Champ Bailey and the Broncos re-start contract talks

The off and on Champ Bailey contract negotiations in Denver are back on.

“He’s a guy we definitely want to bring back,” coach John Fox told Mike Klis of the Denver Post, saying there have been “discussions” between the two sides.   “You never know how things like that work out, but we’re moving forward as best we know how.”

Any contract talks are rare in this labor climate.  It seems like you have to be a marginal asset (like a Ravens specialist) or a future Hall of Famer (like Peyton Manning or Bailey) to get a contract offer these days.

This is a very tricky deal for the Broncos.  Bailey is coming off a strong season, but he’s turning 33 years old.

The Broncos badly need to keep him for a beleaguered defense.  On the other hand, Bailey would seemingly fit better on a contending team that could pay him huge money over the next 2-3 years.

Will Bailey still be effective by the time the Broncos are any good?

12 responses to “Champ Bailey and the Broncos re-start contract talks

  1. “Will Bailey still be effective by the time the Broncos are any good?”

    That depends on whether he can play into his 60’s or not.

  2. To be fair, he’s 33 and his choices are more along the lines of “get paid” or “play for a contender”, not get paid to play for a “contending team that could pay him huge money over the next 2-3 years”

  3. Champ is smart, he knows the Broncos are willing to pay him the most money because he’s a fan favorite and John Elway is doing his best to get the fans back on board right now after last season.

  4. There have been some rumors about Green Bay as a potential landing site if he makes it to FA. GB is loaded 3 deep with good CBs but Woodson could shift to Safety and Tramon Williams could take over cover the Slot. It would be a good option for Bailey in my opinion but I doubt the Packers would pay him what he would get elsewhere…he would have to give them a discount.

  5. Broncos should try to keep him, but I think they go 5-11 next year even if he is there.
    I reserve the right to retract this prediction if/when Tebow is named as the starting QB. He is such a wild card who knows what could happen.

  6. I’m not so naive to think that he is a lock to be a Bronco, but it would be nice.

    I think he can easily play CB for at least two years and finish as a safety for an additional three provided he remains relatively healthy.

    But sure the talks have been on again and off again, thanks to Joshie’s awful dealings. But now that Josh in STL, these talks are in fact the first invloving the new regime and Champ. Hopefully they’ll reach a nice accord.

    Either way, we Bronco fans have been spoiled rotten having this guy on our team.

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