Matt Light: NFL labor talks in “a bad state”


Patriots player representative Matt Light has said in the past that he agrees with owner Robert Kraft that a deal between the owners and players could get done quickly if the two sides would just sit down and talk, without the lawyers.

But Light doesn’t sound optimistic anymore.

“Look, at this point, believe nothing that you hear and none of which you see. I just think it’s a bad state right now,” Light told Karen Guregian of the Boston Herald. “It’s a bunch of people who are arguing over points that have nothing to do with what’s at the heart of the matter. Unfortunately, all the players and fans and everyone that’s affiliated through the NFL in some way and some shape, they’re all being affected by it. And that’s a lot of people. That’s not just the players. That’s not just the owners. That’s a huge industry that’s wrapped around a lot of good people (who) at the end of the day just want to see a deal get done.”

According to Light, a lockout is coming that will affect players not just in March, but likely for many months after that. And he’s advising other players to act accordingly.

“[H]ang in there, hang tight, don’t go out there and spend foolishly,” he said. “And understand you need to have a few more reserves in the tank than you did in the past.”

15 responses to “Matt Light: NFL labor talks in “a bad state”

  1. I am suffering from CBA fatigue. Enough already. Let me know when you have a deal. Until then, go Phils.

  2. So Matt Light says the labor situation is in a bad state.
    The owners say the players are less willing than they are to negotiate.

    “Bad state!”
    “Less willing!”
    “Bad state!”
    “Less willing!”

    What’s old is new again.

  3. Say to the owners and the players – “I want one representative for each of you who is licensed to make an agreement to come into this room and sit down and talk this thing out – you will be locked in here until you do.

    “BTW – those delicious trinkets you’ve been gobbling for the last few minutes – they’ve got ex-lax in them.”

  4. I reluctantly purchased season tickets for a team (which will remain nameless). Suddenly my level of urgency just went up.

  5. sounds like everything else in this country, i right your wrong, you said, he said, i’m not changing my mind! just take a year off and cool down, there is life without football!

  6. It can get done if more players would put pressure on Mawae. By the way, shouldn’t the president of the NFLPA be an active player. Just wondering.

  7. Where is Hugh Culverhouse when we really need him?

    If he was still around, he’d have all the owners except Jerry Jones and maybe one or two others file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

    And how does the union “win” if the NFL is down to eight teams in a couple of years, like it was in 1932?

  8. I am probably in the minority, but I for one hope there is replacement football followed by the union caving just like 1987. That led to 23 years of relative peace.

  9. You know, if somebody just locked Bob Kraft and Matt Light in a room, they’d probably come up in fairly short order with something that works for both of them. The problem is always going to be selling that to enough owners (and, to a lesser extent, players) that it actually goes through.

    Back-channel negotiations like that are probably the only way to save the season at this point — but I suspect that regardless of anything, the owners want to get out of Judge Doty’s supervision, which means they absolutely want to wait until after March 4. Even if they do a deal on March 5.

  10. Hang in there players and watch your money. Just know that all the working class people out there are scared for you.

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