Joe Banner: Andy Reid can win multiple Super Bowls

Eagles President Joe Banner joined Howard Eskin on WIP Wednesday and tried to dispel the feeling in Philadelphia that the clock is ticking on Andy Reid’s time in Philadelphia.

Banner says the team believes Reid gives them the best shot to win the Super Bowl and that anyone that has been around Reid believes the coach is good enough to win a title.

“Sometimes its baffling he hasn’t won a Super bowl, multiple Super Bowls,” Banner remarked.  “I’m very confident he’s very capable of winning multiple Super Bowls.  I’m shocked it hasn’t happened.”

With that said, Banner doesn’t believe Reid lacks some magical quality that Super Bowl winning coaches possess.

“A year ago, everyone was saying ‘Mike Shanahan, he’s won two Super Bowls,”‘  Banner said.  “Well, now he’s down in Washington.  And if you could trade Andy Reid for Mike Shanahan, I don’t know anybody that wouldn’t keep Andy Reid.”

Boom.  Roasted.

It’s worth noting the Eagles President threw in the comment as an aside and certainly not as some premeditated trash talk.

It was just Banner speaking the truth, and we doubt many people around the NFL would disagree with him.

64 responses to “Joe Banner: Andy Reid can win multiple Super Bowls

  1. I wouldn;t have traded Shanny for Reid ever, but I woulda traded McNabb, Chad lewis and Duce Staley for Elway, Shannon Sharpe, and Terrell Davis. Straight up. Count the rings in Philly then.

  2. “It was just Banner speaking the truth, and we doubt many people around the NFL would disagree with him.”

    And why would that be? Who would you rather have a guy who’s won two superbowls or the guy who can’t win one?

  3. Too bad nobody heard it, since he went on Eskin’s show.

    I guess Eskin is back to be a complete party hack for the Birds in a sad effort to get some relevancy back in the Philly sports world.

    Did he give Joe a footrub while the “interview” (or, more accurately, the reading of his press release) occurred.

  4. When the Eagles hit rock bottom, Reid will have 3 years after that.

    A Super Bowl is not a priority on this team. As Joe stated clearly…it is only one among many (having good leadership, making money, and saving wayward QB’s).

    Flyers will win a title before the Eagles do.

    Phillies will win their 3rd before the Eagles win their first.

    76ers will be in a Conference Finals before the Eagles win their first.

  5. It ain’t baffling to us Eagle fans, Joe. Bad clock management, pissing away timeouts, allergic to running the ball, and never having a Plan B when his precious gameplan goes in the toilet. Need any more reasons why he hasn’t gotten it done? Gruden should have been brought in here to finish the job (like he did for Tampa) years ago.

  6. The only thing him and shanahan will have in common after 2011 will be that they both got FIRED as an NFL coach.

    This is how they differ though,

    Shanahan won 2 super bowls and could have picked any head coaching job he wanted bringing down 10 mil a year. Andy Reid will be lucky to score an OC job bringing home 750 grand.

  7. I’d take Shanahan over fatboy 8 days a week. Why is Reid so clear cut over Shanahan? Reid has been schizo the way he has handled the last few years, waffling on many topics.

    Sure, he apparently one upped Shanahan on the McNabb trade but so what? Scoreboard- Shanahan wins.

    Also, this may not come out right, but it is a valid point to say that Reid’s personal life is a disaster…his weight, his kids. Last I checked Shanahan has his house in order.

  8. Keep talking Banner. Your moronic fan base knows Reid will never win a super bowl…Win one before you talk smack on a team that has three sitting in the case. Idiot Eagle fans know, deep in their hearts, that once The Danny learns how to be an owner (which he is) that the Redskins will win super bowls again while they have that scared, druken puppy dog look of confusion that the season is over, again.

  9. Reid is a good coach philly people are just unreasonable,mcnabb took you to 3 or 4 nfc title games and 1 superbowl…….nuff said!Get a real qb (not mike vick who wont make it to week 8 next year without getting hurt and youll get your title!

  10. Shanahan won two Super Bowls coaching John Elway and Terrel Davis. But there’s been a lot of coaches with talented players who never won a single Super Bowl ( i.e. San Diego).

    At the end of the day Andy Reid couldn’t carry Shanahan’s jock strap. Until he actually wins the Super Bowl Banner should cut the trash talk.

  11. Shanahan is a bum coach. He sucked in Los Angeles got fired, and he suck in Denver after Dan Reeves players retired or left and got fired.

    Instead of Shanahan coaching this year, he was more focused on winning the war between him and Albert Haynesworth.

  12. Shanahan knew the importance of running the football (Davis), and he had a HOF pocket passer (Elway).

  13. rcunningham says:
    Feb 16, 2011 6:20 PM
    Shanny had John Elway.

