Chuck Cecil interviews with Steelers


A month after he was let go as defensive coordinator of the Titans, Chuck Cecil is trying to catch on with another AFC team.

Cecil is interviewing with the Steelers for the job of secondary coach, ESPN is reporting.

Before he was fired last month, Cecil had spent a decade as an assistant to Jeff Fisher in Tennessee, first as defensive quality control coach, then as safeties and nickel backs coach, then as defensive backs coach and finally as defensive coordinator.

Cecil was a safety for the Packers, Cardinals and Oilers in the 1980s and 1990s. In 1993 he became the poster boy for the NFL’s crackdown on helmet-to-helmet hits, landing him on a Sports Illustrated cover that asked, “Is Chuck Cecil Too Vicious for the NFL?

If Cecil gets the Pittsburgh job he’ll surely have some interesting conversations with James Harrison.

20 responses to “Chuck Cecil interviews with Steelers

  1. Just another great move by a great team…

    Pats Steelers always doing things that I wish my favorite team would do… Win and set the team up to win more in the future.

  2. He would be an excellent addition. The move could be viewed as an insurance policy in case Butler cannot outlast D.L.

  3. Anything to provide a spark to that secondary will be good imo. Be great to see Crezdon Butler make the field this year.

  4. @Jack Burton …

    The only thing that can provide a spark to the secondary will be a top-of-the-line corner. We were blessed that Sean Kugler could make the proverbial silk purse out of a sow’s ear with the o-line. But when you’re trying to keep pace one-on-one with a Wallace-type receiver, no amount of coaching magic can make up for being too slow and too clumsy. Ike is a solid corner, but he needs to be the number two to a Revis.

    Please Mr. Colbert, two words: Nnambi Asomugha. For once, let the Steelers play in the deep end of the free-agent pool and concentrate our draft on the o-line and other defensive positions.

    As for Cecil … sure wish we’d talked to Rod Woodson before he signed with the Raiders.

  5. …not a chance – the STEELERS are of a higher class than cecil


    Yup, Big Jen comes to mind!

  6. The two best helmet to helmet hit guys in the league, past and present, with one organization. Chuck Cecil and James Harrison.

  7. I’ve seen that picture posted at schools, playgrounds and community centers. Had no idea it was Chuck Cecil.

  8. @ Deb

    You are right on the money. A true shut down corner, with our pass rush? Oh boy! We need OL in the first three picks.

  9. excellent call but something needs to happen with the corners. Gay was abused in the S.B bryant mcfadden has probably taken 10 years of most steeler fans life expectancy far far too unreliable and im worried young players like butler and lewis hav’nt seen action yet if they were good enough surely they’d have played but hopefully there is time yet for them especially butler.

    Bottom line is we need to throw tradition out the window get asomugha = new secondary…..then in an ideal world sacrifice a later round pick even the 2nd to get in front of chicago and whoever else neccessary to get mike pouncey. secondary and o-line sorted with colon back. dont think we could ask much more out of colbert and tomlin

  10. I was real disappointed when we were in the market for a db coach and missed out on Woodson…..but Cecil,philosophically,is a great fit for the Steelers. The reason Cecils’ career kinda fizzled toward the end wasn’t because he was “too vicious”…please….While he DEFINITELY brought the wood, he wasn’t a very good or sure tackler,when opponents figured that out,he got exposed

  11. @ Deb

    Completely agree but like you eluded to there’s no way they’ll even try going after him. But I’m right there with you.
    If nothing else if we can get Kugler to work his magic on say another Pouncey I’d be happy with that.
    I’d be happy with Keenan Lewis hitting the field too but he’s been his own worst enemy with his bonehead play on special teams. I can’t imagine what kind of damage he would do starting in the secondary.

  12. this is great news…ryan clark just got real excited wherever he is…

    cecil is far better than ray horton…he did fine with what he had, but I’d rather have Cecil…

    Way to take the worst aspect of our defense to Arizona, Wiz…counting down the time till you’re out of there.


  13. @ Deb

    There is no way the Steelers would even consider signing Nnamdi. He commands money that would not allow us to sign other key role players. There is a reason that teams that consistently make splashes in free agency are consistently bad. The steelers need to get young and should take a corner in round one of the draft. In fact, they should have done it years ago. Ike is a better corner then he gets credit for. I will say it again, Troy is the fundamental reason why the steelers secondary has been weak. Yes, he will provide you with a game changing play here and there, but he’s not consistent and gets burned more often than you think. A conventional safety would make this defense better than it already is.

    As far as the O-line is concerned, I think they played just fine this year with what they had. We will be fine when max and the rest are back and healthy next year.

  14. the steelers need to concentrate of the o-line, colon will return but starks is injury prone and adams Im not sure should be brought back he is 34 and his pass protection footwork is a liability. a guard and tackle are our big needs as well as a middle linebacker. sorry but farrior has slowed to point now that he is becoming somewhat a liability. the d-line also needs some youth infused into it as well. the steelers have the cap room to sign a top corner and bailey I think is a better fit than namdhi. next yr though they will have troy, and woodley to resign, which for me the priority is woodley. love troy but the guy stays hurt too much and guesses way too much which puts him out of position on a lot of plays. maybe draft a safety in the middle rds who might be able to step in next yr if troy leaves.

  15. Ryan Mundy has proven to be a capable replacement to troy at safety. i agree with farrior slowing a bit, but larry foote is still here and should provide quality play at the position. Also stevenson slyvester is the most overlooked linebacker on this team…the steelers would have liked to practice squad him but were too afraid of some bum team signing him (as seen by thaddeus gibson). I’d like corner, d line, o line addressed most this draft. And a late safety/linebacker with upside would be nice.

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