Vick’s decision not to go on Oprah confirmed, reasons still unclear

Kudos to our corporate comrade Darren Rovell, who appeared on Wednesday’s edition of PFT Live, for breaking the news this afternoon that Eagles quarterback Mike Vick won’t be appearing on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

For what it’s worth (and it probably ain’t worth much), we’ve confirmed that Vick won’t be going on the show.

So he’s out.  What isn’t clear is whether he was ever in.

Frankly, there’s a school of thought making the rounds in league circles that Vick never actually agreed to do it.  It’s unclear whether someone close to him led Oprah’s people to believe he’d be going on the show.  Either way, it’s safe to assume that Oprah won’t be happy.

As to the reason for the decision not to appear on the show, nothing concrete has been reported or explained.  Apart from the fact that there really wasn’t anything new for Vick to discuss, we could have envisioned a situation in which, after a touchy-feely, get-loose-and-comfortable opening segment, Vick would have been joined unexpectedly by, say, someone who owns one of the dogs that were rescued from his property in Virginia.

And possibly by one of the dogs.

So it was, in our view, a good move to avoid the show.  It would have been an even better move to never do anything to let Oprah think that Vick was coming on the show.

Actually, depending on Oprah’s reaction, the outcome could end up being just as bad.


16 responses to “Vick’s decision not to go on Oprah confirmed, reasons still unclear

  1. smartest thing he’ll do all year, avoiding that mine-field.

    granted vick almost certainly deserves any public humiliation for his crimes, but the man has paid his debt to society and this would be a clear chance for that troll to drag him through the mud once again simply for ratings. lord knows she’s only looking after #1, not #7

  2. Who cares what OPRAH thinks anyway she is just a nobody who got rich on women who sit home all day and take her dum advice. Vick does not need to due her show for any good reason. He is ok living his life the way he’s doing right now without OPRAH. The sooner her show ends the better.I would never pay for her cable network just to make her richer she is a no talent.

  3. Cue the comments proclaiming “Vick is the worst ever person ever to walk this earth.”

    Of course none of these comments will come from anyone who actually gave a sh– about dog fighting prior to the story being broken. But it doesn’t matter. The good and righteous pilgrims are just itching for someone to hate with all their might. And Vick will do just fine!

  4. Making Oprah mad is a bad career move for anyone. Personally I would pay a lot of money to see Vick in Gaga’s dress with one of those dogs.

  5. For you Vick apologists, he hasn’t paid his debt to society until November of 2012 I think, that is when his probation ends. So just because you get released from prison, doesn’t mean your “free.”

  6. Rick1922, don’t you wish you had 1/10th of the money she has given away to charities?
    I don’t watch her show but I know she does have talent. She was great in “The Color Purple” but I guess you wouldn’t go to a movie about colored people, would you?
    Vick just didn’t want his ass to get roasted because the man doesn’t have any answers for the abuse, torture and killing of the dogs. There is no way he can talk himself out of that one.
    AND he did not go to prison for dog fighting. He went for racketeering. Big difference. So when you say he’s paid his debt to society, I agree. He just hasn’t paid his debt for his less-than-human scum behavior.
    If he doesn’t quit trying to run with the ball, he is going to find himself injured bad enough that he won’t be on the field. He is not a running back.

  7. Why would Vick want to be subjected and exploited by Oprah’s insensitive questioning. He made a mistake, served his time and wants to forget. The man is on a roll and making a go of it. If many of you people were honest, letting the skeletons out of your closets, “This would be one hell of a bone yard!” Get real will you???

  8. Oprah Winfrey is the Devil !! She gets filthy rich by exploiting weak people and surely wants to stab Vick if given a chance. Don’t buy her goody,goody routine. She keeps Steadman in a dog kennel with a ball gag.

  9. …because she’s a…never mind, if you can’t say something nice…anyway – he shouldn’t want to be linked with that ilk…i do not blame him..

  10. In the immortal words of Buddy Ryan: “If I’m winnin’ you can’t hurt me and if I’m losin’ you can’t help me.” F**k Oprah, this shall pass. Stay out of trouble and keep yourself in shape Mike. Hopefully Mudd will teach these guys to block and we can get a run going whenever the season starts.

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