.

    But congrats on Zorn. I’m a Ravens fan, so I’ve seen both the good and bad (Skins) of Zorn. He’s going to be a good fit for Cassel.

  14. burgandyandgold says:
    Feb 15, 2011 12:34 PM
    He did wonders for Jason Campbell…not.

    You can’t shine a turd……

  15. After watching Flacco carve them in that 1st-round playoff matchup this year, the Chiefs make a pretty obvious landing place for Zorn. Flacco looked incredible in that game, and he credited Zorn with a lot of his improvement.

    Good move by the Chiefs.

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