Raiders secondary bracing for change

Oakland’s pass defense quietly finished second in the NFL in yards allowed last season, but they gave up a lot of touchdowns (29) and didn’t intercept the ball much with only 12 picks.

It sounds like new defensive backs coach Rod Woodson could help usher in some changes.

“I think we’re going to do some things this year on the defensive side,” Woodson said via Jerry McDonald of the Oakland Tribune. “Some more looks, some more things for the corners to make plays, to face the football hopefully a little bit more so they can [make] interceptions and be playmakers.”

That sounds like the Raiders could work in more zone looks to increase turnovers and keep offenses off balance.  The question then becomes:  Who will be left in the Raiders secondary?

Woodson’s presence can’t hurt Nnamdi Asomugha’s chances of returning to Oakland, but only a huge contract offer really matters.  Paul Gutierrez of Comcast Bay Area points out that starting cornerback Stanford Routt and starting free safety Michael Huff are also set to be free agents.  Both players are coming off their best seasons.

The secondary was undoubtedly a strength last year in Oakland.  It’s going to be challenging to keep it that way.

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  1. It’s going to be weird watching the Raiders play zone.

    Right now, you can count on one hand how many times they play zone in a whole game.

    And you might have a finger or two left.

  2. Anything the puts Routt on the bench is a positive. He’s a great athlete but a second rate corner. Another track star Al tried to convert into a football player. Hopefully Rod will insist on or at least be influential in the team upgrading that spot. Routt is at best an average nickel.

  3. Maybe Michael Mitchell will come to his own this year. He did pretty decent last year and should improve a lot more then he did last year. 3rd year guys seem to make the biggest leap in production

  4. Nnamdi will be back next year he has already said he would like to continue wit hthe Raiders.

    I really don’t get the knock on Routt he did a great job last year and was ranked as a top 10 corner. Check the stats. Plus you have to remember the ball is going to that side of the field almost every time. I think they need to keep both Routt and Nnamdi as it worked well this year.

    The man that needs to go is C Johnson he is a joke and gets burned deep every time!

  5. 1. Stanford Routt had a great year, so i dont know why people are hating on him. Same with Huff. Their great players get over it!

    2. I agree Woodson will increase Nnamdis chances of re-signing.

    3. We were 2nd in the league in pass defense playing mostly man. There is no reason to change that in order to get our individual DB stats up. So Rod better not ruin us because i still think hes a Steeler at heart. But if he gets us Nmandi back im fine with it.

    4. We do need to stop giving up big plays, but making corners gamble is not the way to do it.

    5. Al Davis was right about Routt Get over it.

  6. Didn’t know the Silver and Black were 2nd against the pass last year. Raiders and Chiefs atop the AFC West, Broncos and Chargers reeling; the forecast suggests that all is right with the world!

  7. I’m all for mixing it up with Zone. And if Nnamdi re-signs, will you please keep him on the opponents best WR the entire game?? That irritates the hell out of me when they just keep him to one side.

  8. It would be great if Rod Woodson was able to implement zone schemes into this secondary. The DBs would be bound to significantly up the number of INTs.

    While I definitely want Aso back, I also want Undead to be able to re-sign Wimbley, Huff and Henderson (in addition to Seymour, of course). I doubt Nnamdi’s agent will allow for any kind of hometown discount.

    If the defensive scheme catches up to the offensive side of this team’s game, the Raiders could get themselves in as a wild card at least, whenever the season starts.

  9. Just something for the Routt hatters

    Player Team Targets Completions Yards TDs Burn pct. Pass def.
    1. Darrelle Revis Jets 56 /19 / 340/ 4/ 33.9/ 10
    2. Terrence McGee Bills 21/ 8/ 88/ 1/ 38.1/ 2
    3. Stanf. Routt Raiders 99 /39 /635 /5 /39.4/ 13
    3. Nnamdi Aso Raiders 33 /13 /205/ 0 /39.4 /6
    5. Brandon Carr Chief 108 /43 /758 /6 /39.8 /25

  10. First of all Asmough is staying with the raiders theres no reason even to debate that.
    Aso knows that the raiders are the hottest team in the NFL coming into next year.
    Raiders are the most talented team in the NFL.
    They gota find a way to keep Bush though because with McFadden and Bush the 2 headed monster nobody can stop it.

    DHB will have breakout year as well

  11. Woodson and his lack of coaching experience may do more harm than good. The secondary over there is already beast. Ain’t nothin’ broke, ain’t nothin’ to fix. Now the QB position on the other hand…

  12. r8rsfan:

    Routt struggled the year before last as the nickel CB because he’s a bit stiff and not as fluid as a typical man CB, he has trouble in space, no doubt about.

    He has real cover skills though and he’s big and fast, as long as he stays outside, he’s more than good enough.


    Mitchell really progressed this past year, I love the guy, he brings a big load and he’s got really good wheels.

    He looks like a young Brian Dawkins to me.

  13. get real…everybody will be back…especially nnamdi. he weathered to many rainy days not to enjoy the sunshine now.

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