McShay compares Gabbert to Rodgers, Newton to Big Ben

ESPN draft analyst Todd McShay hosted a Wednesday conference call, and was asked by Jim Corbett of USA Today to assess this year’s quarterback class in relation to Super Bowl XLV quarterbacks Aaron Rodgers and Ben Roethlisberger.

Corbett, specifically, asked McShay to relate Rodgers and Roethlisberger’s ability to “make plays outside the pocket against exotic blitzes” to the skills of Blaine Gabbert of Missouri and Cam Newton of Auburn.

“The more of those type of quarterbacks that come out and succeed in the NFL, the more willing NFL teams are to overlook some of the traditional aspects of the quarterback position,” said McShay. “Aaron Rodgers does everything pretty much by the book. … Ben is not quite as artistic, if you will, at the quarterback position.”

After calling Roethlisberger “not … the guy that’s studying the most tape and the first guy in the building and the last guy out of the building and understanding every little thing,” McShay likened Big Ben to Cam Newton.

McShay mentioned the “creativity” of Roethlisberger and Donovan McNabb as a characteristic that will help Newton’s draft stock, but called Newton’s character concerns and off-the-field issues “the biggest issue(s) in the draft right now.”

“With Gabbert, he’s more of an Aaron Rodgers type,” added McShay. “The understanding of the position, he’s gonna continue to improve in that area. Gabbert has a chance to become really technically sound. He shows great football intelligence.

“Obviously, we’re going to see these quarterbacks come off the board pretty quickly.”

16 responses to “McShay compares Gabbert to Rodgers, Newton to Big Ben

  1. Newton was the first person on the practice field and the last one during spring practice and in the summer he was out there throwing passes all day to WRs.

    I fail to see this claim that he won’t be that once he gets to the league.

    He has less body fat than any of those guys mentioned, too.

    Don’t compare him to fat lazy blobs like McNabb and Roethlisburger.

  2. quit with the he did this he did that at Auburn crap.

    NFL is a whole new world…stubbyjones got it right…..

    i dont doubt his ability, i just want to see him play in the NFL, only then with someone like D Ware or J Allen in your face and running you down will you know…

    only time will tell…

  3. McShay is a McMoron.

    The hyperbole gets worse and worse every year with this guy. PFT and other sites have reported that most experts loathe McShay is pissing in the wind. accurate.

    So you Cam Newton fans should proceed with caution. I’m not calling him a bust, but I’m not calling him the next (insert SB winning QB name here) either.

    If it were two other QBs in the SB, I’m sure McShay would have used those names in his comparison as well.

  4. McShay never has any idea what he’s talking about. Not saying he’s wrong in this case, but he knows about as much about these prospects as the average fan. He’s the same moron who predicted at one point that Jevan Snead would be the #1 pick in last year’s draft.

  5. And I compare McShay to the Lucky Charms guy….”Newton has clovers, horseshoes & rainbows”

  6. Newton doesn’t throw nearly as well as Roethlisberger. Yes, he was playing vs. other AQ schools for the most part, while Roethlisberger was mostly playing MAC schools, but Ben could throw all over the field with great authority. Newton really can’t do that at this point.

  7. burntorangehorn, i think that you’re confusing Newton with Vince Young. if you don’t think that Newton can throw it all over the field, that probably means that you haven’t seen him play. unlike Young, he has an NFL arm….it’s probably even better than Rothlisberger’s.

  8. Gabbert is more a composite of Roethlisberger and Rodgers. The best qualities of each.

    Newton is pretty much unique. I can’t think of anyone he resembles that much coming out. You’d probably have to go back to Randall Cunningham.

  9. I compare Todd McShay to Chelsea Handler.


    Strengths: Has blonde hair like Chelsea and ironically got on TV.

    Weaknesses: He doesn’t know squat land is taking away too much valuable air time like Handler.

  10. Be nice if they actually took a snap at the pro level…before you make comparisons like that!

  11. The Cowboys should pick Cam Newton the first chance they get. There is no one in this draft the Cowboys really need other then a back up QB, oh and a secondary. But that’s for another column

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