Plenty of time for Carson Palmer to change his mind

At the moment, Carson Palmer seems like a man who’s ready to leave Cincinnati for good. Palmer says he feels strongly that a separation is needed, he’s selling his house in Cincinnati, and he’s stating emphatically that he wants to be traded.

But that doesn’t mean Palmer won’t be a Bengal in 2011.

Peter King makes a case that it’s not over for Palmer in Cincinnati, noting that new offensive coordinator Jay Gruden will work hard at pitching Palmer on the Bengals’ new offense, and that Chad Ochocinco and Terrell Owens will probably both be gone whenever the 2011 season starts.

Gruden said last week that he wasn’t looking to get involved in Palmer’s situation, but that may simply be what Gruden thinks Palmer wants to hear now: After a frustrating 2010 season, Palmer doesn’t seem like he wants to hear from anyone involved with the Bengals right now.

With a lockout coming, however, every player in the league is about to have some time away from his team and his coaches. By the time the lockout ends, Palmer may have cooled off a bit, and may be ready to listen to what Gruden and Marvin Lewis have to say. And since Bengals owner Mike Brown sounds adamant that he wants to pay Palmer the nearly $50 million remaining on his contract over the next four years, maybe — just maybe — Palmer can be persuaded to stick around.

23 responses to “Plenty of time for Carson Palmer to change his mind

  1. If Carson wants to leave then let him. I’m a Carson fan but if he is not happy here, let him go. I cannot really blame him. Mike Brown needs to have a sit down with him and if he still wants to leave, get what you can and move on. An unhappy player is no help. If he leaves i wish him the best!

  2. Dear Mike Brown:

    Good luck trading him with no CBA in place.

    The other nutty team president in Ohio.

    Mike Holmgren

  3. I am also a Carson fan, but like d4cincy said, if he ain’t happy thank him for what he’s done here and trade him. Let him go to Seattle for the 25th pick so he and Carrol can reunite and use that pick for Kevin Kolb who is already familiar with the WC offense. Can you imagine AJ Green, Kolb, Shipley, Gresham and Benson. Make it happen Mike Brown!

  4. I’m not really sure if there’s a market out there for Palmer right now. Most of the teams that need a QB are looking to the draft, or to Kevin Kolb. Palmer’s still good, but he’ll probably command a higher salary than he’s worth.

  5. $50 Million over 4 years? Carson Palmer isn’t going to get that deal anywhere. Take the money, play the game and relax. It’s not like you’re suddenly going to have a HOF career somewhere else.

  6. Why are so many people pitching the idea of trading Carson for draft picks and then giving those draft picks to the Eagles for Kolb? That is a terrible idea, Kolb sucks.

    Carson also sucks and isn’t even close to being worth what his contract will be paying him. So I highly doubt anyone will trade for him unless he agrees to redo his contract. Even if he does restructure his contract, no one is giving the Bengals a first round pick for him.

  7. Never saw a QB’s career dive bomb so drastically after a knee injury than this guy.

    Like Eight Six, He’ll never be relevant again.

  8. All the smack talkers on here are just that, full of smack.
    @CowboyErik – I presume you are a Cowboy fan??? Care to talk about Romo the “no-show”?
    @enders9 – you suck.
    @JoeMontanaWasTheGreatest – I take it you are a SF fan, your team should be throwing their 1st and 2nd round picks at Carson given how DESPERATE the Niners are for a QB!!! LOL !!
    @stilllovemybungles – get a grip my fellow fan, we are not the BUNGLES!!! It takes a change in culture to change luck/fortune and yes that means us fans are an important part of changing our own luck, so change your handle buddy!
    @mdpickle – you don’t even have the first clue as to how much talent The Bengals have…and you know what? I don’t want you to know….cuz next year you will ask “Who Dey?”…and I will say, you better believe it, “WHO DEY!!!”

    To all my fellow Bengal fans out there – grow some cajones and stand up for OUR QB and OUR TEAM.

  9. He’s untradeable.

    No one is going to take on that contract and him publicly saying he won’t play there again kills his trade value.

    If these players were smart, they would say what baseball players say publicly- “I don’t want to leave, but if the team finds an offer that can help them and puts me in a better position to win somewhere else, I’ll consider it”.

    Privately, of course, they can tell the team whatever they want, but all these ultimatums do is make trading them impossible.

    And Palmer should be hoping to be traded, not released. If he is released, his next contract ain’t going to anywhere near 4 years, 50 million.

  10. Why do we continue to speculate on this. As far as I know, neither Palmer or his agent have made any subsequent trade requests for over a month. Furthermore, even if they had, Brown is not going to trade Palmer because 1. He probably couldn’t get value for him 2. Even if he could, Mike Brown is a stubborn idiot. This subject is a complete waste of time. See you next year in Cinci Palmer

  11. The real reason carson wants out so bad now is some idiot threw a bunch of trash on his lawn this season….waaa,waaa pay me 100 million and ill hire a groundskeeper.His skin isnt thick enough and i really doubt his leadership abilities he should have kicked ocho’s ass years ago!

  12. Please stay in ‘nati, Carson. As long as you’re there, browns won’t be in cellar! whodey kiss my *ss BUNGLES!

  13. jamison007 says: Feb 16, 2011 1:43 PM

    @enders9 – you suck.

    To all my fellow Bengal fans out there – grow some cajones and stand up for OUR QB and OUR TEAM.


    The truth hurts. Carson sucks now, he was good in 05 and good in 06 considering he was just coming off a knee injury. But has been average at best ever since then. He was terrible all year this year, and was terrible all year last year. Last year it was just ignored because the Bengals were winning. He’s been in the NFL for how long now? And has zero playoff wins to show for it.

    It’s funny to watch other Bengal fans hold on to the past so hard. Yes Palmer was awesome at one time… but he’s not anymore. He’d be lucky to be considered a top 20 QB right now.

  14. Everyone in eye shot of this comment, mark my words. If the Bengals let Carson go. The 49ers will pick him up and become and instant title contender.

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