    Reid doesn’t.
    Shanny didn’t just have Elway. He coached up Elway. He also developed one of the best running games in modern history.
    What has Reid accomplised??

  14. Yeah, all it took for Shanahan to win two Super Bowls was a HOF, generational great QB, an innovative and excellent OL coach and a RB having one of the best 5 year bursts of production in NFL history.

    Andy Reid has an ex-con QB and a soft, under-sized defense. What’s the hold up, Andy?!

    This guy is a knucklehead…

  15. Why is it so difficult to understand? Can A/R’s players respect a man that can’t control his own brood? How can they listen to strength and conditioning while looking at “Wimpy,” a hamburger king. Obviously it won’t be stated in a fragile employment enviornment, but reality is truth. Gruden? He took Dungy’s team to the S/B. Dungy is our man!!! He can and is familiar with a weak defense and Q/B orientated team… Maybe it’s time to reconsider Banner…

  16. This site continually makes me embarrassed to be an Eagles fan. And not because of the overblown thuggish behavior, which is mostly a myth. Because of the opinions.

    If the Eagles ever win a Super Bowl with Andy Reid, the best part will be watching these clowns eat their words.

  17. Talk about setting the bar LOW! Shanahan won ONE playoff game without Elway. I’ll bet Eagles fans would love to have Mike Tomlin Oenone of the NEW guard of NFL coaches.

  18. It’s just a coincidence i assume that Banner is now going on this whirlwind media tour, at the exact time the Phils are reporting for spring training….He hasn’t said a damn thing since the season ended without a title….AGAIN. But now he’s suddenly Mr. Interview….Face it Larry, you Moe and Curly aren’t winning a damn thing, and everyone in Philly knows it…

  19. Shanahan is incredibly overrated. He won two superbowls on the back of several Hall of Fame players and had little success without them.

    Shanahan had nothing to do with Elway’s late career success, since Elway started getting his act together two years before Shanahan arrived (his second highest rated year was in 1993 with a rating of 92.8; Shanahan wouldn’t join the team until 1995).

    Shanahan’s career winning percentage is .585. Reid’s is .617.

    Shanahan has made it to the playoffs 7 times in 17 seasons. That’s a .411 record.

    Reid on the other hand has made it to the playoffs 9 times in 12 years. That’s a .750 record.

    With Elway as his quarterback, Shanahan went 7-1 in the playoffs. Without Elway he went 1-4! That’s a stark considering he only coached Elway for three years. The other 14 years he went 1-4 in the playoffs. That’s abysmal. Without his two superbowl years his statistics look subpar.

    If Reid could somehow be talked out of his pass-crazy schemes he might be a great coach. Not saying he’s a HOF coach, but it’s hard to argue that Shanahan did anything but ride Elway’s coat tails.

  20. Hahahahaha, what is the hold up then? For years the Eagles had great D and enough O and could not win one. Now they have great O and ok D. I think if they had a real shot to win a SB, it was this year! Vick will not give them what he gave last year again.

  21. of course banner would go on eskin’s show. eskin gives layup questions to anyone working for the eagles. go on the morning show and answer their questions, banner you coward.

  22. shanahan won 2 super bowls with elway and did little with any other quarterback there or washington one year.

    reid has no elway. besides he will never win one let alone 2 as fat as he is.

  23. Banner is an idiot and the eagles are a joke franchise that makes suree they teach the heimlech to any new hires because all they do is choke!

  24. Anyone else get the feeling that regardless of who starts at QB and RB for this team, Reid calls the game like we still have McNabb and Westbrook back there!?

    1. QB throws 40+ times
    2. RB gets less than 15 carries
    3. RB leads team in receptions

    I don’t see any rings on Andy’s fat fingers so perhaps we should thoroughly consider changing the culture of this offense…

  25. Lurie and banner are turning Philly into a big baseball town. As for Eskin, an oversized ego in an undersized man, he’s been the Eagles shill for years.

  26. ROFL. *wiping away tears*

    Might want to work on getting that first one before talking about winning multiple rings.

  27. Reid has probably been the most successful coach in the history of the Eagles and he gets respect throughout the league. Clock management was and continues to be a McNabb problem. Ask Shanny. Reid understands that in order to win a lot they must have a solid pass offense and pass defense. They couldn’t play pass defense last year…..

  28. If Reid could somehow be talked out of his pass-crazy schemes he might be a great coach. Not saying he’s a HOF coach, but it’s hard to argue that Shanahan did anything but ride Elway’s coat tails.
    There were a lot of pretty good players that Shanny developed other than Elway.
    He’s not done much lately but he certainly has done more than Reid. What has Reid accomplished?

