Chad Ochocinco still upset with media’s treatment of Palmer

PFT got a few emails last night about a supposed squabble between Chad Ochocinco and Terrell Owens on Twitter.

It was clear the players were just kidding around, but the inspiration behind their sarcastic back-and-forth was real.   Ochocinco is still annoyed about the media’s handling of Carson Palmer’s trade request.  In response to an NFL Network discussion on Palmer, Ocho tweeted the following:

I love the media, I want out few years back im disgruntled n a distraction, I was sick of losing, Carson is tired of losing its still my fault?” Ochocinco asked.  “Double standard meet Chad. Chad meet double standard. I’ll let you two mingle.#childplease”

Ochocinco has said he wants to return to Cincinnati.  (Then again, he also said he was going to whoop Florio’s ass at the Super Bowl and failed to deliver.)

The reality is that Palmer, despite his trade request, is far more likely to be a Bengal than Ochocinco during the 2011 season.

30 responses to “Chad Ochocinco still upset with media’s treatment of Palmer

  1. It was clear they were just kidding around, but the inspiration behind their sarcastic back-and-forth was really.

    Was really….?!?! The suspense is killing me!

  2. I agree with Ochocinco. The double standard in the media regarding everything he does is obvious and the Carson Palmer desire for a trade clearly demonstrates it.
    When Cincinnati decided to bring Lewis back they decided on the status-quo. All who desire to win better flee this place like the plague.

  3. Sorry guys!!! I am a true Bengal fan, and have been since their existence. BUT…………..if somebody, ANYBODY, doesn’t want to play on my side, and I was paying them MILLIONS of $$$, then I would want them to play on someone else’s side.
    I think this is just common sense, or maybe you might call it reality!!!!

  4. If Carson would have hit media row Superbowl week and fought his case in public to the media/twitter/espn/nfln and whoever would listen we’d turn on him much quicker than it seems the media has.

    Carson has been pretty much low key, and he is still losing the city lightweight as many fear he just wants out no matter what. Chad should let this play out. If Mike continues to make moves and Carson continues to seem like what he want (west coast/california) we can’t offer, then the media and city will began to fully turn on him. Patience Chad, patience.

  5. This reminds me of a situation I had with a friend. My friend has had mutliple traffic violations in a variety of offenses. I got pulled over one night, my friend in the car with me. I mistankenly changed lanes, essentially cutting a police car off. The cop pulled me for DUI suspicion and wreckless driving. I had had 2 beers that evening, but after passing all sobriety tests the police officer let me go without any tickets. My friend realizing I had gotten off scott-free said, “Man that’s f****d up, I would have been arrested”. I came to 2 conclusions after that:
    1. multiple offenders always think they have gotten screwed somehow
    2. and that it is never their fault

    Chad is the multiple offender, the boy that cried wolf too many times, the constant squeeky wheel. He never shuts up, but doesn’t understand he is responsible for most of the reactions he gets from the media. Somehow Chad has turned Carson’s trade request (and the subsequent media reaction to it) as a slight against him since the media reaction was different for him a couple years ago.

    Chad will continue to be a “me guy” and will continue to believe he is getting screwed somehow. Wouldn’t be surprised if he tried the race card at some point.

  6. “The reality is that Palmer, despite his trade request, is far more likely to be a Bengal than Ochocinco whenever the 2011 season begins.”

    Please support this some quotes or a report or something. I keep hearing this but based solely of what has been said by the team and what Chad has said about the team your entirely incorrect. This is assuming something that you have no reason to assume. Marvin and Chad had a little back and forth in the media. What else is new? You can’t take that seriously. What you can take serious is when Marvin says “There is no option Chad is under contract for next season” and when Chad says “I’ve played my entire career in Cincinnati I’m a Bengal and will be this year”

  7. If Bratkowski hadn’t been fired, I would guarantee that Carson wouldn’t come back. He’s not just bluffing. But the fact that they switched OC’s may be just enough to lure him back in. Cincy should do the right thing and just deal him.

  8. hiperactivodg says: Feb 17, 2011 3:29 PM

    the difference is that Carson has not acted as an idiot clown


    No, he’s just played like one.

  9. Yes Chad, it’s all about you. Your perfect, all of us pitiful mortals can’t even dream to be like you.

    Chad, find a river, build a bridge, and get over it. And, while your at it, learn to CATCH the ball (not excuses). Then, maybe, your body can TRY to cash the checks your mouth writes.

  10. It’s really unfair, it’s my team, it’s my quarterback *Sniff* that’s my teammate *Cry* That’s my quarterback *Cry*

  11. “The reality is that Palmer, despite his trade request, is far more likely to be a Bengal than Ochocinco during the 2011 season.”

    I disagree. I think Ocho will be around and Carson will get traded. Mike Brown likes Ocho and has never had loyalty to quarterbacks. He’ll find someone to trade a draft pick or two for Palmer.

  12. Bengals proved they didnt need Chad in the two final games.. Palmer on the other hand? The Bengals go the way Carson goes unfortunately…

  13. If his name was Tyron instead of Carson, then the media would have label Tyron as a complainer who makes a lot of money. Since it’s Carson, he is an Heisman trophy winner that wants to win.

  14. Well, he’s got a point. Wide Receivers are always painted as “divas,” while their QB counterparts (unless they’re Donnovan McNabb) are given a pass. It went on for years with Brett Favre as opposed to everybody else.

  15. As a lifelong cincy fan:(….carson has no leadership abilities and is pretty damn average,and chad needs a shrink more than anything else dude is a thirty something infant,blow it up!

  16. WR Divas in the NFL:

    1.) Owens
    2.) Marshall
    3.) Ochocinco
    4.) Crabtree (because of that lengthy holdout)
    5.) Randy Moss

  17. It wasn’t the media making Palmer hate chadmouth.

    He’s easy to hate, and Palmer does for good reason.

  18. If Palmer is staying, one should hope that Lewis and Brown make enough changes so that Carson’s inspired play returns. I don’t believe his career is over by any means.

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