Randy Moss’ future in Tennessee “remains to be seen”

No matter what positive spin coach Jeff Fisher put on Randy Moss’ stay in Tennessee, the decision to sign Moss failed miserably.

Moss caught six passes for 80 yards in eight games.  His performance was bad enough to make us wonder if his career could be over and a return to Tennessee certainly doesn’t make sense.

Speaking on PFT Live Wednesday, new Titans coach Mike Munchak wouldn’t rule it out.

“It remains to be seen.  A lot of those evaluations are being made now,” Munchak said, noting it could depend on who the quarterback is and some of the other pieces on the offense.

We have no clue what Moss has left to offer, but it’s hard to imagine him being part of a rebuilding effort in Tennessee or anywhere else.  Heck, it’s hard to imagine Moss swallowing his pride and taking the low contract offers he’ll get in 2011.

For the full interview, head to the PFT Live homepage — including Munchak’s take why things went wrong with Vince Young.

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14 responses to “Randy Moss’ future in Tennessee “remains to be seen”

  1. Minnesota shouldn’t have ever traded him. Once a Viking always a Viking. It’s hard to watch him now. I Guess all good things must come to a end.

  2. He screwed up the best situation he could have ever asked for in New England. …….Just goes to show that you can lead a horse to water…… but can’t teach it to shut it’s big stupid mouth so it doesn’t complain and whine itself out of town and get traded to a team with a washed up quarterback and then again to a second rate team and become irrelivant.

  3. He will end up with the Patriots and have a decent year, and will make Wes Welker a pro bowl selection next again. Patriots will look briliant and prove a valuable point to Mr. Moss.

  4. He caught 13 passes & 2 Td’s for the Vikes in 4 games. He would have ended up with 7 or 8 td’s which is good for a third round pick. Chilly just got his fragile little ego hurt just like when he was questioned by Birk, Robinson, Favre. The prick cut Moss without even telling the team. Part of the reason he was fired. Thanks Childress for screwing the team due to your id complex.

  5. The Titans will sign him and trade him to the vikes for their #2 pick. They’ll tell the vikes that the’s got big hands and he can play QB too. Idiot viking org and fans will buy anything!

  6. The only place Moss fits is back in New England, in a different role.

    Moss has to be a humbled man. If he’s not, then nothing could EVER humble that man. In NE, he would be part of the spread offense, getting a look every five passes or so. No longer a dominent player, he still has a lot to bring, and his contract should be incentive laden. One year at a time for a nut case like Moss. He already knows the offense, has a record breaking rapport with the qb, and will contribute in the spread.

    Anywhere else, and Moss will talk his way out of town unless someone offers him a super deal like he thinks he is worth. You know, he is shown some respect.

  7. Q: Now that Moss’ career is in shambles what will it take for a team to sign him?

    A: Straight coins homie!

  8. Would not mind seeing him back as a Patriot as long as he has his attitude straight, like when he first came to NE. If not well he probably will never get a ring or HOF. That would be a shame to let foolish pride keep you from your life’s (at least professional life’s) goal.

  9. should have never been allowed to be waived by the vikes and although i know it will never happen, i would still love to see him back in purple next year…i know i am %100 homer but god i love me some randy.

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