  29. “If Reid could somehow be talked out of his pass-crazy schemes..”
    That is one of the reasons Reid is overrated and no man in his right mind would trade Shanahan for him.

  30. @706vet: Only one problem bro, there we are with no timeouts, down late and up against the clock with the QB forced to chuck it up and pray. Naturally, the season ends with an INT. Again. Sound familiar? Only this time with McNabb about 100 miles away from the Linc. Different quarterback, same sh*t. Do the math… Granted, he’s won a lot of games and yeah, it’s nice to always be in the playoff picture but this guy’s warts CANNOT be ignored.

  31. I heard part of the interview; Banner was his usual delusional self. He actually tried to claim that the Eagles have been just as successful as the Steelers over the past decade!!

    (paraphrasing here):
    “Both teams have made it to multiple championship games, the Eagles in fact have been to more conference title games, while the Steelers have a couple of Super Bowls.”

    Only in the fantasy land of Joe Banner does 1 win and 4 losses in NFC title games equate with 2 Super Bowl wins.

  32. Eskin…Is he still on…Dang, he use to be on AM radio in Philly. Where is that bum now Sirius ?
    Wow, Eskin is bad, real bad. You use to call his AM show and he would holler at you and call you names…no joke…And they paid him for that..
    Oh, The Eagles are a joke,,And LIAR Reid is pathetic….The Only good thing in Philly is the Flyers & Phillies.

  33. I respect Reid, but I respected Dan Reeves too. Now Dan couldn’t get it done and so far Andy hasn’t either. Can he? No idea I can’t tell the future, but it doesn’t look good.

  34. Banner might want to wait until Reid wins, you know, ONE Super Bowl, before he starts talking nonsense like this?

  35. Ain’t it funny how the Eagle fans dump on their management, while Pat fans adore theirs because they had the guts to cheat.

  36. Shanahan’s resume-

    Won 2 Super Bowls with Terrell Davis and Dan Reeves draft picks

    Salary Cap fraud

    Offensive line was small but they were known for chop blocking.

    The NFL put an end to all the illegal Shanigans, and Shanabum has only been a mediocre coach. He got fired after he couldn’t get in the playoffs, and couldn’t win a division title in a weak AFC West at that time. He was fired twice, not because he was a great coach, he got fired because of losing.

  37. i didnt know bandit oh im sorry banner and rex ryan was related or they just sound alike…its 5 rings in d.c. 3 skins 2 shanahan. eagles 0!!!!

  38. Here are the facts:
    Shanahan has been a poor GM but a great coach.
    Other than terell da is he’s coaxed 1000 yard seasons from mediocre RBs. He’s generally regarded as one of the most innovative coaches (just ask elway or young).

    Meanwhile, eagles mgmt have drafted pretty good talent Reid has coached them pretty average.
    That is why you can see all the poor game management and getting pass heavy etc.

    Right now redskins are poor on talent and that is why Shanahan is a punching bag. But if they draft well watch Shanahan coach them well.

    No one in their right mind would trade Shanahan for Reid. Reid is not innovative and regularly gets outcoached in big games. Hence the lack of hardware, despite talented teams.

  39. Why is it that the press talks every year about Tom Coughlin’s “late-season collapses” yet fails to mention that Andy Reid has had a late season collapse EVERY year he’s been a head coach?

    At least Coughlin has a ring.

  40. WTF! Skins will take Mike Shanahan over fat ass Andy Reid any day. He would have won a Superbowl if he kept T.O. instead of panicking. Now, the youngest team in the NFL does not win championships. Andy should know that.

  41. Ban-nac The Magnificent

    The Eagles are the gold standard.
    The Eagles can make an O line coach a DC
    Andy Reid can win multiple Super Bowls.

    Give three examples of Eagles arrogance.

  42. fmwarner…

    If spiting the fans is what drives the team to win a Super Bowl, I am all for it. Please, win to spite me.

    At least that dynamic will move “winning a championship” from priority 1G to 1A.

    At least we’ll have known that we, as fans, actually got this organization to get focused and committed to winning something of note. Seriously…who even remembers those NFC title games at this point?

    Who could care about losing so many NFC title games as favorites at home? Maybe Jake Delhomme and Joe Jurevicius remember them fondly. Me? Not so much.

    Weren’t we all going to cry when McNabb left and took the Skins to a SB while we went 4-12? How did that prediction turn out?


    And went to one.


    Andy lost most of those title games as a fave. At home.

    Let’s talk facts…OK?

  44. I’ll give the guy a pass on this shot at Shanahan. He obviously still loves Donovan McNabb and feels he was treated very shabbily, and unprofessionally by “the Brothers Shanahan” last year. And he would be right. Plus Donovan brought much success to the Eagles during his run (including multiple conference championships and a SuperBowl visit). So I understand his angst with Shanahan.

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